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Refinements to the engine make it pull stronger across the rev range and the ones brought to the chassis result in a sharper steering and a better bump-absorbing bike. The chassis was lightened and rebalanced so that it would prove efficient for different of riders, but while they would feel at home on it, a retuned engine will be providing all of the power and torque needed in order for this baby to become a blast in any motocross competition.

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Fortunes turn quickly in the motocross world. The Yamaha YZF was on a roll. The version won everything that it was ased to win in Pro racing. It was the basis for the bike that Grant Langston used to clinch the National MX Championship and it carried that momentum right into the Supercross Series where Chad Reed dominated. But now, things are different. It remains the solid, if unspectacular, choice in the hierarchy. The new version was the first model to reach showrooms, and it has a surprising of ificant if not flashy changes.

First, the advantages of EFI are Yamaha dirt bike 2009 right now.

Instead, the YZ got a fair of nearly invisible changes, almost all in the chassis department. Yamaha engineers got a little intense about shedding unsprung weight this year.

Yamaha yzf

When a big bump knocks the wheel upward, various Newtonian laws make it want to continue going upward even after the bump is handled. The new hub still has the bolt pattern for the disc and the sprocket, and you can even retro fit an older wheel if you have an old axle and blocks. The new swingarm is lighter and more flexy on a vertical plane, where flex can be a Yamaha dirt bike 2009 thing. And the new linkage has the same lever ratio as before; it just mounts differently to the swingarm.

There are some welcome changes on the other end, too. The top triple clamp now offers two different mounting positions for the handlebar clamps. The clutch lever has a new on-the-fly adjuster and the reach to the lever is now adjustable. The Yamaha has no motor changes foraside from some minor alterations to the shift forks and an additional mounting hole for the stator. Yamaha made a commitment to lower sound levels last year with its semi-mechanical muffler and is sticking with it.

That has a predictable cost in horsepower, but in stock form, theYZ is very quiet. For the record, the YZ is the slowest bike in the class. The power is soft on the bottom and it tries to Yamaha dirt bike 2009 up late in the mid-range. On top it tapers off a little early.

A little. And the soft power is percent a result of the muffler. We know a of people who put loud pipes on their YZs only to return to stock.

It turns out that most people can go faster, longer on a if you take away a little power. The straight would have to be long, the hill would have to be steep, traction would have to be perfect and the other rider would have to do everything right. But on the other hand, you might occasionally miss an opportunity to make a pass when you have all those things working in your favor and the other guy makes a mistake.

No matter how you look at it, power always helps off the line.

Now you have the power to hang with anything in the class. On both of those bikes you can upshift and ride happily in the lower revs zone where things are easy to handle. We left the jetting stock on the YZ. Interestingly enough, we tried several aftermarket pipes on the bike and never had carburetion issues. The bike never flames out, never pops or hiccups. They finally got carburetors right.

The Yamaha already had great rear suspension. Take away almost two pounds of unsprung weight and it only gets better. The shock feels a little soft when you first climb aboard, but after a few laps you realize that it only feels soft in a good way.

It responds to nickel-and-dime bumps and gives you a comforting insulation from track garbage. It stays level in turns, it rarely bottoms and remains a stable platform in most situations.

As always, some fast riders might want a little more spring. Like we said, it feels softer than it is and that titanium rear spring is much too nice a piece of metal to put on the shelf. We liked it then, we like it now. Heavier riders who need more preload in the rear might throw off the magic balance in the rear, but nobody considers the suspension a weak point, from big and fast to short and slow.

Riders are much more likely to complain about the way the YZ turns.

In it was a major issue, but Yamaha made changes in that cured it for about half the YZ riders on the track. So it all depends on your riding style, the smoother you are in turns the better the bike works. As speed increases, the bike gets better and better. On one had it Yamaha dirt bike 2009 that the company wants to put the aftermarket out of business.

But on the other hand it seems that Yamaha is letting aftermarket pipe companies get back into the game by making them part of the product planning. Everyone should know before they lay money down for a YZF that the final state of tune is up to the buyer.

You always can make it faster, louder and harder to ride. Yamaha gave the YZ dozens of little changes that add up to, well, dozens of little changes.

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The YZF is the quietest motocross bike you can buy. Most riders should leave it that way, but few will as soon as the discover how much power an aftermarket pipe can deliver. Yamaha made no changes to the YZ motor, aside from minor things like shift forks and the stator backing plate. If you fight it, it will fight back. Rockstar Energy Drink U. Open Available Live at www. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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