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Nekkid people are coming to a video game near you. Some will be funny. Some will be sexy.

And some will be just plain raunchy. Where you'd expect to see this, of course, is " Playboy: The Mansion.

But what might surprise you is "Playboy" is the tamest of the nudity-enhanced games. As far as sexual content goes, though, it's pretty tame. Each plans to take a different approach to including mature content in their games.

Both are likely to push the Electronic Software Ratings Board's limits on what it allows in a M-rated game. The M rating is the gaming equivalent of the film industry's R. The next step up the ratings ladder is AO essentially, an NC or worse. Most retailers will not sell a game with that rating.

But no one knows where the limits are for sex and nudity. You'll play matchmaker for two characters, setting them up as roommates and running their daily lives, with a particular focus on dating and relationships.

Naked women sex games

Once one character has successfully wooed the other, the game goes into a voyeuristic mode, letting you watch the ensuing Character couplings can be same-sex if the player so chooses. Instead of using traditional retail channels, the company plans to release the game only via online download though it's possible a toned down version may be released via retail down the road.

I don't really think someone is going to get the same feeling of attraction in seeing a full frontal digital game character as they would from seeing that in an actor or actress. As such, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this one will test boundaries as well.

Naked porn games

It's not like the video game industry hasn't tried to use sex as a selling point before. While it received lots of press attention, the game was a flop, with critics roasting it and gamers ignoring it.

The bigger question is what the retail reaction to these games will be. Wal-Mart WMT : ResearchEstimatesthe nation's largest distributor of video games, reiterated its policy of selling no games with an AO rating, but would not say whether it is considering selling M rated games that feature character nudity and sexual situations. It's really that simple.

Eidos Plc. Video Games. Manage alerts What is this? Video games get raunchy. Animated sex? Naked women?

They're all in this year's crop of upcoming titles. Do you think video games are becoming too raunchy? Yes No. View. Honda teams up with GM on self-driving cars.

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