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Why do men stay in relationships, Host baby Why do men stay in relationships men for hardcore

Have you ever thought about why men stay in relationships? Comfort is one of those things that could go either way.

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Question: Dear Sir : I know of many wives who find it difficult to leave an abusive husband. Last week you explained wh y that is so. I do not understand, however why men would stay with abusive wives. Why do men stay in abusive relationships? Answer: Dear Reader: Thank you for your question.

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You probably know the man who always complains about his unhappy relationship — about how down he is or the stress it causes him. It is a good question.

And in some cases, the reason for why men stay in unhappy relationships may be similar to the reason women stay in unhappy relationships. But there are other reasons that women may not suspect.

A gorgeous girl on his arm is a trophy — something he can show off to friends, co-workers, family, and anyone who generally has eyes. Having an attractive woman by his side also does something very important for his ego — it validates him.

So, if she makes him unhappy, he becomes an economist — does he value her beauty more than his own relationship happiness? In many cases, men will briefly take the side of beauty — it just seems the natural course.

10 reasons some men stay in bad relationships way too long

Men can be sentimental sometimes. And they can certainly be sentimental when it comes to relationships. If a man has been with a woman a long time, or has shared intimate moments with her, then he will feel a deep fidelity and loyalty to the idea of the relationship.

He will stay in the relationship primarily to relive the good times. He is unable to let go of an idea he had of the girl he was with, and thus be stuck in a cycle of unhappiness. This is more than just a little important to men.

But then, he can also stay in an unhappy relationship if the sex is especially good. The fear of the unknown is a strong motivator for humans. It can be a strong motivator for a relationship as well.

This is basically jealousy talking. But when a man has strong feelings attached to a woman, he can become extremely possessive.

Understanding why men stay in unhappy relationships

At this stage, he might not care how unhappy the relationship is — because the thought of her being with someone else will make him more unhappy. Most importantly, a man will stay in an unhappy relationship because he loves her, and if he has any relationship experience, knows that no relationship will ever be perfect. Frustrations come with the responsibility of being in a committed relationship, and giving up is not the answer.

He stays because he hopes that things will get better and not worse. A mature man knows that the grass is not greener on the other side, it only looks like it.

There may be many beautiful women in the world, but to find a good woman he can trust and who has his best interest at heart is harder to find than a pair of 6 carat pink diamond earrings! A wise man would rather spend his time fixing what he already has. He realizes that until he fixes the mistakes within himself and properly deals with the relationship at hand, there is no need to go on to the next woman, because he will only end up back at square one repeating the same mistakes.

3 sad reasons men stay in toxic relationships way longer than women

The motivators for a man to stay in an unhealthy relationship are varied. And sometimes, even after the reasons listed above, there still may not be a good explanation for why a man stays in an unhappy relationship.

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Why do men stay in bad relationships?

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