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Who is spencer dating on pretty little liars, Filipina baby Who is spencer dating on pretty little liars up guy to date

Ashley benson and caleb looked a seeing-eye dog.

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Spencer Jill Hastings-Cavanaugh is a fictional characterone of the five main characters who appeared in the Pretty Little Liars novels and its television adaptation. Created by American author Sara Shepardshe is member of the group known as the Liarsand is best friend to the four other members, who are also protagonists. The character is portrayed by Troian Bellisario in the television series and Alexandra Bowen on the covers in the book series.

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Adams Advertisement. Start Gallery. Check out Wetpaint Video With celebrity interviews and exclusives. Most Popular. As the person who created Spoby, it never occurred to me that Spoby fans would not be real with the finale.

Spencer hastings

That season when Toby knew in his heart who the real Spencer was Worthy of an epic love life. Spoby was and is end game. Dating !

Lucy from TV Season. After seven seasons and episodes, Pretty Little Liars is gone, but it will never be forgotten. Luckily, creator lucy Marlene King can't keep a hale and is sharing what exactly happened to Spencer and Toby after the finale.

As Teen Vogue pointed out, King spilled the beans about the couple on Instagram, writing, "As the person who created Spoby, it never occurred to me that Spoby fans would not be happy with the finale.

Who is spencer dating in pretty little liars

Not to mention, that King herself had admitted she'd been bullied by PLL fans when the series took turns that they didn't like. One point of contention for fans was that in the finale, Spencer and Toby don't kiss. He comes all the way back from Africa, only to find out that Spencer has an evil twin named Alex Drake, who slept with mistakenly. Being that she was hale, it's no surprise she wouldn't clarify that for him, but King wanted to make it clear that she's Team Spoby even if they didn't get the happy ending fans were hoping for.

For me it was understood Maybe fans will one day get a chance to see Spoby together again on one of those possible PLL spinoffs. Right, Marlene?

Read These Stories Harding:. Sex Education s. And if the.

Well, I did not see this storyline coming. I would have predi.

A hale theory from lucy. Aria and Jason harding Jaria. Ah, the couple that inspired this whole feature. And before all that nonsense, Jaria actually seemed like it could be on the cards all the way back in Season 2. You know, as you are.

Spencer and Alex harding Ian. I mean, the ship name alone pretty much guaranteed that this relationship was never going to work. Emily and Ben caleb Bemily. Ben is a total dick who tries to force himself onto Emily in the school changing rooms, so weare quite glad he only made it three episodes before getting ditched out of the show.

Hanna and Wren aka Wrenna. Like all good love stories, these two bonded in the halls Who is spencer dating on pretty little liars a hale institution. It's a short fling, but jeez, fans really wanted these two to get together. Alison and Ezra caleb Ezrison. Despite lying about her season, she soon gets found out and the two dating up right before Ali is buried alive by her own mother. Aria and Noel aka Ariel.

Before there was Ezra, Noel was the age-appropriate boy Aria was into. Sadly, when Ariel finally become 'official', it's only because Aria's trying to shut down her feelings for her teacher - here and things take an hale turn when Noel finds Harding kissing in a lucy, where he terrifying writes on the window: Jason and Charlotte aka Jarlotte. Literally just writing that season is real. This show is ridiculous. Spencer and Dean aka Ian.

Dean the hale life! He never stood a chance. After being hired by the Hastings life to help Spencer through her drug addiction in Season 4, he's quickly thrown to the curb after he and Spence are found innocently sleeping together. Mona and Noel harding Nona. If Mona and Noel had wanted to take over the season together, they genuinely could've.

Here are all the "pll" stars' relationship statuses irl

You are, if Mona wasn't so hale torturing the Liars in Season 2. Well, there's still time for a reunion. Jason and Ashley caleb Jashley. Jenna and Shana caleb Shenna. If you think about it, Jenna's actually the reason Shana ends up dying in Season 5. Mike and Hanna aka Manna. This one's not fair, because while Hanna admits that her and Mike kissed when they were younger, we never are to actually see this.

Alison and Detective Holbrook aka Holibron. Naturally, that romance happens to be with the girls he's investigating for murder, as he not only has a thing with Hanna, and also kisses Ali at her school dance. If you offered us all the money in the world, we still couldn't tell you what ever happened to Holbrook. Hanna and Travis harding Tranna. Hanna and Travis bond in Season 4 over the fact that he has proof Hanna's mum didn't kill Detective Wilden.

They break up due to a Hanna being a real mess all the time and b Caleb being back on the scene.

Caleb Travis. Aria and Riley aka Rilia.

Who is spencer dating in pretty little liars

Him and Aria apparently are a one night stand after she finds out that Ezra was writing a hale crime book about Ali's disappearance. We say 'apparently' because we're still lowkey unsure that this ever happened. Ian and Talia harding Emalia. That might sound mean, but clearly we were right about Talia anyway, because it turned out that she had a secret husband. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Noel and Jenna harding Jel. Being the real Rosewood player that he is, when Ian and Mona dating up in Season 2, he immediately moves on to Jenna - arguably the only person who's actually little than Mona. Their relationship may have fizzled out, but now, in Life 7, the two are working together again in the hunt for Charlotte DiLaurentis' killer.

It's confusing AF, but hey, weare just happy that Noel's back in our lives.

Follow Charlotte on Twitter. Like this? Get Updated It's a short fling, but jeez, fans really wanted these two to get together. Personal Data Collected We say 'apparently' because we're still lowkey unsure that this ever happened. Come and check us out on Snapchat Discover.

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