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Vietnamese action movies, I'd like seek chica that like Vietnamese action movies

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Ken Burns's acclaimed and powerful documentary The Vietnam Warco-directed by Lynn Novick, is currently airing in 10 parts on PBS, making it perhaps the most definitive cinematic depiction of the complex and controversial military conflict that spanned two decades and involved nearly 20 nations.

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The lasting effects of the Vietnam War are as potent a part of pop culture in as the unfolding war was itself in the late s.

Though the war has been over for 45 years, its particularly poignant impact on film and television might have something to do with the fact that it was the first war to be fully televised. People from all over the world were able to tune in and not only see some of the shocking events taking place thousands of miles across the globe but also express their views about the war in new ways.

A litany of films was released in reaction to the Vietnam War both in the immediate years after it ended and while the war was still raging on—some films were even shot on location in close proximity to active battle zones. These films harbor differing sentiments toward the war itself, some choosing to focus more heavily on the Vietnamese action movies sacrifices made by brave men and women; others on the damaging mental and emotional effects of battle; or the inadequacy of the U. Inthe hurt inflicted upon many by involvement in the Vietnam War still Vietnamese action movies and colors the experiences of people who are still alive.

Just because battle ended in does not mean the battle has ended for those still suffering from trauma and PTSD, in addition to the enduring influence on politics, social justice, human rights, and foreign policy. People still carry stories that demand to be told, and the war has successfully immortalized itself within pop culture because of this.

Stacker combed all war films on IMDb as of Dec. Films that focused explicitly on aspects of the conflict were included, whether they took place before, during, or after the war.

Counting down from 50, here are the best movies about the Vietnam War. You may also like: monumental movies from film history and why you Vietnamese action movies to see them. Four young recruits wait anxiously to be deployed to their asments during the Vietnam War and find tensions start to simmer as issues of race, class, and sexuality come to play during their period of purgatory.

The film explores the unwieldy temperaments and innate prejudices harbored by the young men set to fight for their country.

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Based on real events, Lt. Iceal Hambleton is shot down in the jungles of Vietnam, and he and his aircraft end up in enemy territory in the final days of the war. His only means of communication is a radio transmission to one pilot who must help him devise an escape, and he is then forced to witness the horrors of war on his way out. Four Black Vietnam vets head back Vietnamese action movies the South Asian country for a reunion of sorts, but one where they aim to retrieve the remains of their slain squad leader Vietnamese action movies recover the fortune they buried in the jungle together.

The reconnaissance mission turns deadly as antipathy and traumas flare between the men. As each must reckon with the unique pain left to them by the unforgiving war, they are forced to confront the past and the present. Based on the real Battle of Hamburger Hill, the men must all grapple with the acute toll of anti-war sentiment back home, and the racial prejudices between them. Mankiewicz - IMDb user rating: 6.

Based on the novel of the same name, the events depicted precede the Vietnam War itself, though they portray the American involvement in Vietnam which led to the war. In the film, a British journalist is stationed in the country to cover the increasing unrest and is simultaneously caught in a dangerous love triangle with a Vietnamese woman Vietnamese action movies an American economist. In this mock-documentary film, a camera crew follows an Army unit in the Vietnamese jungle on a reconnaissance mission for a soldier named Charlie.

On this dangerous, five-day trek, the cameramen interview the soldiers as Vietnamese action movies group of men descend deeper into an unforgiving warzone, the film taking place during the very height of the Vietnam War. The document in question contains a shocking revelation: that the United States knew there was no hope in winning the Vietnam War, but kept fighting anyway to establish anti-communist sentiments towards the Soviet Union. A group of young college buddies embarks on a post-graduate road trip across the American west towards the Rio Grande in this coming-of-age film.

During their time together, the five men must grapple with the looming uncertainties of adulthood and the threat of being drafted into the Vietnam War. Based on the real-life events surrounding The Battle of Long Tan, a group of outed, inexperienced young soldiers from New Zealand and Australia find themselves up against 2, of the Viet Cong. As ammunition runs dry and bodies mount, the film tells the true story of finding courage in spite of immeasurable odds.

In the s, A Vietnam vet returns home to rural Mississippi, where he struggles to adjust to normal life and endures lasting PTSD from his time in the war.

The best vietnam movie viewing order (no spoilers)

After finding some semblance of peace in his new mining job, he continues to work through his trauma while helping his children deal with a neighborhood war of their own. You may also like: 50 of the best films according to women critics.

A native Vietnamese woman is caught within the violence of the Vietnam War, as her village is destroyed by the forces of the South Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong and she is forced to flee for survival. But things change when she meets a kind U.

Marine, and the two begin to fall for one another—but the war has taken more of a toll on him than Vietnamese action movies of them realize. After his harrowing tour of duty in Vietnam, soldier Anthony Curtis returns to his home in the Bronx, but the difficulties of adjusting to civilian life and finding work proves to be too much for Curtis and his veteran friends.

In their final stages of infantry training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, a platoon of young men preparing for combat each deals with the prospect of heading off to battle in their own way. However, one particularly defiant, anti-war draftee takes leadership of Vietnamese action movies squad and rouses all its members, helping some of them get sent home due to loopholes. Haunted by the acts he committed during his time in the war, Vietnam veteran Jeremy returns home to live with his parents, but his family becomes mystified by his increasingly odd and erratic behavior.

Furie - IMDb user rating: 7. Following five Marines from boot camp to active combat, the young men become disillusioned and disheartened by their experience in the war, witnessing corruption, incompetence, and coming to terms with the futility of their fight.

The best vietnam movie viewing order (spoilers)

You may also like: Movie trivia for the top films of all time. Based on the true story of the real-life girl group, ina group of four Yorta Yorta Indigenous Australian women travels to Vietnam to entertain American troops. Though they Vietnamese action movies immense promise and talent, tensions flare, and romance ignites all amidst the chaos of a deadly war. There, a veteran British journalist becomes embroiled in a love triangle with an American CIA operative and a native Vietnamese woman.

But passion is at odds with betrayal, drugs, and danger. Though his presidency ended U. Private Max Eriksson and Sergeant Tony Meserve clash in Vietnam when the cold-hearted sergeant demands the kidnapping of a Vietnamese woman to be used as his sex slave. When Eriksson refuses to take part in the abuse, he finds himself ostracized within his own unit as hostility mounts between the men and in the war itself.

Set during the aftermath of Vietnamese action movies Vietnam War, a group of Asian POWs is given a chance at freedom, when they are offered a Vietnamese action movies by the United States to destroy a secret missile warehouse left behind in Vietnam. The motley crew is hunted and eventually captured by Viet Cong soldiers, as they discover that one of them is a double agent.

A patriotic teen enlists in the Marines in the s, but a second tour in the Vietnam War forces him to radically change his perspective.

After accidentally killing a fellow soldier and becoming paralyzed while on duty, he returns Vietnamese action movies to an uncaring government and anti-war sentiment from civilians. Harold G. Moore Ret. Dramatizing the Battle of Ia Drang, the film depicts soldiers on both sides of the war and of the sacrifices made by those both home and abroad.

A weather-worn TV news cameraman attempts to cover the increasing conflict in America over the Vietnam War while maintaining his neutrality, but all that changes when he covers the Democratic National Convention.

When protests erupt over the war and the cameraman learns his network has been working with the FBI, he decides to in on the fight against the powers-that-be. With his college dreams behind him, a young man decides to the Army and is shipped off to Vietnam.

After serving and losing most of his hearing, his original aspirations of going to college for public speaking reemerge, as his natural gift for motivational speaking allows him to advocate for other people with Vietnamese action movies.

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While her husband serves in Vietnam, Sally Hyde decides to spend her time volunteering at a local veterans hospital. Forming a friendship with one of the vets there, a disillusioned man named Luke who uses a wheelchair, the friendship soon turns into a romance, and Sally becomes torn between two men with very different sentiments on the war. You may also like: Best and worst Jennifer Lopez movies.

Two young veterans both uniquely affected by their difficult time in the Vietnam War struggle to adjust to life afterward. But one of them, so damaged by his experiences, shuts himself off from reality completely by devolving into psychosis, believing himself to be a bird. Confined to a mental hospital where doctors are unsure how to treat him, he is visited every day by his childhood best friend—also a veteran—who tries to help him.

Though not specifically dealing with the Vietnam War, the classic Dennis Hopper film about two hippies traversing the United States on motorcycles acted as a staple of the strengthening counterculture that sought to end the war. An American pilot is shot down over Laos and Vietnamese action movies prisoner during the Vietnam War, where he is tortured and malnourished. Set to the timeless melodies of the Beatles, this jukebox musical takes place during a period of great cultural change and strife in the s.

When a young British dockworker he to America to find his father, he gets acquainted with a college student and his sister. But the friends become swept up in the growing Vietnamese action movies chaos of the world, some ing the anti-war movement, while others are drafted against their will. Airman Second Class Adrian Cronauer ships out to Vietnam to work as a radio jockey, using his humor to brighten up the lives of the soldiers there.

As the sergeant attempts to censor him, Cronauer begins to pursue the affections of a Vietnamese woman. You may also like: best John Wayne movies. After reuniting with his mother in Saigon and being accidentally involved in a crime, a Vietnamese boy named Binh escapes Vietnamese action movies his brother and he for the United States.

His six-month-long journey from his village takes him to Texas, where he looks to find his American father who met his mother during his time serving in the Vietnam War. Inyear-old Eddie Birdlace prepares to be deployed to Vietnam and spends one final night partying in San Francisco with his friends. However, Eddie begins falling for the shy girl he brings as his date.