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Vanagon brush guard, Swede baby picking male to Vanagon brush guard

View Full Version : building your own front bumper brush guard? I have been interested in Sprinter vans.

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Hey dudes, Looking for some bulley bar and brush guard options Looking for some pics for ideas and possible source as well. I'm currently running the GoWesty fron bumper Back to top.

Posted: Tue Dec 30, pm Post subject:. I'm looking for ideas as well. I'm also looking for something for the front and rear. For the rear I hear the bronco II bumper works nicely.

Also for the spare tire the kia sportage swing away carrier works well. Both easily found at a bone yard. I've always wanted to reproduce this style of front brush guard It's one of the more functional that doesn't look half bad.

Where all those used ones went Oz has different roo bar varieties but I haven't seen one I like yet - they are primarily functional and not appearance oriented. There are several NA generic bars produced for US vehicles and I've seen a few adapted to the vanagon but nothing exciting there either.

One of the more promising I've seen recently are from Rocky Mountain Westy - Vanagon brush guard types of front and rear bars plus a nice spare tire and jerry can carrier unit. Posted: Wed Dec 31, am Post subject:. These are sweet.

Check out the Rocky Mountain Westy site. The one thing i'm not so keen on with the Rocky Mtn bumpers is how they are not solid and you can see in between the pipes I hear GW is working on brush guards for their bumper set up which should be pretty swee and fit perfect.

Posted: Wed Dec 31, pm Post subject:. If you go to their site they have a 2nd beefier version of this.

And I've been waiting a long time to see these predicted brush guards they've been crowing about for years. If they look halfway decent then GW's bumper could become a contender for me.

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Otherwise, I'm still giving RMW strong consideration. Its to bad Road Armor do not make something for the syncros. Has anyone in the syncro know ever contacted them?? What I need is something up front to protect the upper part of the vanagon nose, much like what Eric shows on his Jagd and what Dave Marshall in BC has on two of his rigs.

I do a lot of long distance traveling in the west so when encountering some unfortunate long leggity beastie like antelope, moose, deer, horse, cow they stand high enough to Vanagon brush guard right into your headlights, upper grill, or even higher for a moose. In Oz they produce these tall massive forward jutting roo bars to make sure the roo doesn't come thru the windshield in their face. The trick for me is to find something that's both functional and reasonably visually appealing.

For those that travel mostly around town the lower heavy tube or plate bumpers with center riser are probably just fine. I know Road Armor does most of the de work on cad modeling software.

That is translated to a flat pattern, and then to the punch, and then formed. If there is enough interest they may CAD something up and see if they get any bites. I agree it needs to look right! If all your looking for is protection you can always weld on an I-beam and paint it.

Rear brush guard for syncro

Steelhead wrote:. I will try to measure it, but, if it would work Now we are talking that looks very cool What about headlight protection? I'm sure all those who are seriously interested would love to check out the pics and give feed back. That's great that you're looking into the solid bumpers.

Cant wait to see. What price rage will they be? You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.