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Tuffy security deck enclosure review, I am seek lady who like Tuffy security deck enclosure review

I see this has been a problem for a while Tuffy should have fixed it by now by providing longer bolts.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Hey everyone! ed Feb 1, Today I got home from work at a little before noon to hopefully catch the Fedex driver, but alas there was already a sticky note on the front door. The note said sorry he missed me, but my package Tuffy security deck enclosure kit required a ature so he'd try again on monday.

The note had a for Fedex, so I called it, at first the automated voice couldn't find my delevery ticket information, so after about 5 tries it gave up and transfered me to a live person. I explained to the person that I really needed the package today because Tuffy security deck enclosure review wanted to be able to put it together and install it over the course of the weekend.

Tuffy security deck enclosure review and installation.

She was very helpful, I told her that I would drive to meet the driver where ever he was at. She put me on hold and tried to get in contact with the driver, but he wouldn't answer his cell phone.

SShe said there wasn't much she could do, but she gave me the to where the truck was dispatched out of and said that maybe they'd be ok with me catching up with the truck at the end of it's shift. I called the local and the people there were very helpful as well, they said if I wanted to I could come up there and catch the truck when it was done delivering for the day and pick my package up there. They said the trucks are usually done around 5pm-6pm.

So at 4pm I drove to the Fedex warehouse and due to trafic I got there right at 5pm, unfortunately the driver didn't get there until so I waited patiently and when he did arive, he had me his little keypad thing, and helped me load my package into my Jeep. Victory is mine! Upon opening the box I found this sheet metal endcap protecting the contents and it turned out the box Tuffy security deck enclosure review one on the other end as well, it's not part of the kit I ordered but it could definately be used for something in the future so I'm keeping them until a good idea hits me.

Unboxing: I give whoever packed this some credit, they did a great job and there was a combo of cardboard, styrofoam, sprayfoam in plastic bags to conform to the parts but not stick to them, and some flexible foam wrap and bubble wrap as well.

Once I pulled the parts out of the box I found they were all securely bolted together to prevent them from banging around against eachother. These parts would be the sides and the front of the enclosure. Here's a bubblewrap baggie that contained the instructions and a whole bunch of hardware.

And finally, the last part to come out was the top lid, or deck area, this part lifts up when the tailgate is open, but locks closed when the tailgate is shut and locked. And that's all I got done today. I was going to start installing it, but it started raining pretty hard and I put all the parts into the garage and my tools back into the house for the evening. As long as the weather cooperates tomorrow I'll try to get it installed and show what it took and give some further opinion about the product itself.

ed Dec 28, I hope you have better luck with yours than I did with mine but from what I have read you shouldnt have Tuffy security deck enclosure review issue with your TJ! However, I pulled all the carpet and lined the Jeep.

Shortly after I went to install the Tuffy security deck enclosure review enclosure and ran into several issues. None of the holes line up! After several calls to tuffy I was told that my issue was that there was no longer any carpet, and because of this I need to custom make some spacers so it will sit at the right height plus the fact that I have an LJ I need to drill a few holes in the bracket to line up.

I really think this is just Tuffy trying to come up with excuses to why it doesnt bolt right in as advertised in my LJ. They even went on to say that they had issues in the past with it bolting up in certain year Sahara models and said that the bolt batterns for some reason had changed in those Sahara packages. This was shortly after I mentioned that I own one of the limited Rubicon Sahara Unlimiteds so they tried to say that may be my issue.

Considering Jeep uses pretty much the same dam jeep and tosses on small bolt on appearance things for their diferent packages, I find it hard to believe that they also changed bolt patterns in the tubs. Im not all that happy with this since they advertise it as a simple bolt in product I am pretty much screwed since it was delivered when it was raining so the box pretty much disintegrated plus I have no clue how to bolt everything back up as it arrived so no shipping it back. Jp90Talon said:. I just got done installing the Tuffy security deck enclosure: Everything in the box was bolted together so it had to come apart first.

This is one of the side trays for the wheel well, it's really flimsy and Tuffy security deck enclosure review very deep, the corners aren't even welded together. I've already got a few ideas about modifying it, I don't really see it as being very useful but it came with the kit. I ended up having to use a pair of vicegrips and a socket to get them out.

Here's both the side trays, and the front wall of the box. Here's the drivers side of the box and the two rails for the top tray. This is the passenger side of the box. The top rails attach to the sides with little locking tabs and bolts.

The side trays are attached using the same bolts at the same time as the rails. Taking inventory of all the included hardware. I should've done this step earlier. Once again the slots and tabs: The instructions say bolt everything up loosely until it's all installed. The instructions say to reuse this seat bracket, but it sticks to far inside the box for my tastes, I substituded some thick washers instead. The tailgate striker bracket needs to come off. This is another area where I'm less than thrilled with the product My TJ is a 97, between 97 and is 14 years, yet for some reason Tuffy doesn't know where the rear striker bolts are supposed to line up.

After both the sides were installed loosely, the front of the box gets installed with thumb screws. Notice that the seat mounting bracket bolt holes don't line Tuffy security deck enclosure review either. The other side doesn't line up with the seat bracket mounting bolts either.

Once again: Passenger side, almost but not quite Drivers side, not even close The wheel well tray doesn't rest on the wheel well, even when ajusted to it's lowest point, it's close enough though that I can picture it making all kinds of noise as it smacks against the wheel well as I go down the road. I'm not happy at all with these things.

The passenger side tray is the same way. I'm going to have to modify these before they become useful for anything. Everything tightened up, The whole thing is kinda flimsy so far. Now it's time to assemble the top deck. It has a protective sheet metal bracket that needs to be removed. I know you guy's are jealous of my fancy workbench!

Opinions - tuffy security deck enclosure

Once the sheet metal protective shield has been removed, reuse the bolts that came out and slide the included clear rubber tubing over the attached mounting stud, then slide the bolt through a medium large, then large fender washer and bolt these to the mounting studs. There are 4 of these total that need to get mounted. Then I was supposed to stick this rubber piece of weather stripping into the underside of the channel on the lid according to the picture in the instructions, but the instructions were blurry and looked like a copy of a copy of a copy, all the detail was gone and I couldn't see where I was supposed to mount them.

So I mounted them to the top of the slide rails where I knew that the lid would make a good Tuffy security deck enclosure review once it was installed.

Once the top is assembled and the weather stripping has been stuck on, it's time to mount the lid to the box. First you have to hang the rear bolt and washer combo over the back of the box, which is the front of the Jeep by the seats, I'd recomend putting some towels across both sides of Tuffy security deck enclosure review rails until the lid is attached because you have Tuffy security deck enclosure review slide it back and forth to get everything to drop into place, and with only one person the sharp edges of the washers are carving scratches into the finish on the slide rails.

The next step is to pull the lid towards the rear of the jeep untill the rear slides fall into place, then push the front of the lid, at the rear of the Jeep, back towards the rear of the box, which is the front of the Jeep After which the lid and slides will be fully seated where they're supposed to go.

This is what everything looks like after install from behind the seats viewing the front of the box. Drivers side, side view. Pass side, side view. Here's another view from behind the seats. There's still some useful cargo area behind the seats near the floor, I might try to use the space to mount a Co2 tank for refilling my tires. I might try to modify these with a nipple and some surgical hose to cary the water somewhere else besides the floorboards since they collect enough water by themselves when I've got the doors and windows out which is pretty much always.

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly in the picture, but there is light shining in from multiple places on the inside, I don't know why Tuffy bothered putting weather stripping on the lid because water is going to get in from everywhere.

Reviews for tuffy security deck enclosure for jeep wrangler jl

This is deffinately not a water proof trunk area! I plan on putting all my gear in rubbermaid or similar plastic tubs before I place anything inside this.

Here's what the top lid to tailgate clearance looks like, it didn't quite seal against the tailgate, it was of by just under a quarter of an inch and that was after loosening all the mounting hardware and shifting the whole thing as far backwards towards the tailgate as it would go. The lid is on slides though, so I pulled it up against the tailgate after closing the tailgate. Once again, I don't expect this thing to be water proof. Once the Tuffy security deck enclosure was completely installed, both my front seats were able to slide all the way back, and recline to a reasonable level, although not all the way Tuffy security deck enclosure review anymore.

I don't really like the sharp edges on the corners of the box behind the seats because I can see the back of my seat getting punctured some time in the future. I'm going to have to figure out a way to mount something Tuffy security deck enclosure review prevent that from happening. I hope you can get some useful info and ideas from my write up, I'll post a few more thoughts and opinions after I've had it for a while and let everyone know how it holds up off road, and loaded up with gear.

It rained really hard last night, so I wanted to see how much water got inside the Tuffy security enclosure. When I walked out to my Jeep and looked at the enclosure this is what I saw. There is rust on some of the fastners, and on the finish from where Tuffy had bolted everything together for shipping and scratched through the paint. On the plus side, there was only a really small puddle on the inside when I opened it up to look in, and it really really rained hard last night.

I'd say about 2 or 3 tablespoons of water made it inside. Update After Having lived with this enclosure for about a month I really like it, at least the main enclosure part that has the flip up lid. The rust that started after the first night of rain still looks the exact same, and nothing else has rusted.