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TJILI was diagnosed in her infancy as profoundly deaf and having athetoid cerebral palsy after an early brain trauma. Medical experts said TJILI's challenges may prevent her from sitting, standing, walking, even managing everyday living activities such as feeding herself.

Oodles of occupational therapy greatly helped her core strength, stability and fine motor skills eternal thanks Sanjay! Particularly important when learning to hold and master a pencil or paintbrush.

After a month of intensive care she was transferred to Kien Khleang orphanage on the banks of the Mekong River. Tough years of love, physio, sit-ups, yoga and swimming followed.

Plus a homemade bamboo walking frame. TJILI took her first steps at 5 years old and she now runs, cycles, swims and horse rides. Coupled with a cochlear implant and speech-language therapy TJILI communicates through a combination of language, gesturing, reading and writing.

TJILI is able to overcome her physical challenges to create beautiful pieces of art in her own unique style. You'll be fascinated by her unorthadox technique and amazed at the quality of artwork that she is able to produce. TJILI's art-style has evolved to compensate for her physical issues - her wobbly torso and head, the lack of control over her fingers, and so on.

Somehow TJILI manages to grip her graphite pencil, Wax Aquarell watercolour pastels and paint brushes in the palm of her hand, and produce firm strokes onto the art paper that she steadies with her other arm. Every stroke that TJILI puts to paper is testament to her creativity, determination, and the great effort she makes to overcome her challenges.

TJILI has always adored animals, especially lions. Watching lions and other big cats was a highlight and you can see this feline passion reflected in many of TJILI's pictures.

Deaf teenager with cerebral palsy tjili grant wetherill takes art world by storm

Mummy and Daddy are sure she would hug and stroke a lion if possible and TJILI loves having snakes draped around her neck. That said, the funny girl jumps out of her skin and squeals at the sight of little gecko or lizard! When Steve sadly died far too young in while filming an underwater documentary TJILI was inconsolable for months and still talks about him today.

TJILI has since become a huge fan of Bindi, and cheered her every step and spin en route to winning season 21 of Dancing with the Stars.