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Woot woot! Here at The Dating Divas, you better believe we have thrown our share of bridal showers. Because we have so much experience, we decided to put our he together and come up with the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for YOU GUYS! Oh yeah, baby! So, are you ready to check out this mega list of bridal shower ideas?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Hop on over and check it out if you want a totally done-for-you pack of printables to make hosting a bridal shower easier than ever. There are so many gems in here that could be used for future reference! Are you ready to be blown away by these amazing bridal shower ideas?

Hold on to your veils!

Without question, the first thing on your planning to-do list should be picking from this list of bridal shower themes. A theme ties the whole event together and makes it even more fun for the guests! Therefore, when considering which of these bridal shower themes will work best for you, keep in mind that the focus of the event should be on what the bride likes, prefers, or is comfortable with. In other words, you want her to ultimately be the happiest guest of all! So, check out each of these bridal shower themes below and imagine the bride surrounded in the details.

If it feels right, go for it! Not only are they all delicious, but they are also cuter than words when set up on display! When it comes to bridal shower decorations, you have SO many fun options! You could go BIG with florals, banners, and color-coordinated cutlery, OR you could keep it simple with pom-poms, printables, and photos. Truly, your options are endless.

We found our absolute favorites that are sure to inspire you when deciding how to decorate. On a budget? We have budget-friendly bridal shower decorations here too! So get excited, because decorating is one of the best parts! Bridal showers are meant to be FUN! So, check out this awesome list and get ready to check The dating divas bridal shower planning task off your list!

Bridal showers can get expensive quickly when you add up all the details included in one… Decorations, food, party favors, and even invitations. Just looking out for ya! A simple party favor not only conveys your appreciation to your guests for attending the party, but it The dating divas bridal shower gives BACK to them for supporting the bride. We think bridal shower party favors are fun, sweet, and the perfect extra touch at a bridal shower!

Bridal shower pack

So check out this list of super trendy bridal shower party favors and watch your guests be tickled pink over them! Holy Hannah! Trust us on this one. The bride will be thanking you later for sure! Wink wink! Be sure to check it out! In conclusion, you will be able to celebrate a bride before her wedding effortlessly, beautifully, and creatively with ANY of the ideas in this post. Best of luck! I feel lucky to have married my high school sweetheart and find myself falling more and more in love with him each day! I took pride in my education and career but fully believe I have it all by getting the opportunity to stay at home with my crazy little boy!

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Amazingly detailed in every way and so useful for planning. Thank you for compiling such a wonderful post! Awesome webste.

I have searched the web for party ideas for years and find this to be the best I have seen. Great ideas.

Thanks for sharing. Thanks girl! We are so glad it was helpful! We hope you were able to find the party ideas you were looking for! Thanks for the tips! I want my bridal shower to be a lot of fun, so this seems like a great list of ideas to go off of. Taking the girls to a spa themed bridal shower seems like something that everyone would enjoy. That sounds like SO much fun! I am sure your friends will LOVE it! Glad you could find some helpful ideas to inspire your fun bridal shower!

50 of the best bridal shower gift ideas she will love

This is so great! I had no idea where to start and now I have a great outline of ideas for each part of the day! That would make a great book, though! Are you looking for a gift for someone getting married? We do have a few items in our store that might be a good fit! The Best Bridal Shower Themes Without question, the first thing on your planning to-do list should be picking from this list of bridal shower themes.

Spa Themed Bridal Shower — Manicures, pedicures, makeup, and massages! Talk about one of the girliest bridal shower themes out there! If this seems like something your bride would like, then celebrate the bride-to-be with a relaxing afternoon! Not to mention, these matching bridal party robes will just finish this idea off perfectly!

That being said, channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and shower your bride-to-be with pearls, elegant decorations, and the color Tiffany blue! We are dying over these adorable party favors that would be so perfect!

The best bridal shower ideas

Lunchbox Themed Bridal Shower — If you are searching for a fun and casual bridal shower theme, then check out these adorable bridal shower ideas from Ann at On Sutton Place! We are totally in LOVE with her lunchbox themed shower! Nautical Themed Bridal Shower — Ahoy and all aboard!

Celebrate the future Mrs. For this shower, you might want to grab some cute sailor hats!

Without question, we love every single detail about this party! Not to mention, these cute recipe cards would be a fun addition to this shower! Slumber Party Bridal Shower — No boys allowed! Invite your guests to spend the night with a fun-filled Bridal Shower Sleepover, including an epic pillow fight! By the way, we think the adorable eye mask invitations from this post would be the perfect way to invite your guests to the ultimate bridal shower sleepover!

And, be sure to check out all the beautiful floral details from Jessica of Vintage Fair! Likewise, you could use so many elements and ideas as inspiration to create one of the most fun-filled bridal shower themes ever!