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As with many popular tourist destinations, scam artists use various deceitful tactics to target foreign travelers. While most scams are relatively minor offenses, some visitors have lost considerable amounts of money. Visitors to Thailand are advised to always be aware of their surroundings and belongings, especially when frequenting popular tourist sites and crowded markets or streets.

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Image credit: Jaume Escofet. Thailand can be a land of excitement and wonder for a new visitor, but it also comes with its own share of risk and danger. There are those among the jovial crowd who are looking to make a quick buck from an unwary tourist, by hook or by crook. Image credit: Mark Leo. The beautiful coastal beaches in the country are a local attraction for water sports, but should you ever decide Thailand scams to watch out for rent a jet ski, do keep in mind all scratches and dents that are already present on the vehicle before setting off.

There are vendors who will falsely claim that you have damaged their jet ski after returning and demand compensation for repairs. Many people have fallen for such a scam, especially in tourist hotspots such as Pattaya and Phuket. It would be wise to avoid all jet ski activities to prevent yourself falling as another victim. However, if you really feel the need to experience the thrill in the water, never hand over your passport as collateral when renting one.

It is also important to note that this scam is not exclusive to jet skis.

Other tourists have reported the same situation upon renting motorcycles and cars, so be extra cautious when you decide to rent a vehicle in Thailand! Image credit: Peter Hellberg. Get acquainted with the local currency! Keep track on the different types of baht notes you possess and their appearance once you leave the money changer.

Many tourists often find themselves shortchanged and taken advantage of by cashiers as they are not familiar with Thai money. Places like 7-Eleven and Family Mart in tourist areas usually declare out loud the amount of baht you pay during your purchase, so take the effort to double-check and ensure that the change you receive is the correct one.

A variant of this scam revolves around the shopkeeper accusing you for paying with a counterfeit note.

He or she would go to the back of the store, away from your sight, swap the note you handed over with a realistic counterfeit one and return. Giving the fake note to you, he or she would demand for new payment, leaving you to pay for twice or thrice the original amount. To avoid this, always keep an eye on your baht notes and roughly remember the serial s of the larger ones. The latter may prove to be a mild inconvenience for some, but it can end up saving you and your tight budget.

Image credit: VasenkaPhotography. This scam is often encountered near any tourist attraction, but the majority of cases reported by victims usually happen outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok. He or she will then recommend alternative locations, usually a gem store or a tailor shop, and dangle cheap discounts to entice you. Should you unwittingly accept the offer, they will arrange transport via taxi or tuk tuk, who are similarly in league, to the shops.

Once there, they will attempt to bully you into buying overpriced goods, with extreme cases locking you in the shop until you decide to purchase something!

They can even be found inside the attractions as well, so be on your guard. The solution to this would be researching on the place before heading over. Remember to check out the operating hours and visiting times to avoid being misled. Image credit: Ryan Lackey. The red light districts in Thailand are often well-known for its ping pong shows. The claim of cheap drinks and entry by the friendly promoters outside the bar would do very little to sate your innate curiousity. But as they say, curiousity kills the cat.

You will, then, be pressured to generously tip the performer despite being satisfied or not. If you request to leave midway, the bill that comes along will demand that you pay thousands for the few drinks you just had. So steer clear of these shows, if you would rather not be left both disappointed and broke at the end of the day. This warning goes double if you are travelling alone, as lone tourists are easily ganged up on and are favoured targets by the scam.

Image credit: Asfintesco.

When someone tells you that you can make a huge profit by reselling gems from Thailand, it sounds too good to be true. You could be targeted for a gem scam, one of the more popular ones in the country. It usually begins with the scammer claiming that gems are easily harvested in the country, and can be purchased in bulk for cheap prices.

He or she then continues to tell you that you can make lots of money by selling the bought gems back home. This scam can be made further enticing when they throw in discounted prices, convincing you that you were the only few that they have decided to share this precious insider trade secret with. Accomplices acting as tourists around the store may also attempt to justify his or her story. Do not make the mistake that many people have already fallen for due to greed. If you can indeed make huge sums from selling Thailand gems in other countries, why would he or she tell such a powerful trade secret to a random tourist who chances into the store?

Politely refuse, and walk away. Image credit: Dushan Hanuska. When you exit from the airport, you will undoubtedly be harassed by official looking taxi drivers who would offer a flat fee of — baht to head Thailand scams to watch out for town.

The more extreme ones would purposely drive you to a wrong place with a similar name to your destination, and demand more cash for the proper journey.

Top 7 tourist scams to watch out for in thailand

Even if they use the meter, keep track of whether it is running throughout the journey. There are horror stories of where the taxi meter jams halfway during the trip, prompting dishonest drivers to charge exorbitant prices for a ride that would have cost far less in the meter rate. It is important to note that taxi drivers are required by law to use the meter, so do not be intimidated if a driver requests a flat fee for his or her service. Firmly refuse and exit the car, there are thousands of other taxis in Thailand Thailand scams to watch out for would happily take you to the places you need to go.

Image credit: Ninjakeg. They are a government agency and are responsible for promoting their local wonders and attractions to foreign countries. They are also responsible in licensing travel agencies and guides, but do not actually possess their own agencies. They would then mislead the unfortunate victim by telling him or her that the tickets for the train route they wanted are sold out.

Thus, always avoid anyone who claims to be from TAT, they hold no authority over you.

No employee of TAT would be found walking around train stations or taxi stands to help out lost travelers. Image credit: Rob Taylor.

Common scams to avoid

Should you find yourself in a middle of a scam, dial for police assistance. Do not worry about the language barrier as there will be interpreters on hand to translate your call.

But of course, not every person and place in Thailand is looking for an opportunity to steal your hard-earned cash. There are a lot more friendly locals who genuinely love and welcome tourists to their country, so do not go around treating everyone with hostility and suspicion. Just exercise a little caution and common sense in your adventures in the Land of Smiles, and you should be perfectly fine!

Advertise Cut through the noise with integrated marketing solutions across multiple channels. Editorial Contribute your travel stories or submit content enquiries. Image credit: Jaume Escofet Thailand can be a land of excitement and wonder for a new visitor, but it also comes with its own share of risk and danger. What a deal!

11 scams in thailand all tourists should avoid

Jet Skis Image credit: Mark Leo The beautiful coastal beaches in the country are a local attraction for water sports, but should you ever decide to rent a jet ski, do keep in mind all scratches and dents that are already present on the vehicle before setting off. Wrong Change! Image credit: Peter Hellberg Get acquainted with the local currency! About Author. See the world with us.

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