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Thai go go boy, Extrovert lady looking Thai go go boy guy especially for lapdance

You're not in Kansas anymore. Those Go-Go Bars and Boys. Gay go-go bars aren't everyone's cup of tea.

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Hi Members and readers, I know this is very specific but Ive just briefly met this fellow who works at Dreamboy and I m considering inviting him along for 1 or two weeks in Andaman. I have taken thai boyfriends on trips to the islands but Im not sure how to negotiate with this fellow. Should he make up a story to the bar or will I have to pay a bar fine every day? BTW Dreamboy does an excellant show.

Anyway The fellow is going by the name Nang and you can see him on www. These fellows do change there names so he may have Thai go go boy called something else before. Also they say he is a go go boy but not performing in the "show", what do you think that might mean? If your are advising me on him specifly please try to be sure it the fellow in the picture. Thanks Guys or heh sisteres too if you no your go-go boys. LoL - who knows! I would imagine it is the same as taking a girl.

You would be expected to pay the barfine for the entire time. What you negotiate with him is between you two! Yes its a gaythingI wouldnt exactly call my self a woman but i f the right guy asks me nicely I mightLOL thanks.

Perharps he is performing in the bed in close-up private shows? OP you are asking here how it is to date a prostitute? I wouldn't know, but I guess if your go-go boy makes up a story, it might be a little bit cheaper, then having to pay the bar an off fee for each day. If he "made up" a story to avoid paying the bar fine if he would even agree to that and got caught out almost certain he'd probably be lucky just to get fired. Incidentally, in the female go go's, there is almost always a certain amount which Thai go go boy any amount of time away.

Usually equivalent to 1 month bar fine. Probably the same in his case. Stories don't work, bars have heard it all before and honestly don't care. Only way around paying bar every day would be if he were to quit his job from there. Of course like with everything else, you could try to negotiate a discount. Rent-a-car or rent-a-boy is not very different from this point of view. Exactly that. Not sure if it matters much either way. If you take a dirty Thai go go boy, you ass suffer less, seat in the car With a hot night with a GG boy, you can't seat your ass the day after!

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Not to put a damper on your fun, but my guess is that you're from a wealthy European or North American country and Nang probably comes from desperate poverty in some Bangkok slum or remote village. Nang probably gets a small cut of each encounter, while the owner of Dreamboy probably earns the vast majority of the money and gets a life of outrageous wealth as a reward for his exploitation, even though Nang is the one who has to sell his body.

I'm all for legalized prostitution, and I'm not a prude. But unfortunately the sex worker in most cases is forced into prostitution by economic desperation, greedy family members, drug addiction, psychological problems or other factors that take away any real choice in the matter and I'm gay, so this has nothing to do with homophobia; whether you're hooking up for pay with someone of the same or opposite sex, please be mindful Thai go go boy the power dynamic involved and the economic desperation that is probably driving their decision to sell their bodies.

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