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More about this series. Author: Lauren Pond. Contributor: Peter Barberie.

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January 18, by Dr. Nick Van Rensburg.

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The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep track of Test of faith completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Live PTR. Classic TBC. Classic Theme Thottbot Theme. Quick Facts. Comments Comment by Ormriss Lots of folks enjoy this part of the quest. You are teleported to a high rock precipice.

Simply run and jump off the wooden boards. It looks as if you will fall to your death, but you will be teleported back to Dorn Plainstalker before you reach the bottom. Comment by Make sure you only jump off of the wooden plank! If you jump off of anywhere else you will fall to your death. Comment by I wonder what would happen if you used slow fall? Comment by kreghx Just as it says, Dorn will teleport you to a cliff in 1k Needles.

Test of faith are stones on the ground that Test of faith a circle around you and a stone path that tells you which way to go Being a 29 Mage and not knowing if I'd survive the fall or not, I cast Slow Fall and landed with a smile. Comment by For those considering embarking on this quest series: I highly recommen it. This 10 part series will take most appropriatly leveled players the better part of a day to complete. What's in store for you? The series starts with a whimsical jump, contains some very difficult battles, and will take you all over Azeroth And all through out you will be presented with some of the best game lore seen thus far.

Comment by Thottbot Awesome quest Don't worry, you won't die Comment by Thottbot After what I hear people dying in this quest, I find that those Myself included who run at full speed, while still having this awesome buff Speed of Wind, or something succeed in this quest.

The horizontal distance achieved is probably what determines succes or failure. Comment by Thottbot I think the quest is obviously based on faith - meaning no backup plan on buffs Test of faith rez ect - just jump with no plans to cheat the system and your teleported back to him before you hit the ground. Make sure you jump off the plank tho :P. Comment by Thottbot I just jumped down without any buffs or backups, just ran on the plank, jumped off, half way down a "Objective completed" appeared on the screen and i was teleported back to the questgiver.

Comment by Thottbot The ramp to Dorn is at 55, Climb up it to a cave, he's in there. And remember to jump off the plank. Comment by Test of faith Eh just in case it's still unclear to anyone -- Just jump off the plank. You'll get objective completed, then teleported back, before you hit the bottom. Comment by Thottbot mates, i read that some died after jumping.

Comment by Thottbot Quote by Lowfyr: The chain quest 'Test of Lore' will later on give you a multiple-choice question as a quest. If you select the wrong answer, you will be given a buff "Shame of the Horde".

Understanding the testing of your faith

This buff will let you attack your Faction! If you kill civillians you will not be given DKs or reputation loss.

The good part about this is that you can interrupt NPCs that your friends want to communicate to. If you die, you do lose the buff and have to answer the question wrong again you can try to asnwer this as many times as you want. The wrong answers are the first 2, third one is the correct answer.

If Test of faith accidentally answer it correct, dont worry! After 30 minutes, reapply with a mage at my side to lead me with portals.

After a while of this non-stop, a GM msged me and told me 'not' to do it, but he did not force any actions upon me. Comment by Thottbot Haha, I must say Comment by Thottbot Forget about buffs or whatever cheats : Just press the key for run toggle and then the jump button when on the end of planks.

Test of faith

You'll jump and Easy XP. Just make sure you are not lagging while you jump :. Comment by Thottbot ive been trying Test of faith qwest forever and it still dosnt work! Comment by Thottbot does it mean the elavator planks? Comment by Thottbot if at first you dont know what to do and you die, abandon the quest, then talk to him again. Otherwise you wwont have access to the plank. Comment by Thottbot Gr8 q!

Sprint yelling :"I Belive! Comment by Thottbot Wow. This quest is totally worth doing for any class at any level, just for the buff. The quest itself takes like 5 seconds to do. Unfortunately, it doesn't stack with Ghost Wolf on my Shaman, but that would have been crazy. It doeshowever, stack with Flurry, so for the next hour I was absolutely raping mobs nearby in the Shimmering Flats on my level Test of faith I really with there was a way to get this buff again. Comment by Thottbot Lawl, easy.

Just jump down, you can't die, you get ported back to the guy who gave it to you. Comment by Thottbot Im lvl 32 warrior and i just ran off didnt jump or nothing and i completed. Comment by Thottbot I failed this quest the first time with buffs bc i didnt see the plank Easy EXP.

Test of faith by Thottbot omg didnt jump off the plank ahhhhh lol i just read jump off and jumped Comment by Allakhazam ya well thats all good and dandy but he placed me on the cliff. Comment by Allakhazam XP lvl Comment by Allakhazam Notice in the Objective it says to "leap from the planks" overlooking thousand needles.

Do not, I repeat, do not leap until you do a quick look around for the planks and leap from them. Do not buff up or anything because you are not showing "faith. Just before you hit the ground you will be transported to the quest giver and rewarded with a ton of XPS for an 8 second quest.

Comment by Allakhazam Just as it says, Dorn will teleport you to a cliff in 1k Needles. Comment by Allakhazam really cool quest. Comment by Allakhazam I dont get this, should you just run off the cliff by the great lift? Comment by Allakhazam lol, I think I cheated this quest Test of faith used slow fall and it still said complete :P. A fun and quick quest! Comment by Allakhazam Just do it. You don't die, you are teleported back to cave just before you hit the ground.

This is what i call free xp. Comment by Allakhazam Ok If I had it to do over I would abandon the quest, forget the reward and just use it as a great leveling buff.

Kicking myself now Unless there is something I don't see that makes this not work. Edited, Dec 26th pm by nerdkingdan. Comment by desnodelanos This quest line sucks! Comment by arisyn This took some guts with a world buff on but if you just jump off the wooden plank, you won't die or lose your world buff :.

Test of Faith. It is far more important than some realize. It does not matter what you believe sometimes. It is just important that you believe in something. It is not until faced with unforeseen adversity that we begin to see how strong our spirits are. You took Test of faith leap of faith even though you had no guarantees that you would survive.

Your mind is open, and your spirit is prepared for what is to come.