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Wednesday Science Balloons at work With rockets so costly, scientists turn to an old standby for experiments aloft. Monday i;t ;Ml' mm m s "way txira v 3li my i no ui laiiuy "Aeros," a high-energy music and dance nrnrlnrtinn h ". Qtnmn" rroatnrc riroimo set and costume talent from "Lion King" deer Michael Curry.

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Five years ago, Maycelle Barreto-Neto filled out an application to become a Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy. Among other things, it said she was female and had three years' experience with the Gulfport Police Department. She got the badge. On Wednesday, Barreto-Neto went to Sheriff Cal Henderson with a personal secret: The patrol deputy has formed a national support group for transsexuals in uniform.

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PEIRCE Charles Duke, a freshman Republican state senator from Colorado, has arguably been the country's most influential state legislator ofthrottling the idea of a "Conference of the States" in Philadelphia this autumn.

Yet last June this same state legislator ap peared before the Constitutionists, a Kansas-based extremist group, to promote the formation of militias as an effective way for citizens to protect themselves from federal power. In July, according to records kept by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Duke was before a Patriots militia group, declaring: "We need some ability to get some firepower to protect citizens. I would like to see a militia Many legislatures seemed to heed Duke's warning that the conference, backed by such mainline organizations as the National Governors' Association and the Council of State Governments, was a "tricky and deceptive idea," that it might somehow turn into an uncontrollable constitutional convention.

Supporters, led by Gov. Mike Leavitt, R-Utah, and Gov. Ben Nelson, D-Neb. Their sole purpose, they insisted, was to find long-term solutions to decades of power tilt Tampa neb sex chat the states to Washington.

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Yet as of April 18, the convocation proposal, an apparent cinch for passage when the year began, had been rejected or stalled in 12 states and approved in just Nelson admitted the opposition led by Duke had blindsided proponents and "slowed our progress. It's a H wTrv 3v". The difference between backers of the Conference of the States and Duke, says Daniel Sprague, executive director of the Council of State Governments, "is that we want a strong yet limited federal government. The opposition agenda seems to be no federal government at all.

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He would seize federal tax withholding funds before they exit a state and shift them to state treasuries. Is Duke just a more ideological version of the Republicans now leading Congress?

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It seems hard to believe. In February he handed out a statement to legislative colleagues with the line: "We still have a chance to save America from the Global Socialist Government the Rockefellers and their pawns like Clinton, Gingrich and Dole are working so hard to implement. And it is true that sprinkled through the nation's legislative bodies are a of people of a similar extremist bent. The Mountain West seems to have more than its share, but they're everywhere.

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Skeptics have a right to ask: Will this year's much-advertised devolution of power, from Washington to the states, mean granting more power to such individuals? Just posing the question gives one pain. For every extremist, there are dozens of able, moderate, conscientious legislators. Maybe all state representatives and senators should resolve to check more carefully who's behind the barrages of extremist faxes and lobbying calls they get.

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But overall, today's state legislatures are more professional and competent than their predecessors of yesteryear. The congressional Republicans are right that the states should now be able, in a spirit of federalist experimentation, to take on more responsibilities. States' rights and responsibilities should not be equated with Tampa neb sex chat cowed, intimidated, weakened federal government. For all the evil the Oklahoma City bombing embodied, our reaction to it may also refresh the American spirit at a critical moment.

Federal officials moved expeditiously and skillfully to mount an intensive investigation, to coordinate disaster relief proof that we can have a Tampa neb sex chat government to be proud of. Federal, state and local officials worked as a team, reminding us that cooperation of our federal system partners can work.

The fact that many of the victims were federal workers, processing Social Security applications, working on community development and housing funds, providing security services, was a reminder that we do depend on a quality federal work force, that federal workers are not "faceless bureaucrats," not some kind of enemy, but our fellow countrymen. The ultimate irony may be that the demented detonation of a monster bomb, by individuals apparently influenced by the crazy right and its militias, may help to bring us back to our senses about our unity as a people.

Neal R. Speech causes violence. After Bill Clinton distinguished himself with appropriate and compelling remarks at last Sunday's memorial service for the Oklahoma City bombing victims, the politically wounded president emerged the following day in the presidential primary state of Iowa, slickly suggesting that unnamed but we all know to whom he is referring, don't we? The script is already being written for the resuscitation of big government. Monday's Wall Street Journal provided the rough draft. Heartbreaking news reports present vivid images of government employees, not as faceless bureaucrats, but as sympathetic human victims with children.

But the contention that words and images, even the harsh variety, cause violent behavior is something many liberals have always denied.

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Remember Ted Bundy? He said he became a serial killer because of pornography. The networks frequently defend themselves against contentions by some groups that gratuitous sex, violence and profanity on TV cause some people to copy the behavior they see depicted there.

Why should we believe that one form of expression has no effect ever mindful that commercials cause people to buy products while another type of expression which is critical of government le to terrorism? And why are lunatics and anarchists consistently labeled "far right"?

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Why was the man who stabbed a cultist in Japan a "right-winger"? What, then, was the cultist a far right-winger? It seems much of the press and like-minded liberals label everything they don't like "right-wing" in order to denigrate it. Tampa neb sex chat was the last time you saw the "left-wing" label applied? Look for a full-court press on this. The left sees discrediting the right as its last, best hope of clinging to power.

The rhetorical firepower is going to increase. Liberal politicians and their friends in the big media have had some nasty things to say about conservatives. One person's extremist language is another person's free speech, whether it comes from the "right wing" or the "left wing.

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Initial comments from the ACLU and people like the writer Nat Hentoff, who believe free speech ought to remain free, are encouraging. Congress may need a while longer. Adding Chile, which has a strong economy and bears little resemblance to Mexico, should be a shoo-in, but it isn't. They argue that free trade with Mexico has turned out badly for the United States, leading to a costly financial bailout, a worsening U. If NAFTA has failed so badly to live up to its promise, they ask, why should it be extended to other nations?

Why, indeed? The short answer is that the Mexican financial meltdown and bailout had nothing to do with NAFTA and that the benefits of free trade remain as important as ever. The fight to extend NAFTA offers free-traders an opportunity to make a better case for closer hemispheric trade ties. For starters, Mexico's economy already is improving.

The peso has risen from its slump of nearly eight to the dollar to just under six, suggesting inflation will start tapering off. And by cutting domestic demand, Mexico has cleared the way for a more stable economy and perhaps a return to growth in One implication of all this is that this year's projected U.

Mexico's financial meltdown was caused by overdepend-ence on foreign capital and protracted overvaluation of the peso. When a bungled devaluation caused investors to flee and the peso to begin a free fall, the government needed outside financial help to prevent a default. Mexico City's commitments under NAFTA made it easier to avoid Tampa neb sex chat usual, knee-jerk reaction of developing countries in crisis: imposing import barriers, restricting capital movements andjimiting economic activity. In- X7r Y ""V. I JIM.

That said, Mexico's response to its liquidity crisis is not the strongest argument for free trade. Nor are promises that lower tariffs will lead to hundreds of thousands of new jobs, as free-traders argued. The real benefits of free trade, in fact, lie elsewhere: in increased freedom to seek wider markets for goods and services, and in improved economic efficiency.

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Wid- er export markets create economies of scale and make manufacturers more efficient. Competition from imports also makes domestic manufacturers do more with less. That means higher productivity, which translates eventually into higher national incomes and higher real wages. The and quality of jobs are important too, but they are affected mainly by factors such as deficit spending, taxation and labor policies. Free trade can help generate higher-paying jobs but cannot overwhelm broader economic policies.

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Beyond that, free trade serves the crucial function of consolidating economic and political liberalization in other countries. Chile, for example, has freed itself of military dictatorship and embraced free-market policies, controlling inflation and privatizing key industries.

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Admitting Chile and then moving purposefully to expand free trade to other countries in the hemisphere would make conditions less hospitable for a return of political and economic dictatorships. Instead, they point to this year's trade deficit with Mexico. Free-traders should encourage them to look Tampa neb sex chat the edge of reir noses and take in the broader view. And there were the Peters and Dicks who were mad because I made reference to the crude slang usage of their names.

I don't know why they got mad at me, since " their moms and pops gave them their " names, not me. Dick, either. Then my guess is that you are a George or a Bill. It is my experience that guys named George and Bill are as solid and reliable and unas- suming as a Labrador retriever.

And you wear brown. About 70 percent of all brown " suits, topcoats and shoes are bought by guys named George or Bill. The rest by guys -named Ed or Joe. My name is Bill.