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The great controversy of whether or not to spank your children is something I have been hearing about for a long time. Many people disagree with this form of correction because of their emotions.

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Similar Worlds today ». Sometimes my parents will spank me for no reason.

Why do parents spank bare bottomed?

Usually if I haven't been spanked in a while they spank me for "anything you did that we didn't know about. I was sitting on the couch looking at my phone when my mom called from upstairs for me to come. I did and then I saw her sitting on the side of my bed with the hairbrush.

She said, "You haven't been spanked in a while. I think you need one. So after she took all my clothes off I'm always spanked naked I went over her knee even though I hadn't done anything wrong.

Bare bottom spanking porn videos

I braced for the brush and The brush burned and stung so much! After like 10 minutes she finally stopped and told me to stand in the corner for an hour without rubbing.

My mom made me thank her for the spanking. I couldn't sit for a few days. Receive notifications on replies.

I was spanked bare bottom over the knee

Oldest First Newest First Top. I'm sorry to hear about your abuse. It's so sad when parents hit their children. Im sure Spank me bare know what is best for you. View 11 more replies ». Shes lied about her age on here, that doesnt sound like a well behaved child to me. ZefNinjaa: she's looking for attention.

Spanking should be confined to among consenting adults. I don't buy it. You have like 10 groups that mention spanking.

Personally I think you're an old dude who gets off on these stories. If not You know ya mom get horny off that right. I am sorry.

Do you spank on the bare bottom?

It is wrong in my opinion to spank anyone without reason. Not fair! But I remember being a teenager and being spanked for "bad attitude" I would agree with them for spanking you Spank me bare you misbehave at school or misbehave at home but not just in case you did something they don't know about. The police can't arrest someone and put them in jail just in case they committed a crime the police don't know about.

Bare bottom spanking porn

Sounds like your parents are sadist that just like to spank you. Is anyone else in your house spanked? Not to be rude or start a debate but truthfully the police arrest and jail innocent people all the time!

I can remember getting spanked for Spank me bare reasons but in the back of my mine I knew there was tons of stuff I'd "gotten away with" that would have resulted in being spanked if I'd been caught How long had it been since your last spanking. I am curious, tho I in no way condone spanking for no reason. The reason that they were usually spanked after the explanatory time was only because I didn't usually take them over my knee until I was very sure they were guilty.

And yes I don't think that what was done to you was fair. That seems unfair.

At most I could see a few swats but 10 min with the brush for no reason. Your poor butt.

In some familiesit is called "Maintenance Discipline" it is a kind of ritual well known by everybody in the family. So no surprise On each sunday morning for instance there is a punishment session planned. Do you think your mom love to spank you? Omg that must be awful, I get spanked too but only when I misbehave. Maintenance spanking can work, e. I literally get the same.

But it happems intetvaly every week for the same no reason even if I got a reasonable spanking in the same week but it is something that never change in any case.