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Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Edgame Start date Apr 17, 3dcg handjob incest kinetic novel multiple protagonist.

Discussion Reviews 1. First Prev 3 of 8 Go to. Edgame Newbie.

Jan 5, 65 Redoxa said:. ThunderRob said:.

Redoxa Active Member. Sep 8, 3, Edgame said:. Thanks, i don't do patreon, sadly the Spacer x 6 times a day isn't mine and i won't collect money without consent of the author. Jun 9, 31 Angar Newbie. Aug 11, 85 Susan and Suzanne? Reactions: fotosina. Bakatorous New Member. Apr 24, 10 1. While I will probably return to this, but due the slowness of the development and how little there was to see even though this is episode 4, it will be a long time before I retry this one.

Maybe around episode 14 or so. I did enjoy the renders, but the story buildup is too painfully slow. No action in it at all, so far. FoxyGoupil said:. Don't know if you credited original author anywhere though.

KiraKhaos Newbie. Oct 10, 68 Oh wow, actually excited for this. I was super sad when the original story ended so abruptly. HossDik Newbie. Apr 10, 20 Wow, someone finally made a game based on my teen years the title anyway. I still remember the first time I had sex I was so cold and so alone Just remember there is no statute of limitations when it comes to copyrighted material.

Even if the dev dissappears for 20 or a years. They, his estate or his family can always come back and say "WTF man" or sue your ass, whichever they decide.

Keep doing what you are doing. DO NOT monatize and I believe well I would like to believe the original dev will give you his blessing and not sue your ass.

Good luck. Kind Regards Luke. CaptMorgan76 Active Member.

May 10, I totaly forgot, i said just above that i will credit the author, it's my first time with posting and got a little carried LeftyPR Member. Mar 5, Spacer x 6 times a day CaptMorgan76 said:. EdgamePlease don't mess it up, so far so good i read you're gonna trim some of it, please leave the descriptions of the sexual acts as is, don't trim anything of that as that's part of what makes the STORY!! Make sure you pay attention to the little details as this is a VN that's what is gonna make or break it as in for trimming i vote you keep as the original any trim or change can messed it up even if is not perceived at the moment for you to trim the right way you would have to read the COMPLETE story like 4 or 5 times to then judge if, where and what to trim without messing it up!! domain statistics

Good luck man!! Methos23 Active Member.

Mar 9, 1, I'm a simple man LeftyPR said:. Catoblepas Active Member. Feb 9, I think if you were to render oral scenes with any kind of eye contact or variation, you'd be the first VN to do so but Milfy City's pretty good with that. But Six Times a Day has so many epic BJs that go on and on, please be sure to have multiple renders per scene and really stretch them out.

Part of the MCs "medical condition" isn't just six times a day, but they all have to be edged out. Doing that without making things too boring is the big challenge-- the story does this with text, but you'll have to try to keep things lively in the images too.

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That's just my opinion, I think you're off to a good start! Hermit76 Active Member.

Apr 15, KiraKhaos said:. Reactions: LeftyPR. Aug 24, I was afraid if i would edit it now, it will shift it's place in the new games something like new update That's why i said that i would trim some things here and there, i will not make it longer i would have to redo all the renders but i'll omit that part in the story, that detail. Reactions: Walter Victor. Angar said:. Remember is not a GAME is a Visual Novel so Lots of story but no choices or paths and some illustrations but i'm pretty sure Edgame will take care of that last one adding some Spacer x 6 times a day his own inspired by the story!

Walter Victor Well-Known Member. Dec 27, 3, 8, One thing I noticed was that, while in the doctor's office, the text taken from the novella has Susan sitting as she observes the proceedings, but the images clearly show her standing.

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It would be helpful if the developer would correct that. Changing the text would obviously be easier, but the next release will also need to have the text modified, if Susan is to remain standing. Of course, some gentlemen could bring her a chair before she faints!