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Colloidal silver is a natural substance consisting of positively charged This is suspended in a colloidal state in steamed, distilled pure water that is energized with Dow quartz crystal. Colloidal silver is said to have broad antibacterial and antiseptic effects when taken orally or placed on a wound. We also stock Colloidal Silver Gel.

Name: Raquela
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I just bought bottle of extra strength Colloidal Silver. I was told to use Colloidal Silver neat, but this stuff is extra strength and the bottle says to dilute 5mls in ml of water.

Im a bit confused now and feel i need to dilute this stuff, but am unsure if this is the type im supposed to use neat. Google it, you'll want some for sure! I take a teaspoon of it everyday in a glass of water, I put a splash in the dogs water, I clean the dogs ears with it.

I just bathed one dogs suture line cruciate surgery with it When you are camping, you can put a little in your milk and it stops it from going sour 'cause it kills the bugs that make it go sour Brilliant stuff, highly recommend it but to make the most of it, you need to get the accompanying book with the bottle when you buy it from the Health Food Shop. I bought a generator so I now make my own.

Recommended colloidal silver dosage

I use it straight for the dogs and myself and never dilute it for any reason. Dogs get a splash of it in their evening meal. I only do it once a week, sometimes once a fortnight as their ears are usually clean anyway. It is also good to use if your dog has an minor ear infection, just use a dropper and drop 4 to 6 drops in their ears 3 times daily.

Silver magic ml

Yeah, I heard of people in NZ doing that too! I guess it's cheaper in the long run. Does it take up much room? That Manuka Honey is very handy at present cavNrott!

Silver magic extra strength is a natural bacterostatic agent.

No the generator consists of about 3 small items including the transformer for the power point and that's it. I use the colloidal silver quite liberally so it works out a lot cheaper. I'm still using the Manuka Honey.

We can do that again whenever you wish.

Colloidal silver extra strength soap bar

I basically use it the same as I do the colloidal silver Though the manuka honey is excellent for clearing up cuts and abrasions. Yep, as cavNrott said, it's a natural antibiotic and used to great effect as a preventative although I am using it currently for Dougal Dog who has had surgery. Google it and you'll find lots of other useful info on it. Lots of people and even some hospitals use it as a dressing on wounds as it has such wonderful healing properties.

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Greenpet colloidal silver

Recommended Posts. Wynnlake Posted October 22, Posted October 22, Link to post Share on other sites. Never mind.

I just re-read the bottle. That dilution was to purify water, my bad. TigerJack Posted October 22, Golden Rules Posted October 22, Fantastic stuff.

Silver magic - ml

Natural antibiotic. DD what's the dilution ratio you use for ear cleaning?

Posted October 23, Can I ask what you guys are using the manuka honey for? Golden Rules Posted October 23, MaddieMoo Posted October 23, Register a new .

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