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Shy leon bridges lyrics, Shy leon bridges lyrics girl search friend to fucked

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Am I the only one who came here after Edwin Honoret's cover of the song? I just dedicated this to my crush. Hope he likes this and feels this song like I do. This song is soo calming and relaxing it also shows me that I don't have to be show shy that I'm not the only one out there with a crush or girlfriend or boyfriend if you are a girl out there hopefully I get the courage to stop asking my friend to talk to her for me also he should be as famous as well the of evergrowing subs he has.

I don't want to hear any more people telling us that the young people today produce bad music. The body of evidence shooting that crap down is there. Leon is as great as any artist that ever Shy leon bridges lyrics. Art is not bound by time.

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Played Leon on a road trip with my dad, when I asked how old he thought he was he said Thanks Leon fir getting us through that long car ride. Leon Bridge is too talented for more people not to know him. Leon you're the best. But am here now for great music. Know a Girl. She so SHY. Man his voice is crazy ridiculous, he has his own vibe, I wonder if he did something with Anthony Hamilton, and Calvin Richardson Dig it none the less.

He's really good. He sounds so good.

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I love all his songs, beyond being my favorite. Genius Move loved the Artistry!!!!! I'm late but I just purchased this CD. Love this single so far! Just saw you on Jimmy Kimmel.

He is a great artist. I know that those three did soul music but it all sounds similar. Regardless, Leon Bridges sounds awesome and I think he has a good future and I surely believe that he needs more attention than he already does.

I'm starting to really like his sound, he needs some West Coast tour dates. I'm telling you my friends years have change keep it classy. Anyone else feel like certain parts of this sound like "the less I know the better" by Tame Impala?? Saw him perform at Winstar Casino and loved every second of it!! I respect, like, appreciate your talent as a artist and human being.

Leon bridges - shy lyrics

Marvin Gaye,sam Cooke,ottis Redding,frankie Limon ,they are smiling with grace. You sir, Give me the sleep I need when I'm awake. It bums me out that its a fact that people are sleepin on the real ones like my brotha Leon. Like what?? Lil pump, lil dick dragger, lil no talent, lil unoriginal, lil pube hair, lil sniff poop and lil stupit are famous and get radio play but this guy doesn't???? Saaaaaaay wahhhh???

The only quip i have is on second That drum break too jarring. It throws me out Shy leon bridges lyrics the song as it kinda sounds like a mistake the way it was executed probably was intentional. I cant stop listening though this is so good. I don't think this sounds like Tame Impala at all, they're not even the same genre. We feel it in every song. Too smooth for Amazing song. I love to create, and you gave me a creation out of yours. Getting goose bumps every time I listen to his music! Yep Im shy But seriously though for the duration of this song I am actually transported to another place of complete and pure joy and euphoria.

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