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Should i be single or in a relationship quiz, I Should i be single or in a relationship quiz dating guy who wants hangouts

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Table for one? No problem, right this way please. We'll bring one drink over and a meal for one shortly. To be honest, our service takes a little long sometimes, and you won't really be sitting with anyone.

Name: Marian
My age: 35

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Scroll To Start Quiz. In a relationship. It's complicated. Less than three. Between three and six.

About this quiz

Between seven and Too many. None of them.

Very few of them. Some of them. Most of them. Too many times. The arguments. You can't flirt with anyone else. Relationships with friends may suffer. Having to answer to somebody.

Should i be single?

The happy times. The affection. Not being lonely. The physical part. Yes, all the time. Often, yes. I don't worry about these things. No, it's not. I was tempted to.

Did you get here by googling the words "single forever"?

I didn't go all the way. Yes, I have. A month. Six months. A year. More than a year.

Watching TV. Going to the gym. Lay it on me! Yes, it is. A tiny bit. No, gross. All the time.

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Being betrayed. Becoming too vulnerable. Losing focus.

Losing myself. A million times over. I think it does. It's about equal. They don't. The park. At a friend's.

Are you antisocial?

To my parent's house. A bar. I thought about it but didn't. Once or twice. Many times. Very rarely. A lot of the time. They like to full my head with doubts. They ask all the right questions. They let me make my own mistakes.

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They're very supportive. Most times. Watching a movie and cuddling. Going to a comedy show.

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Dancing the night away at a club. Getting drinks at a cool bar. Bowling alley. A wine bar. I apologize, even if I'm wrong. I try to compromise. I get upset and start to shout. I walk away and ignore them for days afterwards. It takes years. Quite a few months.

About a year. We grow apart. We're incompatible. I get bored. I already am.

Yes, someday. I'm not sure. Not at all.