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Some may be entirely new, some may be deed to mimic existing drugs, some are based on psychoactive plants and some are medicines. In the UK, most were legal up until the Psychoactive Drugs Act, which has effectively banned all drugs which have a psychoactive effect, except alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and drugs used for medicinal purposes.

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Background: The recent emergence of new recreational drugs, combined with the ability of the Internet to disseminate information quickly, have raised a of concerns in the fields of drug policy, substance use research, and public health. Methods: A semi-structured questionnaire was advertised on The Study Room's website from November to December to explore the awareness, the Safe legal highs and the perception of risks of "legal highs" among student population in the UK. : One-third Respondents were more likely to have taken were: mephedrone The large majority Half

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The effects of legal highs

If a drug is legal, then surely it's safe? Not necessarily. In fact, law-dodging legal high manufacturers change the formulas so regularly Safe legal highs users could be putting themselves at risk. Legal highs are substances that replicate the effect of illegal drugs. They can be herbal blends like salvia which gives users a quick LSD-type experience. Or they can be synthetic chemical-based drugs made to mimic stimulants like MDMA, amphetamines or cocaine.

Not only can effects be potent and cause users to hallucinate, rush, or give them the energy to dance for 10 hours straight, but legal highs have also been linked to several deaths by the media. The laws about drugs in Britain are a tad complex. Many ly legal highs now come under the Misuse of Drugs Act. In AprilSafe legal highs Home Office introduced new legislation to ban five legal highs for up to a year.

This new legislation would allow police to confiscate suspected substances. The penalty for supplying a temporarily banned drug is a maximum of 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Possession would not be considered a criminal offence. In Maythe Psychoactive Substances Act came into force. The act is a blanket ban on legals highs and criminalises the production, sale, supply and distribution of legal highs. Offenders who break the law could face up to seven years in prison under the new Psychoactive Substances Act. Just like illegal drugs, legal highs are not regulated.

These are completely unknown quantities. How long is a line of cocaine? But there are some common patterns. Quite often we need to restrain patients.

Legal highs

Even though Dr Caldicott is a specialist, he admits treating patients who have taken an Safe legal highs substance is tricky. Legal highs are often brand new and untested on humans. The chemical make-up of synthetic legal highs is in constant flux to keep on the right side of the law, so medical experts are always playing catch up.

Dr Caldicott says it takes months to even get an idea of the effect of a new drug. Synthetic legal highs have a very similar chemical makeup to illegal drugs.

And no sooner has the government caught up with one particular compound, the chemists get to work on creating a new one that is similar enough to create the same sort of effect, Safe legal highs chemically different enough to be legal. Unscrupulous drug dealers constantly try to get around the law by peddling chemicals, which are often harmful, to young people. But suppliers are speedy at inventing these different, but similar, chemicals to replace them, always staying one step ahead of the law.

"legal highs": safe and legal "heavens"? a study on the diffusion, knowledge and risk awareness of novel psychoactive drugs among students in the uk

By Holly Bourne. Donna ended up in hospital after taking a legal high What are the effects of solvent abuse?

So you wanna get high? How low will some people go to get wasted? Dextromethorphan or DXM is the posh name for cough Fly Safe legal highs mushrooms They may look like the nice innocent totools, but No featured article. Your Voices is a community-focused section of The Mix where you can share stories about your experiences on a specific issue. your own videos, images, blog posts, and playlists to Your Voices and share them with your friends.

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Are legal highs safe?

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