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Ragdoll kittens in south carolina, Host chica pick friend especially for Ragdoll kittens in south carolina

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Name: Chloette
Years: 23

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This is a small cattery where special care is given to its furry occupants. The females share a large room where they have plenty of space to play.

The males have separate rooms. All my cats have a healthy diet, lots of toys, and are played with and cared for daily. I worked in the restaurant industry for about 10 years, attended a local college, worked in ing and tax for 8 years, and operated a local business for 29 years.

All this has given me valuable experience working with the public, providing a good product, and establishing and maintaining good customer relationships. I started this cattery in Spring after almost a year of extensive research on cat breeds.

I was able to acquire my cats from well established, highly reputable, and knowledgeable breeders. I carefully selected my cats for appearance and temperament while ensuring the pedigrees were documented Ragdolls. From the time I started producing my first litters, I started researching vaccines.

In my search for a safe vaccine for my kittens, I discovered more vaccine damage than safety. I began following the published research of Dr. Patricia Jordan who freely share information that the average vets want to keep secret.

In order to ensure the highest quality kitten possible I will make sure my kittens are vet checked, receive core vaccines, dewormed if necessary, and periodically get extensive GI testing done. I carefully limit vaccines for my Queens so as not to overburden their immune systems which may leave them susceptible to autoimmune disorders. I will provide a genetic health guarantee and will not breed cats with known genetic flaws.

My cats will not be inbred or out crossed. I will limit the of litters per year so as not to overburden or overcrowd my females. My kittens are handled from birth and raised underfoot.

Breeding rights will be allowed for only the best marked kittens with the sweetest temperaments. Raising Ragdoll cats is a blessing.

These cats have so much personality and are genuinely sweet. They will greet you at the door when you get home and follow you around from room to room. They want to be where you are.

Ragdoll kittens for sale in south carolina

Being owned by a Ragdoll cat is a wonderful privilege. I hope that adopting one of my kittens will bring you as much joy as they have brought me. I proudly boast about how special these cats are to my friends and colleagues. Showing off my cats has become one of my greatest pleasures, which is secondary to the pleasure of spoiling them.

Please call with your questions, VOIP. Thank you for visiting my website.

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