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In the poorest and remote areas of the country, enrolment levels vary extensively and girls still lack equal access.

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F or years, we women have kept our he down and played by the rules. In the United States, women now earn more college and graduate degrees than men do. We make up half the workforce, and we are closing the gap in middle management. Half a dozen global studies, conducted by the likes of Goldman Sachs and Columbia University, have found that companies employing women in large s outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability.

Our competence has never been more obvious. The statistics are well known: at the top, especially, women are nearly absent, and our s are barely increasing. Some observers say children change our priorities, and there is some truth in this claim. Other commentators point to cultural and institutional barriers to female success. The elusive nature of confidence has intrigued us ever since we started work on our book, Womenomicswhich looked at the many positive changes unfolding for women.

In two decades of covering American politics as journalists, we realized, we have between us Quality girls only some of the most influential women in the nation. In our jobs and our lives, we walk Quality girls only people you would assume brim with confidence. And yet our experience suggests that the power centers of this nation are zones of female self-doubt—that is, when they include women at all. We know the feeling firsthand. Comparing notes about confidence over dinner one night last year, despite how well we knew each other, was a revelation. She still entertained the notion that her public profile in America was thanks to her English accent, which surely, she suspected, gave her a few extra IQ points every time she opened her mouth.

And she, too, for years, routinely deferred to the alpha-male journalists around her, assuming that because they were so much louder, so much more certain, they just knew more. She subconsciously believed that they had a right to talk more on television. But were they really more competent? Or just more self-assured?

We began to talk with other Quality girls only successful women, hoping to find instructive examples of raw, flourishing female confidence. But the more closely we looked, the more we instead found evidence Quality girls only its shortage. On the subject of confidence, however, she sounded disconcertingly like us. Currie rolled her eyes when we asked whether her wellspring of confidence was as deep as that of a male athlete. The tech entrepreneur Clara Shih, who founded the successful social-media company Hearsay Social in and ed the board of Starbucks at the tender age of 29, is one of the few female CEOs in the still-macho world of Silicon Valley.

But as an undergrad at Stanford, she told us, she was convinced that courses she found difficult were easy for others.

We were inspired by these conversations, and many more, to write a Quality girls only on the subject, with a particular eye to whether a lack of confidence might be holding women back. Much of what we discovered turns out to be relevant to both women and men.

Even as our understanding of confidence expanded, however, we found that our original suspicion was dead-on: there is a particular crisis for women—a vast confidence gap that separates the sexes.

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This disparity stems from factors ranging from upbringing to biology. A growing body of evidence shows just how devastating this lack of confidence can be. Success, it turns out, correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence. No wonder that women, despite all our progress, are still woefully underrepresented at the highest levels. All of that Quality girls only the Quality girls only news. The good news is that with work, confidence can be acquired.

Which means that the confidence gap, in turn, can be closed. The shortage of female confidence is increasingly well quantified and well documented. Inthe Institute of Leadership and Management, in the United Kingdom, surveyed British managers about how confident they feel in their professions. Half the female respondents reported self-doubt about their job performance and careers, compared with fewer than a third of male respondents.

At Manchester Business School, in England, professor Marilyn Davidson has seen the same phenomenon, and believes that it comes from a lack of confidence. Each year she asks her students what they expect to earn, and what they deserve to earn, five years after graduation.

A meticulous study by the Cornell psychologist David Dunning and the Washington State University psychologist Joyce Ehrlinger homed in on the relationship between female confidence and competence. The less competent people are, the more they overestimate their abilities—which makes a strange kind of sense. They gave male and female college students a quiz on scientific reasoning.

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Before the quiz, the students rated their Quality girls only scientific skills. The women rated themselves more negatively than the men did on scientific ability: on a scale of 1 to 10, the women gave themselves a 6. When it came to assessing how well they answered the questions, the women thought they got 5. And how did they actually perform? Their average was almost the same—women got 7. The women were much more likely to turn down the opportunity: only 49 percent of them ed up for the competition, compared with Quality girls only percent of the men.

Talking with Ehrlinger, we were reminded of something Hewlett-Packard discovered several years ago, when it was trying to figure out how to get more women into top management positions. A review of personnel records found that women working at HP applied for a promotion only when they believed they met percent of the qualifications listed for the job.

Men were happy to apply when they thought they could meet 60 percent of the job requirements.

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At HP, and in study after study, the data confirm what we instinctively know. Overqualified and overprepared, too many women still hold back.

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Women feel confident only when they are perfect. Or practically perfect. Brenda Major, a social psychologist at the University of California at Santa Barbara, started studying the problem of self-perception decades ago. The actual performances did not differ in quality. Today, when she wants to give her students an example of a study whose are utterly predictable, she points to this one. Do men doubt themselves sometimes?

Of course. If anything, men tilt toward overconfidence—and we were surprised to learn that they come by that state quite naturally. Quality girls only Reuben, a professor at Columbia Business School, has come up with a term for this phenomenon: honest overconfidence.

In a study he published inmen consistently Quality girls only their performance on a set of math problems to be about 30 percent better than it was. We were curious to find out whether male managers were aware of a confidence gap between male and female employees.

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And indeed, when we raised the notion with a of male executives who supervised women, they expressed enormous frustration. They said they believed that a lack of confidence was fundamentally Quality girls only back women at their companies, but they had shied away from saying anything, because they were terrified of sounding sexist.

He eventually concluded that confidence should be a formal part of the performance-review process, because it is such an important aspect of doing business.

The fact is, overconfidence can get you far in life. Cameron Anderson, a psychologist who works in the business school at the University of California at Berkeley, has made a career of studying overconfidence. Inhe conducted some novel tests to compare the relative value of confidence and competence. He gave a group of students a list of historical names and events, and asked them to tick off the ones they knew.

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The experiment was a way of measuring excessive confidence, Anderson reasoned. The fact that some students checked the fakes instead of simply leaving them blank suggested that they believed they knew more than they actually did. The students who had picked the most fakes had achieved the highest status. Confidence, Anderson told us, matters just as much as competence. Within any given organization, be it an investment bank or the PTA, some individuals tend to be more admired and more listened to than others.

They are not necessarily the most knowledgeable or capable people in the room, but they are the most self-assured. He mentioned expansive body language, a lower vocal tone, and a tendency to Quality girls only early and often in a calm, relaxed Quality girls only. That is a crucial point. True overconfidence is not mere bluster. They genuinely believe they are good, and that self-belief is what comes across.

Most people can spot fake confidence from a mile away.

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You have to have it to excel. We also began to see that a lack of confidence informs a of familiar female habits. Take the penchant many women have for assuming the blame when things go wrong, while crediting circumstance—or other people—for their successes. Men seem to do the opposite.

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Women tend to respond differently. Perfectionism is another confidence killer. We fixate on our performance at home, at school, at work, at yoga class, even on vacation. We obsess as mothers, as wives, as sisters, as friends, as cooks, as athletes. The irony is that striving to be perfect actually keeps us from getting much of anything done. So where does all of this start?

If women are competent and hardworking enough to outpace men in school, why is it so difficult to keep up later on? As with so many questions involving human behavior, both nature and nurture are implicated in the answers. Quality girls only very suggestion that male and female brains might be built differently and function in disparate ways has long been a taboo subject among women, out of fear that any difference would be used against us. For decades—for centuries, actually—differences real or imagined were used against us.

Yet male and female brains do display differences in structure and chemistry, differences that may encourage unique patterns of thinking and behavior, and that could thereby affect confidence. This is a busy area of inquiry, with a steady Quality girls only of new—if frequently contradictory, and controversial—findings. Some of the research raises the intriguing possibility that brain structure could figure into variations between the way men and women respond to challenging or threatening circumstances.