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PMA is sometimes sold as ecstasy so people take it without knowing it. It also takes longer to kick in so people may think it hasnt worked and take more which is very dangerous.

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It also takes longer to feel these effects, so people may take another pill in the mistaken belief that the first has not worked, sometimes resulting in overdose. PMA and PMMA have been around since the s 1 and have been associated with a of deaths over the years worldwide including in Pma side effects. There is no safe level of drug use. Use of any drug always carries some risk. If you take a large amount or have a strong batch, you could overdose. The long-term effects of PMA and PMMA have not yet been established but some research indicates they may have similar long-term effects to ecstasy.

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Jump to. January saw the devastating news of the deaths of four men over Christmas and New Year — all believed to have taken the same pink Superman pills containing the drug para-methoxyamphetamine PMA. This drug, which has a similar composition to PMMA, has been around since the s but due to its lack of positive effects was soon rejected by many.

It is Pma side effects assumed that most people were consuming what they thought was 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine MDMA. This is a toxic reaction that elevates body temperature to a dangerous, and in some cases lethal, level. The other great difference between PM M A and other amphetamine-type substances is its toxicity.

PM M A Pma side effects be up to 20 times more potent when acting on certain enzymes in the brain, meaning that a user who is taking a relatively low dose of 80mg of MDMA is suddenly taking the equivalent of a seriously dangerous amount of PM M A. It is for Pma side effects reason that some believe that the re-emergence of the drug is due to prohibitionist controls on the production and supply of established illicit drugs. Strict law-enforcement, stemming from the UN convention treaties, of well-known established drugs such as MDMA has paved the way for a new market of unknown substances and an emerging culture of legal highs.

This is no more clearly seen than through the banning of a of precursor chemicals used to make MDMA - the most well-known being the 50 tonne seizure of safrole in Thailand back in This led to a ificant dent in availability for MDMA production and so chemists looked for alternative ways and means of production.

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Unfortunately, the use of anise oil as a replacement precursor resulted in the product PMA. Consequently, international governments have inadvertently allowed more dangerous chemicals to enter the drugs market by cutting the supply of MDMA. It is therefore a sad reality that our drug laws have contributed to the deaths of those young men at Christmas and New Year.

As such, this is an issue that the government should be primarily focused on tacking. It is quite easy to say that if these people obeyed the law then they would still be alive.

Effects of pma and pmma

However it is not that simple — people take drugs for a variety of reasons and it is shown that prohibition does not deter use. It is for this reason that harm reduction is the best method to minimise risk to health. The Netherlands has adopted a very pragmatic approach when it comes to harm reduction for drug users.

If the UK had adopted harm reduction schemes such as those Pma side effects The Netherlands, the likely-hood of those men dying would have been far lower.

Initiatives need to be put in place. The first step should be for the Home Office to ensure there are accessible drug testing facilities, where the public can get illicit substances tested without fear of being criminalised. This is an initiative that has quietly got underway here in the UK, but not to the extent that is needed.

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Pioneered by Professor Fiona Meacham at Durham University who uses the latest technology to test confiscated substances at The Warehouse Project in Manchester, enabling her team to send out immediate and localised warnings about potentially dangerous drugs. This is a service that should be available to everyone to ensure that if people are going to take drugs, they know what they contain.

Whilst it is clear that there needs to be a top-down approach to tackle the issue of drug policy reform, there are some key harm reduction techniques that can be implemented immediately. This can be done by following guidance on dosage; timings; interactions with other drugs and purities, as well as advice on buying from a trusted source and consuming in a safe environment.

Anyone living in Wales is able to independently and anonymously submit a sample for testing. Users are given a reference to then later check the online. This harm reduction project aims to reflect trends in substance use and so also asks users to submit the effects of the drug along with their sample.

Home testing kits can be bought online and can test for a variety of substances. Alternatively, some websites are dedicated to the reporting of pills, with the aim of minimising harm.

What is clear from the tragic deaths of the four men over Christmas and New Year is that they almost certainly could have been avoided. Immediate Harm Reduction Whilst it is clear that there needs to be a top-down approach to tackle the issue of drug policy reform, there are some key harm reduction techniques that can be implemented immediately.

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