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Perfect date stories, I am found girl that like Perfect date stories

You never know with first dates. Then you have to go home, alone, disappointed, unsatisfied, and wishing you could just build some kind of boyfriend robot.

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In these days of Tinder swiping and hookups, dates can almost seem like an anachronism.

Name: Nancy
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Photo credit: Scarletina from morguefile. Music was loud; everywhere I could see neon lights flashing along with the music. Everyone around was dancing.

No one was dancer over there but, just moving their bodies for the beats. I was buzzed, so were my friends. I and my friends were in disco. It was Saturday night after all. The clock showed pm. DJ stopped the music for announcement. He started the count down raising his both hands. I hugged her tight and thanked for the wonderful night.

Everyone around wished me. It was a surprise party planed by my girlfriend but of course I had guessed it. I thanked everyone and drank Perfect date stories whisky. I was completely boozed off and was acting weird. My friends asked me to stay in their apartment but I went home, since my mom was not at home, that day as she had some plans with her friends.

It was 10 in the morning and my head was feeling damn heavy, as it would happen after such nights in club.

I was not able to recall how I reached my home in that condition. I got up from the bed and sat on the couch holding my head with the hand; All of a sudden my mom entered my room with the mocking face, she kept the painkiller and a glass of water on the table.

I was surprised to see my mom as I had thought she would be returning in the evening. I took the tablet and went to freshen up. Obviously she was angry on me and I had to convince her now. All I need is a piece of cake to convince my mother. She seems like a strict person but in fact she very kind hearted. I walked like a cat to the kitchen without making any noise and hugged my mom from behind. She got scared and bet me with the wooden spoon that she was holding in her hands on my Perfect date stories.

The spoon hit my eye. I shouted. Instead of caring me, my mom started beating me more with the same spoon and yelling at me. I was jumping around and trying to escape from her beats. I was apologizing meanwhile. Both of us were breathing hard and sat on sofa.

Silence ran through the house, after a while we started laughing seeing each other. She started caressing my hairs asking me why I always trouble her. I gave a devil smile.

Now it was the perfect timing to ask my question again. With no answer she dropped my head on sofa and went back to kitchen. I was surprised by what I saw next. Mom was holding a cake for me.

I understood she had planned a surprise for me at home. I felt guilty for disappointing her.

I and my mom are the best buddies. Perfect date stories dad passed away when I was 10 due to a heart attack. It was my mom who took all the responsibilities about me. My parents had love marriage and both of them loved each other unconditionally. Mom was the most beautiful girl in her college and dad was a hero of his time.

I respected and loved them a lot. Even though she missed him a lot but never let me miss him.

Perfect date!

My life was perfect. She kissed my forehead blessing me with tremendous happiness. Though I had completed 25 years my mom still used to call me with Perfect date stories nick name. She knew about all my relations in the past and always scolded me for breaking up. I was puzzled! I knew her very well. It sounded fishy to me and asked her the real intension for her statement. Moment passed! Her parents had given her a nice name called Lakshmi Goddess of Beautybut I love to call her as Mi. It was a surprise for her that I have planned. I picked her from the home and told her not to ask anything.

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I had booked two tickets for a romantic movie which she was eagerly waiting for. Perfect date stories is the movie of Jackie Shroff, great actor. I still wonder her taste being a die hard fan of him. The movie was ended at 7 PM and she felt very happy after watching her hero on screen. She asked the reason for the surprise. On the way in the car, I played some classic romantic songs. She pushed her seat back and was enjoying her favorite collection of songs and singing along with it. I saw her blooming face, she seemed relaxed and happy.

I felt glad to see her smiling. We had to take motor boat to reach over there.

We were welcomed by a big gang of guys who were well-groomed with black suit and red tie. We stepped inside the boat. The boat was filled with orange colored tube lights which gave an illusion of candles.

He directed towards the table arranged for us. The table was covered by white cloth with hearten de on its border. On the table there was a golden lady statue. The lady was in dancing pose having one hand in air and another on her waist.

The hand in air was used as the candle holder.

The candle was lit, along with brightness it was illuminating flower fragrance. Classic music was playing at the background with very low volume. We could see the rays of the tube light spreading over water making blurred picture of the boat itself on the lake.

The buildings at the shore were very visible though it is at far distance which displayed different colored lights. We could also see the twinkling flash lights of moving vehicles. It was half-moon phase, set against a stunning backdrop of stars! Amar, the waiter bought chilled Champagne, he was briefing about its speciality but suddenly Mi stood up and slapped me. I and Amar were shocked.