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Leonard is a Doctor of Medical Science and a clinical anatomist.

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. Drug addiction is a very serious problem that afflicts many people around the world. Your health, your life and the happiness of your loved ones depend on it. To serve as a fount of inspiration that absolutely anything and everything is possible in life, Bored Panda has compiled this list of the most spectacular, majestic and amazing transformations of people who quit doing heroin, meth, and other drugs.

Make sure to scroll down and read our interview about drug addiction with a representative from ' Transform '.

I'm a living example that even though i went to hell and back, there is still hope

This post may include affiliate links. I'm years-old.

I have been battling addiction since I started steroids when I was years-old. I was in prison for 14 months in the state of Ceara in Brazil. I was raised by a fantastic family and there were no s of this upcoming battle while growing up. I developed an addiction while competing in bodybuilding. Steriods, amphetamine, and cocaine. Last year I was smoking crack on a daily basis. I was the arrogant know-it-all type and I was quite angry, for what reason, I still don't know. Today, I am 78 days sober. I'm humble, because I set my pride aside and asked for help.

It saved my life. You look great. Amazing transformation.

You look like you can turn that 78 days into 78 years. I wish you well. The picture on the left is me at 22 years old, already in my first methadone clinic. While on a cocktail of that, pills, and whiskey, discovered a windshield with my face. In the end, I was homeless, a thief, derelict, degrading myself, not bathing or taking care of simple hygiene. I felt hopeless and would pray to God to die in my sleep every night.

To avoid prison, I went to yet another rehab. This time I was so tired I listened. This time I tried the suggestions. I didn't believe any of it would work for me, but I didn't want to use anymore. I found a spark of hope, and eventually recovery.

This isn't about willpower, weakness, or bad judgment. This is the disease of addiction. The picture on the right is me today at 45 years old. I own a home, a car, have a family, friends, a great job, and most importantly - peace. I'm proud of the person I am today, and I never thought I'd say that. I didn't think I'd live to see I post this to hopefully give hope to any of my fellow imgurians that struggle with addiction. There IS life on the other side.

There IS hope. If a junkie like me can do it, anyone can. I don't do this alone. Support is imperative, and not using dope no matter what happens. Nikilynn Report.

It just goes to show that even drastic changes are possible with the right support, a good dose of willpower and an airtight plan of action. That caused me to go further down the rabbit hole. At age 25, on December 12th, I was left in an ally to overdose and die! BUT by the grace of God a woman found me and happened to have Narcan.

On December 17th, I decided to get clean. I've now been sober for 17 months and 15 days. I am living proof that Narcan is not enabling or a waste of money. I am living proof that we do recover. We went our separate paths of recovery and reunited as one force once we became healthy again.

Before and after pictures and stories of drug addiction recovery

I thank God everyday not only for my recovery but that we were able to beat all odds and do it together. You guys look amazing. My husband and I have a similar story and now have 5 years clean together and a beautiful healthy son. It's amazing how things come together in life. Love is powerful. I was in the ICU for 10 days and my face was partially paralyzed.

I got out of the hospital and immediately started using again.

38 stunning before & after transformations of people who quit drugs

Broken and beaten I eventually sought professional help, and after that I moved into a sober living. Today, I am 84 days sober. My face healed and my life has changed in so many ways. Show this picture to your family and friends.

Kimberly "ain't nobody got time for that" wilkins overcame her drug addiction

This is the end result of drugs. I am one of the lucky ones. Well done! I sincerely hope that you can manage to stay clean. Never believe that you are not an addict anymore, you remain a non-using addict. I wish you a great future. A prolific thief has turned her life around with the help of a neighbourhood officer after being told she had just 12 months to live. Caroline Best was a heroin and crack cocaine addict and has spent the last 15 years in and out of prison, due to shoplifting to fund her addiction.

Only 12 months ago, the year-old was told she had just a year to live. Her addiction had caused her heart to start failing and she was told they would be unable to operate on her until she came off the drugs.

PC Stuart Toogood from Erdington neighbourhood police team reached out to Caroline last year to try and turn her life around and ultimately save her life. More importantly, Caroline was told she no longer needed a heart operation as her faulty valve had mended itself due to her drastically improved lifestyle. West Midlands Police Report.

For most of my life I struggled with addiction. Today, I am 2 years and 6 months sober off meth and pills.

In recovery I got my driver's back after 18 years. I am working full time, and next week I start college to become a drug counselor.