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Penis size distribution chart, Aesthetically chica Penis size distribution chart up men especially for sex

Researchers have finally answered one of the most compelling questions in the field of medicine: What is a normal size for a penis? The answer, according to anatomically precise measurements of up to 15, men from around the world, is 3.

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Many scientific researchers have tried to answer the question that males — and females — worldwide want clear information about: What size is the average penis? Many people experience anxiety about whether their penis is big enough and if it will satisfy a sexual partner.

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Are you one of those men who constantly worries that your penis isn't of an adequate size? Then you may be suffering from "small-penis syndrome. More likely, you are simply intrigued to know how your manhood measures up against the rest of humanity.

Either way, whether you are anxious or merely curious, you may soon be able to ask your doctor to pull out a tape measure so he can definitively answer the question, "Hey doc, is my weiner big enough? British researchers, led by Dr. David Veale at King's College London, conducted a meta-analysis of the English language literature on penis size.

They screened 16, publications and, based on various criteria, whittled the list down to 17 studies.

For example, studies that examined patients with erectile dysfunction were eliminated. From these studies, the authors extracted data on the length and circumference "girth" of both flaccid and erect penises from 15, men.

Human penis size

This information was used to simulate 20, observations. Flaccid length: 9.

Also, it is interesting to note that the stretched flaccid penis is quite similar in length to the erect penis. Disappointingly, the authors were not able to draw any conclusions on penis size and race.

However, it should suffice to say that the rumors are probably true. Finally, it is worth mentioning that some dudes really do have puny peckers.

Like IQ, penis size falls along a normal distribution, and penises that are two standard deviations below average are considered, by definition, to be small. However, men with "micropenises," which are 2.

Similarly, there are lucky guys out there who have penises that are two standard deviations above average and are considered, by definition, to be blessed large. The other So, worry not, manly men. The vast majority of you are perfectly normal.

Well, except that guy with two penises.

That's definitely not normal. Source : "Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15, men.

Image : Sausage with measuring tape via Shutterstock. There's a Chart for That.

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