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Compare View Product. Description: Pet Pacific Parrotlets are the most commonly purchased and sought after pet Parrotlet, which is also known as the Celestial, or "Pocket Parrot".

Compare View Product Pick Options. Caution: This bird requires advanced knowledge of bird handling and can be difficult to tame. Additional taming is likely needed for ALL Indian Description: Pet Pacific Parrotlets have light green crowns and a bluish to blue-grey stripe in the hindcrown, nape and sides of their neck which shades to green-grey on their back and wings.

The lower back rump and a large part of the wing of the Caution: African Ringneck Parakeets require advanced knowledge of bird handling and can be difficult to tame. Additional taming is likely Additional taming is likely needed for ALL Description: The Red-rumped Parrot, Psephotus haematonotus, also known as Grass Parakeet or Grassie, are slim and elegant birds for sale and owe their name to the bright red rump that males have on their back.

In this parrot species, only This type of parrot Description: Canary-winged parakeets Brotogeris versicolurismembers of the genus Brotogeris, are small, South American parakeets often referred to as White-Winged Parakeets. Their engaging personalities and gentle temperament made them much Their natural habitat is arid lowland scrub, semi-open tropical deciduous woodland, gallery forest and secondary growth.

Pet Parrotlets are one of the smallest The Neophemas. The wild This type of parrot is Description: Kakarikis, or Red-crowned parakeets, are about the brightest bird in the bush of New Zealand. These colourful members of the parrot family are almost extinct in the wild on mainland New Zealand.

Notable for their colourful bright Description: The scarlet-chested parrot Neophema splendidaknown alternately as scarlet-breasted parrot, orange-throated parrot or splendid parrot, is a parrot endemic to central South Australia and inland Description: The American White Pacific Parrotlets are white in coloring with tints of soft blue in feathers. Pet Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot species.

The American White Pacific Parrotlets have stocky builds and short tails. Description: The Yellow Turquoisine Parakeet or turquoise parrot Neophema pulchella is a species of parrot in the genus Neophema native to Eastern Australia, from southeastern Queensland, through New South Wales and into Golden-mantled Rosellas come in many different variations and These colorful Parakeet birds for sale are great for beginner avain enthusiasts as little experience is needed to care for