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My favorite thing to do is to take my laptop outside, lay down on the grass in my backyard and talk to my fiance.

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Tonya and I were walking barefoot in the park one night.

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Share your tales of living dangerously outside of the bedroom. Thrill us with the arousing risk of getting caught in a compromising situation, and the unadulterated excitement of adventurous outdoor sex. Whether your characters are huddled up under blankets in a tent, into dogging, or bent over backwards on the bonnet of a car, let your readers immerse themselves so they Outdoor sex stories almost feel the grass between their toes, the sun on their backs, the wind in their bush I woke the next morning with an even stiffer erection than usual; images of naked bodies, hard cocks, and breasts from my dreams faded as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight.

Resisting the urge to masturbate I grabbed a towel and walked naked to the bathroom, trying not to anticipate what the day would bring. After showering I threw on a pair of shorts and a clean t-shirt and went downstairs. Read On. There are few things that would keep Ali up in the middle of the night, but a message from her friend Shaun earlier in the week had brought her to this point.

It was the night before going to her new local gym for the first time. It was 2am before a 7am appointment with a new PT and she couldn't wait.

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Shaun recommended it to her when he found out she was moving house. Outdoor sex stories am, she It was June of Not too far from where we lived there was a big annual weekend festival with free concerts. We arrived early afternoon, enjoyed the beach, ate some festival food, and did some people-watching.

Around dinner time we entered the large sandy field Two life-long friends hook up in what can only be described as the perfect storm. About two months ago, Phil Peterson completed an online survey for the hell of it.

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A few weeks later, he got a call and was informed that he had won a free trip to a Cancun resort for a family of four. Since it was just him and his son, Nathan, he invited his business partner and friend Jack, and his daughter Missy, to accompany him. We have driven the last hundred miles in total silence. The long journey has taken its toll, leaving both of us tired and angry. The strain of the argument we had over an hour ago lingers.

Neither one of us has the desire to patch things up. We both want the drive to be over. It is late, very dark, and very cold. The thermometer on the dash re 'F, not an unusual temperature along Melanie and Fiona had been together for Outdoor sex stories years.

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Fiona surprised Melanie with a weekend stay in a very expensive hotel beside the sea. They had a spa, a very highly rated restaurant and a beach of soft white sand that ran for miles with the soft waves of the Atlantic lapping at it. Melanie squealed with excitement and danced around happily. When the day came for their special weekend Like any other kid, all throughout High School I was always out of money and completely undersexed. When Outdoor sex stories during the spring of my senior year my father helped me land a caddying gig at the posh Country Club near where we lived.

My first weekend there I didn't even get out on the course and made no money. I told the caddy master prior to leaving on Sunday, "I know the game well. In the sixth form, I developed a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Emma Richmond, who was in the year above me. Everyone knew she used to go to the old storeroom Now he's going to really edge her….

I was thrilled with how our hike was going. With her absolute submission, I Outdoor sex stories pegged Sara on the ground, with her hands above her, and her feet spread wide, then proceeded to cut her clothes off of her, after which I shredded them.

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She was going to be naked, except for her slave collar, for a long time. Then I had edged her right to the point of cumming — and stopped. She was writhing on James takes sex slave Sara on the trail, strips her naked, then shreds her clothes.

It was glorious hiking in Outdoor sex stories again, and the weather was in agreement with me. It was warm even now in early morning, with the promise of heat later on; bright, but enough high cloud to avoid dazzling the eye. Yet, despite that, and the Godly scenery all around us, I found my eyes continually straying to the shorts-clad ass of my new submissive, Sara, hiking ahead of me. This was our The band's encore faded out and the final set for the night came to an end. Pumped-up festival-goers began to pour out of the arena looking to take the party elsewhere — probably to a field somewhere, in true country style.

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I took one look at the human traffic jam at the arena gates and decided to stay put and wait out the crowd. As the crowd thinned, I noticed the blanket of red plastic Those woods near your flat are a popular cruising hangout? How the hell did you find that out?

I started jogging round there for exercise during the first lockdown, and I kept seeing single men just hanging around. Sara must decide if she's willing to get naked, masturbate, then suck her Master's cock in public. I had just asked — ordered — Sara to take off her shorts, panties, boots and socks, so that all she was left wearing was one of my old t-shirts. It was much too big for her in some dimensions, yet its Outdoor sex stories barely covered her ass.

She had been looking more and more uncomfortable with Charlie is going to Olympic trials in 2 weeks, he takes Beth to work off tension. I have the broad shoulders, muscular torso and powerful legs of a swimmer. My mom is super proud, and also super strict.

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All Melissa and I ever seemed to do was fight or fuck. The make-up sex was great, but the arguments were getting more and more intense. Finally, the pleasure from the sex was not worth the aggravation from the rows, so we decided to break up. Today was the day. Bleary eyes focussed on the halo of light around the curtains. He stretched out from a foetal position.

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It was platonic, and should always be platonic. Washed clean, he towelled himself, accompanied by birdsong from the ajar window. Light and alert, his body illuminated by bright Highway 59, my favorite highway, rushes by me. I roll the windows down and hang my arm out so it taps against the truck door.

My girlfriend Judy and I are sales representatives for a cosmetic company. This involves some travelling to regional areas and staying in hotels and motels etc. We generally travel together as we represent two different suppliers our firm deal with.

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At one of the stores Judy visited, she met a guy and he invited her to a party. He had a friend and Judy asked me if I would like to go with them.

You will recall that Sharon was screwed by my friend, at a Christmas fancy dress party in our flat. Well, Christmas had come and gone and Sharon had made a good start into becoming a slut. We spent many a night in bed talking about her sailor friend at the Christmas party.

I always brought it up as we fucked. I kept telling her she was brilliant and that I was so proud of her. It had been what you'd call a normal night at the local pub we frequented; alcohol, music, and good company. My wife and I stayed until the bitter end as we were enjoying the evening so much.