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Objective: To determine the reproductive outcome of women who received a microsurgical tubal anastomosis operation at age 40 years or older.

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Earlier this month, year-old Cecile Eledge made headlines for acting as a gestational surrogate for her own grandchild. In their position paper, ASRM raised concerns about gestational carriers of advanced ages, but said that many women from 45 to 54 are healthy and well prepared for parenting, and therefore are reasonable candidates to receive donated oocytes and embryos.

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Year-old pregnant with twins

Tubal ligation lye-GAY-shun is a permanent method of birth control for women. During tubal ligation surgery, the fallopian tubes are either cut, tied, banded, or sealed.

All of these are considered to be permanent. A tubal ligation may be reversed, but it is not recommended.

A year-old woman gave birth to her grandchild: here’s what to know

Most insurance plans do not cover a tubal reversal. It is expensive. Tubal ligation is one of the most effective methods of birth control.

In general, about 95 out of every women who get their tubes tied will never become pregnant. But in some cases the tube s may grow back together, making pregnancy possible. The risk of pregnancy is higher in women who have a tubal ligation at a young age.

The risk of pregnancy in the 10 years after a tubal ligation is as follows:. The risk is lower if the tubal ligation is done just after giving birth.

If you get pregnant after tubal ligation, the fertilized egg may be in the fallopian tube instead of in the uterus. This abnormal pregnancy is called a tubal or an ectopic eck-TOP-ik pregnancy. You may need to have surgery to remove the pregnancy from the tube.

Tubal ligation can be done within 24 hours after having a baby. A small cut incision is made below the navel. The tubes are then cut and tied. The procedure requires anesthesia.

Having a baby after age how aging affects fertility and pregnancy

If you have a cesarean birth, the tubal ligation is done during the cesarean section. This way no other incisions are made.

Tubal ligation done at a time other than after having a baby is usually done using a laparoscope LAP-er-uh-skope. This method is done under anesthesia.

Reproductive outcome after tubal reversal in women 40 years of age or older

It requires 2 small incisions — one below the navel and one just above the pubic bone. Most tubal ligations can be done as outpatient surgery. There is some discomfort for a few days after tubal ligation, but it can be controlled with medicine. A tubal ligation is considered to be a permanent method of birth control. Take some time to carefully consider if this method is right for you.

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