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Ok cupid search profiles, Hostess girl picking men Ok cupid search profiles love

To be seen by more people, you'll also want to add more information about yourself! This means there is no longer a separate "Search" section; instead your search preferences are set throughout OkCupid.

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OkCupid is trying something a bit different. Starting today they're rolling out a feature that lets you search profiles based on keywords. It's currently available on desktops and for users of their iPhone app. You can search for about 20, different terms and find profiles that contain them. This should allow you to find people who're just as passionate about Harry Potter or pale ales or snakes as you are.

1. search by their old okcupid username (from before the rede)

After all, it's only so helpful to sift through people based only on their face and a few tidbits of demographic info. While finding someone attractive at first glance is nice, you usually bond with people on more substantial things that you have in common. More in Sex. Social Good. Credit: okcupid.

How to do okcupid search now?

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