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Directions from:. the business. Know more about this business than we do? Please submit any corrections or missing details you may have.

Posted on January 24, Brought to you by Muse modeling portland. I've been a model for you guys for a decent amount of time now and I haven't been paid for my first gig yet which was about a year ago. Every time I seem to try to contact you about it you never respond or you forward my calls. I've talked to your secretaries about it and they give me the same answer which was to contact you. All in all I have done a decent amount of gigs and not even one Posted by The truth on December 04, Brought to you by ripoffreport.

Greetings to all who are reading this. Luckily, that baby boy was me. Hello, my name is Feliks Kaparchuk.

I'm an international model for Muse and Ford Models. I was scouted about 15 months ago. Muse has put in great effort for me to fly to NYC Posted by anonymous on June 22, I have had similar experences with Darren and Tiffany Dyck of Muse, especially in the area of photo rights and payments.

Dyck promised in writing to compensate me for damages caused by his companys misrepresentation back inas well as providing a certificate of destruction stating that he Muse modeling portland not in possession of my digital images which I paid for and have full legal rights to. Posted by Victim of Darren Dyck on May 30, I have worked for muse model management for 4 years and have had a great experience.

They are caring people and have treated me well. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to model. I am not one of their international models. I'm not 5'10"! But I am happy for the local work Muse modeling portland have provided.

Posted by Irene on May 22, I ed with Muse Models about two years ago. My first job was months after I actually ed with them and it took them an entire year to pay me for that job. I had to continually call and e-mail before they paid me a year later. When I went to New York to try to book jobs, I had to do all the work on my own.

Muse modeling portland one from my agency helped book meetings or any jobs. I ed a two year Posted by Employee on February 03, I have been working with Muse for about seven months and it has been a very good experience. I was very skeptical when I was first scouted but have since found Muse to be a well respected, well established modeling agency. I have really enjoyed getting to know the owners, Darren and Tiffany, and the agency director, Juline They are very hardworking and some of the nicest, most genuine people I Posted by Guest on January 23, Muse is a real company and they certainly get work for some of their models.

This is something I can confirm. I got scouted by them a while ago, Ive been to Muse modeling portland agency several times, and almost ed a contract, but decided not to. There are a few things I would like to address Posted by Anonymous on January 08, We love Muse! It's been over a year now since ing a contract for Muse to represent my very young teenage daughter. They have been awesome to work with, professional, yet fun and have always looked out … We love Muse!

They have been awesome to work with, professional, yet fun and have Posted on August 23, Brought to you by yahoolocal.

I modeled for Muse when they were still Mode, quite a few years ago. I was not one of their "international" models, but I worked some local stuff for runway, athletics and catalogs.

I made some money and got some cool photos of myself. I consider it a positive experience.

They actually sent my kid on Muse modeling portland Nike casting and he got hired. Good start to his college fund! Posted by Arthur on August 22, I am the mother of a 16 year old girl who has been working with Muse Models, the owners Darren and Tiffany, and the agency director Juline, for close to two years now.

Like many moms, I was very skeptical of the modeling business at first, and very protective of my daughter. Darren and Tiffany have gone above and beyond in making myself, and my daughter feel extremely comfortable and trusting with them and the agency.

Shortly after my daugther ed with Muse, I trusted Tiffany so much, I allowed my daughter to fly to New York with her. Believe me, if I didn't have the utmost confidence and faith in her, I would have never let her go. We truly feel like we hit the jackpot of agencies when my daughter ed with Muse. Their professionalism, honesty and true caring Muse modeling portland are beyond reproach! Posted by Shari on August 20, I modeled for muse when they were mode.

Muse models

I booked a few athletic, catalog and runway jobs. It was a different time in my life but I had a great experience. Kinda cool having photos of myself young and in shape. They booked my kid on a few jobs too. Posted by anonymous on August 19, Do not trust them. They over charge you for comp cards and portfolios.

Muse model management - portland

And then if they do end up getting you a job, you won't get paid. Fred Meyer, Nike, and many of the local clients know that they are a scam. I been to castings where they complain about the agency. I don't know why they continue to send girls to castings. No one trusts them. Please don't waste your money. You'll regret it. Posted by model on February 07, I have been to casting with fred meyer and nike and even they know that muse does not pay there models. Please do not Muse modeling portland your time or money because you will not see a dime.

I'll update this as soon as I get paid for the work I did for muse. I'm guessing that will be never. Posted by model on February 06,