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Mistress anya switzerland, I search woman who wants Mistress anya switzerland

Beautiful Femdoms dish out pain to enslaved men. Lady Tanja - Lucerne - Erotic Dominatrix, cruel punishment, bondage swings, chairs, torture. Lady Alexa - Basel - Sadistic facesitting, bondage, medical exams, spanking and discipline.

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Name: Courtney
What is my age: I'm 41 years old

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Sie schrieb auch, dass sie bei einer Session ihren Lebenspartner kennengelernt hat. Ich habe die ganze Zeit einen intuitiven Draht mit ihm.

Zart bis hart und immer intuitiv. Er muss nicht unbedingt erfahren sein. Meine Art, zu spielen, ist bizarr-erotischer Natur. Das Spektrum meiner Leidenschaften ist sehr gross, ich mache nichts, was ich nicht gerne mache. Ich habe die Keuschhaltung von meiner Passionsseite genommen. Es kam ein Mann von sehr Mistress anya switzerland und auch exhibitionistischer Natur mit dem Fetisch Friesennerz zu mir. Dann schickte ich ihn in die Apotheke. Als er an der Reihe war, rief ich ihn an.

Beide Kategorien sind mir gleichermassen lieb. Ich denke ich habe schon ein wenig Menschenkenntnis mit den Jahren bekommen, die Sympathie und Neigungsart sind viel wichtiger.

Meine Hobbies sind Sport und meine Familie. Fetisch-Party und entdeckte immer mehr meine Fetische und Obsessionen. Dominant zu sein, ist eine Frage des Charakters. Seit ca. Vielen Dank. Ich bin eine Nostalgikerin und ich liebe auch alte Spitzenbustier, Gridles, Nylons etc. Zudem liebe ich Leder. Allgemeine Regeln gibt es nicht, denn jeder Charakter ist einzigartig und so sind auch die Begegnungen. Inspirationen sind vor allem Simon Devon und Chanta Rose.

Es ist eine Mischung aus allem. Ich bin sehr interessiert an bizarr-erotischer Kunst welche meist in der Subkultur anzutreffen ist. Gern geschehen. As far in can see in my memories, I always had a dominant personality. I think everyday life is a kind of BDSM relationship: some peoples are bosses and other are not!

Maybe we have Mistress anya switzerland tendencies from childhood and they are probably revealed when you become teenagers. After that your life and experiences will show you the way you have to follow. My first session wasn't a professional one, and by the way not even a real session.

It was more a relationship with a man. He tried to drive me as he wanted and naturally I quickly dominated him! I didn't really discover that I was a Dominatrix, but it was more a confirmation of something I always knew: I am a naturally Dominant Person It was so easy to find my way! I'd say I'm a Dominatrix who practices a quite different kind of domination - more personal and more sensual - trying to create an atmosphere in which the slave will express himself in such way that I can take him in total and real control!

That's how I expect to share these really unique Mistress anya switzerland authentic moments.

The other world kingdom – the real private state, where women rule!

I so much like driving the slave through his most secret fantasies: it gives such great power over him But be sure I like being terribly hard and sadistic! I Mistress anya switzerland obtain what I want from my slaves naturally.

With very few words all is in my attitude. Respect and confidence, that's the secret! I am recognised as being a very quiet and precise Dominatrix in all I do. My style of domination is a very sensual one, sensual but also very directive!

I do not play Domina, I am Domina! I am really intellectual and I never lack imagination during the sessions I really like playing that way with my slaves, making my own rules for BDSM play with calmness and authority but never in a destructive way! I also like to do my sessions in three languages, French, Mistress anya switzerland or English, so I meet a lot of different peoples and cultures. First you have must a have a good feeling with the slave. That means you must find out what kind of slave he is.

BDSM is never a question of violence but instead a question of shared pleasure - then every slave will surrender. Pre-scripted scenarios are rarely successful, because a session often goes through ways you cannot imagine in advance!

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I have a real passion for what I do, which is essential for me: Having the force and the power to manage every situation, making my own rules of BDSM as I go along. Once, a slave had a heart attack during the session and, believe me, you had better keep your self-control to do the right things for him.

Everything ended well that time, but the alert was serious.

Since then, I am even more attentive to overweight or stressed slaves, and even more selective on what can or cannot be done. Slaves usually have so much fantasy, but cannot take what they ask for! The most intense was a session where my slave was unable to move despite the fact that he had Mistress anya switzerland attachments and he could do but he was simply so much in the game so Mistress anya switzerland all movement was impossible, it was very intense and to keep him in his trip.

About knowing what's my kink You have now plenty of time to think a bit on that and, who knows, you will maybe find out the answer by yourself And just thinking you will search for hours makes me so happy I love to work with the whip, a tool that I saw a lot in use during my stay in the OWK and in my sessions.

Whipping is very sensual act, by leather and the movement given to it, soft, hard, ruthless, I love that. I have a real dog then! Mistress anya switzerland have a passion for shibari and practice that a lot. I also like to fully feminise slaves another speciality of mine With few words, I like so many practices with which I can bring the slave on such way he will evolve towards his limits, at the end of his fantasies Even in a really hard session with a true masochist, I feel at ease in all situations.

The only thing I don't practice is scatology. First of all, He must understand that he has to follow my rules. He has to explain to me what he is searching for, and I will take care of the way with which this goal will be reached. Of course, politeness and savoir vivre are always requested.

I do not like vulgarity or lack of hygiene, and I turn away anyone who wishes to take drugs and alcohol in a session at my dungeon. Yes indeed, why not? I like to start to play with a novice, it is very nice for me too anyway I am a experimenting Domina. I have no human idol! But I have a lot of respect for all people who fight for their own convictions, without violence, without striking or hurting others people. I like animals by their sense of feeling, especially felines. There was never any cheating on their part, only reality.

I had a big story of love Mistress anya switzerland a horse which was magnificent and which spent many years by my side. True, It is a exclusive way of bondage, I am fascinated by this ancient art that comes Mistress anya switzerland Japanese samurai, my authentic hemp ropes are the continuity of my samurai spirit!

It is a very sensual art, by the beauty of bondage and you know when Mistress anya switzerland touch my ropes to create a new shibari, it is an intense pleasure for me to see a body in shibari bondage. Empress Lucy is my best friend and she is like my twin sister, we share the same idea of BDSM and how to practice the rules and we put a lot of humour into our sessions. Also we spend good time together in sessions when we play but we know also well and never forget to be woman and friend without playing BDSM games, just in the real life.

Empress Lucy and myself work together in session and not against one another, I would say in this case, the tolerance in the first and each brings its own experience and his personal way of playing simply. One thing Her caning session are really terrifying! The OWK is a very nice place, very big and you can play all day and night, inside and outside, with the safety Mistress anya switzerland not impose to another non-BDSM persons.

Yes, it is possible for a slave to come with me to the OWK for short or longer time.

For me, life is a passion in itself, and that's the way I do everything! And so is my character, an enthusiast one. I'm currently deing a leather fetish clothes collection that will be sold soon on my website, as well as in some shops around the world. I'm now also learning Thai and Japanese. My hobbies are broad: equestrian sports, martial arts, music, yoga and meditation, computers, reading and literature, and travel. My favourite countries are Thailand, Japan and South Asia.

I Mistress anya switzerland true moments with my family and having meals with my friends and people who are close to me.

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It was a pleasure to be interviewed by a Swiss website. I wish Swiss Domina a great success! To your readers, I hope they can find out more clearly who I am! Freut mich ebenfalls. Sie schreit nicht herum, denn das ist unter ihrem Niveau.