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Mister E definitely makes money these days, in more ways than one. His art is money. Sometimes he even uses the bills as his own personal form of currency, trading the stuff for a Ferrari rental, say, or an extravagant dinner at Nobu, or an ounce of weed.

Marcel, who wore a white baseball cap, low-riding shorts and large 70s-style shades, was shirtless, and strung around his neck was a carat gold Dorito pendant, which drew stares and envious comments throughout the day.

See a problem?

Mister E, who asked that I not reveal his given name ditto Monsieur Marcelhad flown in to take part in the benefit, which had been organized by some fellow Miamians and was cohosted by Instagram star Yesjulz. The house was massive, 10,square-feet on a three-acre lot, with a good size pool as well as tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. It seemed like an ambitious timeline, but Mister E knows success can happen overnight.

It had been just three years, maybe less, since he ditched a career as a general contractor to devote himself to art full time. Chief Justice John Roberts.

Mister E got his start painting acrylic portraits from photographs. He also realized that while painting from iconic photographs was legally dicey, nobody owns money. Soon, Mister E was cranking out his money silk-screens, marketing himself mostly by word of mouth and via Instagram. Stock brokers, hedge fund managers.

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One foursome of startup cofounders celebrated their big exit by getting a whole set of original Mister Es, a different color for each partner. In time, Mister E began zeroing in on various aspects of U. You can do a lot of good with money, too.

The whole crowd covered in the fucking money. She reached out to see about commissioning an installation, and within weeks, Mister E and Marcel were bunking at her Malibu compound and covering the walls with those candy-colored banknotes. More important, Mister E says: that was when the work itself went from being a kind of Wall Street trophy to something deeper, from a decorative emblem of greed to a commentary on capitalism itself, albeit one that costs real money.

But this is how it works in the newly disrupted art world. Like everything else, the industry is changing. The Thursday-night openings will start up again in the fall, drawing the usual collection of nerdy curatorial types, wealthy collectors, chin-stroking grad students, maybe an occasional would-be Basquiat clad in paint-crusted denim and toting a longboard. But the internet has opened up other avenues to fame and fortune for artists, and Mister E seems to have cruised on to an especially fast-moving onramp.

Does Avicii even know how to play an instrument?

Mister e (vertigo)

I used to be really impressed by people who could sit here with a canvas and draw you perfectly. Not anymore.

Mister E also takes issue with the notion of art as a refined spiritual calling that is somehow tainted by its association with commerce. Art is money.

Mister e dating show is art. Marcel has considerable experience of his own in this area. Several years ago, he was working as a club promoter in Miami when he had the idea to create an adult-size onesie printed with an image of a pepperoni pizza. After finding a company, Beloved Shirtsto make him one, he began wearing it around. The three of us were sitting, appropriately enough, at World Pie, a pizza t in Bridgehampton, having somehow made the trip without incident in the convertible R8, as I perched awkwardly above the two seats with my feet straddling the gear shift.

Before long, the character went viral.

The Kardashians reposted one of the images. Soon, people started hitting up Beloved, demanding pizza onesies of their own. Cara Delevigne rocked one. So did Katy Perry. He did reap certain other benefits, however.

Dude, I swear on my life. But the best is when you get a pizza delivery and you answer the door as Pizzaman. Beyond which, the experience clearly schooled him in the dark arts of social media marketing, which he is putting to good use on behalf of Mister E and other clients. And yet, it must be said, Mister E has quite a bit more going for him than a solid gimmick, a ton of luck and a savvy manager.

Meanwhile, his money paintings, while every bit as universally appealing as a gold Dorito, have an uncanny power, prompting us to look anew at those little green-tinted artworks we all carry around in our wallets — ed prints on rag paper we tend to value more highly for what they can do for us than for their own mysterious beauty. And his work fits squarely within the pop art tradition pioneered by Lichtenstein Mister e dating show Warhol. That said, he may have somewhat more in common with one of their contemporaries, a man named Robert Dowd.

He specialized in paintings of U. Unwilling to take the risk, Dowd decided to focus on postage stamps instead, and his renown gradually faded.

Chances are, Mister E will have better luck. Perhaps more important, he has John Roberts in his corner. Seizing the opportunity to enhance his own personal brand, he settled on himself. His subsequent appointment to the high court was a clear affirmation of his proto-Kardashian knack for self-promotion.

As for Mister E, he plans to continue painting money for the foreseeable future, although he has quietly begun exploring related subject areas. For instance, he recently completed an eight-foot tall rendering of a nightclub receipt. Thanks for reading InsideHook. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook. Chicago Los Angeles New York.

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All About the Benjamins Miley Cyrus is a fan. So is Chief Justice John Roberts. Miley Cyrus is a fan.

Well, sort of. Before long, it, too, became kind of a thing.

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