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Traditional oriental medicine is famous for achieving incredible effects naturally with herbs and alternate forms of therapy.

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Renew your energy to a vibrant, radiating healthy body with holistic treatment. Shangrila Massage Spa brings to you a full body deep tissue massage therapy to Miamiour Asian massage therapy with its roots in India is a highly developed science. We use a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy to stimulate the blood flow, oxygen and heal you from the stress that you experience in your life in Miami. Our South Miami massage spa therapy helps to establish a physical, mental and spiritual balance Miami oriental massage correct and thorough knowledge of healthy living.

Asian full body massage therapy combined with diet, meditation and intake of natural herbal medication is the main treatment. Our Miami Asian Massage therapy works to soothe damaged tissue and relieve strained muscles and t pain.

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A Miami Body Massage will give your circulation a boost that will ward away all the pent up stress and will balance your body. We use only natural oils, scrubs and scents and our specially trained South Miami Massage therapists give a soothing and unique Miami massage.

The pleasurable scents and the relaxing music will put your mind to rest and let your thoughts wander off, while the full body massage therapy will relax your muscles and increase blood circulation. You will feel buoyant and energized afterwards. This full body pampering massage features a range of customized Special Oil blends to effect the healing, harmonizing and rejuvenating properties of Essential Oils into the body through rhythmic touch.

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You get to choose an oil blend to suit more VigorFlex is deed and aimed at relieving the stress and aches from your head, neck and shoulders and return the flexibility to these parts. Desk work that requires long hours hunched over a, more The very word Redolence represents the blissful feeling that gentle, sweet fragrances bring to our body, mind and soul.

A perfect introduction to Aromatic Oils, this massage concentrates on relieving muscular, more Hot stone massage is a body massage therapy where Miami oriental massage use smooth, heated stones as an extended hand and place them on the body at specific points. The heat is both deeply relaxing and will help warm up tight muscles for a deeper massage. It is believed that water-smoothed stones harness the vitality and, more This is a full body massage for each for 60 minutes. Going for evening out to a restaurant is great and is commonly done by couples. Try going Miami oriental massage date to Shangri La.

This package has all the ingredients of our full body massage plus extra time and at a price that is a great gift for both of you. Deed for, more Rococo is the 18th-century French artistic movement and style, affecting many aspects of the arts including painting, sculpture and other forms.

Try out massage therapy for feeling wonderful and on top of the world!

Sports and athletic activities are much similar in movement and style. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur sports person or just a regular jogger, more The sports massage is a massage therapy which is given to the athletes. This kind of massage focuses on the part of muscles that Miami oriental massage experienced a large amount of stress. Such muscles are the muscles that have experienced repetitive and aggressive movements during the sports or competition more There are multiple ways to look at a South Miami Massage Spa.

You take a break after many months of long hours of work to relax your body and mind. Some masseur delivers the body massage you want.

As the founder, I believe in the amalgam of the best of every part of the world — from Lhasa to Miami! From high mountain top feelings to the fresh breeze of the sea.

All of it invigorates us and I believe in this principle:. Combining my love of both Asian and Miami Massage Therapy I intend Miami oriental massage achieve both physical and mental bliss for my clients. Bringing harmony to your aura Miami massage therapy provides a relaxing yet productive experience which I am looking forward to sharing with clients at Shangri La.

I look forward to meeting you and being with us even when you are well; not only when you face a problem.

Shangrila Massage Spa is not about merely Asian massage techniques and finishing a task. We hope to track the well-being of our clients and hope they stay fit for life and not just a few days or a few hours. Body massage therapy lasts for about an hour or more.

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We will be with you all your LIFE and help you celebrate it in great health. Call Miami oriental massage. Rendezvous Couples Massage This is a full body massage for each for 60 minutes. Sports Sports Massage Miami The sports massage is a massage therapy which is given to the athletes.

All of it invigorates us and I believe in this principle: Combining my love of both Asian and Miami Massage Therapy I intend to achieve both physical and mental bliss for my clients.