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I let the warm water cascade down my body in the shower this morning. Sometimes, I close my eyes and inhale the steam deeply letting it caress me internally as the jets that shoot from the shower head stroke me externally. I love the sensation of water as it trickles down my skin in little rivulets.

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Name: Jeniffer
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I am always asked what I want for Christmas. I can give you one gift idea that is completely natural, no additives, no preservatives. It can double as a lubricant, skin cream, or a snack. It is your cum.

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Nothing makes me feel naughtier than being your personal phone sex cum slut. I am a connoisseur of cum and I savor the lo, you can never give me enough. So I say give this cum slut what she wants a white fucking Christmas.

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Milf Megan Oh where these lips divide is precisely where I slide my favorite toy. It is long, and flesh colored because I do prefer the look and feel of a real cock when I am having dildo phone sex with a guy. I enjoy soaking my dildo and licking it off repeatedly during our call, I just love what the sounds of Megan Mutters webcam lips on pussy coated cock does to your real cock as you listen to me play.

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I get the guys who are young and vital and ready to fuck hard and fast. I also get the older gentleman the one who enjoys taking his time by giving this phone sex MILF a great sensual phone sex massage.

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On the one hand, young boys create fireworks for my ever-hungry MILF phone sex body. They make me feel young and vivacious they make me feel attractive and sexy and at my age that means a lot to me. On the other hand, the slow sensual treatment from older gentleman who love to lavish my MILF phone sex pussy with lots of tongue and attention for a Megan Mutters webcam session satisfy me too. I guess to me sex is great anyway you get it.

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Do you crave a hot MILF phone sex experience? What type of a guy are you? I was so turned on by the boldness of his confession that I threw myself at him.

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I kissed him and shoved my tongue deep into his young mouth. He tasted fresh and young, not like Megan Mutters webcam husband who tastes of beer and coffee. The clean taste made my pussy throb. I was pulling him close, wrapping my legs around him while digging into his ass with my fingers when he stopped me. I told him that he could still make his dreams cum true with me I slid back, took off my top and my bra and started to bounce and bob my huge tits together.

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I told him that a cum shot on my tits would be satisfying to both of us. I noticed my tan is fading, would you like to come make it completely gone with your cum load? Imagine splashing it all over my tits and face. The creamy moisture of my thighs the rest of the day, mmm. She showered, taking extra notice in how electric her skin was to her Megan Mutters webcam touch.

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She lathered and rinsed, shaved… on the soft supple skin that keeps her sex warm and moist. As she patted herself dry the towel slid to the side allowing her to feel those soft pouting lips. Electricity shot through her, but driven by the need to feel his touch she completed her task.

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As she applied her make-up and styled her hair, thoughts of his long hard cock nestled deep inside her caused her breath to quicken and her cunt to contract. As with other times she went to him, stifling her nervous excited to make the drive. When the door opens his face… his chest.

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Up… up it pulls them. His hands on her ass as he follows her up. The tension thick with desire.

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Small talk filled the void as they undress, her nipples harden as his hand grasps her ample breast. His warm mouth pulling and sucking it, until a moan escaped her. His kisses on her lips almost sucking her into him.

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His want stowed away in his jeans, once freed slid into her eager mouth met instantly by the very back of her throat. She began a pace that proved too pleasurable and he laid her back on his bed, spreading her legs wide as his tongue explored her from her already swollen clit to the very crack of her ass. His longing to dive dramatically into that almost virgin hallow noted between them, for now her cunt screamed his name deep under the moans of her pending release. One of many as he devours her pleasure pocket, those same lips minutes earlier kissed with wanton lust to be in this very place.

His need for her proving too much as he Megan Mutters webcam and plunged into her pussy, making her Megan Mutters webcam and wrath about. Each wave of pleasure exploded on her face, edging him along. She smiled deep within at the thought of his sex reaping the intermittent flooding of her cunt as a sure of her positive reaction to his efforts…….

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Sometime later they both were on their knees, his cock filling her from behind, the angled mirror on the wall giving her the view into his eyes as a portal to her pleasure, visually straining to mutter the faintest yelp as her cunt clamped down around him one too many times causing him to drive into her the creamy of his erection.

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Oh yes there is, as you see this is the face of pure euphoric afterglow for she took 2 lo not just 1, her cunt sloppy and sticky for the rest of the day. Each movement of her body reminding her that her lover came, her husband came and those who called her that very day. I love slipping away for a few hours, Megan Mutters webcam do my favorite thing. His cock fills me so good it made my toes curl and the cum flow.

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Megan www. Ya somehow, someday. Ode to the bucket-list, eh? Megan She smiled deep within at the thought of his sex reaping the intermittent flooding of her cunt as a sure of her positive reaction to his efforts…… ….