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Sea squirtalso called ascidianany member of the invertebrate class Ascidiacea subphylum Urochordataalso called Tunicatamarine animals with some primitive vertebrate features. Sea squirts are primarily sessile permanently fixed to a surfacepotato-shaped organisms found in all seas, from the intertidal zone to the greatest depths.

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Squirting is a hot topic — here's what you need to know about whether squirting is real, what squirting is, and more. Whether you've experienced it, seen it in porn, or simply heard rumors about it, you're not the only one who's curious about squirting. PornHub data from to even reveals that more and more people are searching for "women squirting" videos. First things first: Is squirting real? Yes, it definitely is. Producing lots of fluids is just one of the many common but unexpected side effects of sex.

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The color of squirt can be clear, off-white, milky-white, or varying shades of yellow — and the entire range is completely normal. Many people think that squirt or squirting is the female equivalent of ejaculation.

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The thing is, what these little glands produce is not the projectile gush of liquid that you typically see in porn. Since the urethra and the skene glands are so close to one another, the squirt stream has the opportunity to give the female ejaculate a free ride on the way out, resulting in a mixture of both. The former is a squirt and the latter is female ejaculate.

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And according to science, squirt is indeed pee — regardless of its color. They also took samples of both urine and squirt. Immediately after squirting, the third scan discovered that their bladders were once again empty. The conclusion? Squirt is the involuntary release of urine during sex. I understand that this might be difficult news to take in for some. It can also be clear, off white, or milky white. Picture your squirt color on a spectrum, if you will.

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There are many different shades of yellow squirt and yours might look a lot different from mine. If your squirt is a richer or deeper color of yellow, it likely means that its composition simply has a lot more urine than ejaculate. But if your squirt is bright yellow and it smells or looks funkyit could be the of an infection in your urethra or bladder that might warrant a consultation with your doctor. Knowledge Base.

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That said, all squirt is pee to some degree but can also be comprised of female ejaculate. Share This Article:. Table of Contents: What Is Squirt? Can Squirt Be Yellow? Written By:. Medically Reviewed By:. In this article, I will demystify: What Is Squirt? What Is Squirt?

Is squirting real? what to know about female ejaculation

But what is female ejaculation? By Vanessa Russell.

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Please read our full medical disclaimer. This makes perfect sense because sex and comedy are More About the Author. Popular Quizzes And Guides:. Editor's Picks:. Alison Huff. Ladies: Stop Swiping! By Chrissy Molzner. By Julia Wolov.

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Why Are Men Not Marrying? By Helen Tarver.

By Emily Deaton. By Wednesday Lee Friday.

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By Gena Gephart. Reproductive Health.

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