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Skin cancer is the most frequent cancer related to ultraviolet radiation. The aim was to estimate the incidence of skin cancer type, melanoma and non-melanoma in ZacatecasMexico.

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An epidemiological study was carried out during the period from to The incidence and the global prevalence were estimated. We studied skin cancer cases, histopathologically confirmed. The cases were distributed as: ificantly higher proportions were observed in women in the basal cell carcinomas However, in the case of melanoma, the major Lonely mature Zacatecas was observed in men The skin cancer incidence was estimated in 20 cases for each inhabitants. Linear regression analysis showed that the skin cancer is increasing at an annual rate of The anatomical location indicates that solar UV radiation is a risk factor, since the face is the zone with major exposure to solar radiation.

Conveyor belts for use in underground coal mines must be flame-resistant and Notes about Alta Vista in Chalchihuites, Zacatecas.

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The Tropic of Cancer marks the Lonely mature Zacatecas position of the sun at its midday zenith, which takes place in the Summer solstice. It so happens that Alta Vista in Zacatecascorresponds to the westernmost peak where this phenomenon can occur, although the date of the zenith's course differs depending on the latitude of each position and so various archaeoastronomical specialists stress how the ancient indigenous cultures, at least those dating from Mexico's Classical period, valued this finding in developing their calendars.

Identification Lonely mature Zacatecas distribution of cotton rats, genus Sigmodon Muridae: Sigmodontinaeof Nayarit, M? Morphological, chromosomal, distributional, and ecological data are presented for three species of Sigmodon S.

The species were collected in all possible pairwise combinations of sympatry, including the first record of such documented for S. Emphasis is devoted to the discrimination of S. Based on these and examination of type specimens, additional synonyms of S. Sigmodon mascotensis emerges as a species distributed from southern Nayarit and Zacatecas to extreme western Chiapas, where it inhabits deciduous or semi-deciduous tropical vegetation having a pronounced dry season.

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These reallocations and other reidentifications remove any documentation for S. Characterization of drought and climate change in ZacatecasMexico. In the years tothe development of the State of Zacatecas was based on extractive mining to sustain development. From tothe Lonely mature Zacatecas turned to agriculture, particularly to the development of groundwater resources for irrigation. Due to the lack of a long-term plan for the su Water budget of the Calera Aquifer in ZacatecasMexico. In the Calera Aquifer Region of the State of ZacatecasMexico, limited rainfall and low Lonely mature Zacatecas water use efficiency in combination with fast growing industrial and urban water demand are contributing to groundwater depletion at an unsustainable rate.

Limited data and planning tools were avail Natural soil gamma radioactivity levels and resultant population dose in the cities of Zacatecas and Guadalupe, ZacatecasMexico. The study of natural gamma radioactivity was made to determine the concentrations of natural radionuclides in soil.

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Twenty soil samples collected in the cities of Zacatecas and Guadalupe and their suburban areas in the Mexican state of Zacatecas were analyzed by gamma-ray spectrometry to determine the activity concentrations of Ra, Th, and 40K.

Gamma-spectrometry measurements were made using a hyperpure germanium detector surrounded with shielding material to reduce the background counting rate.

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Conversion factors were used to calculate the dose to the population from outdoor exposure to terrestrial gamma rays. The measured activity concentration of Ra varies from 11 to 38 Bq kg -1the activity concentration of Th varies from 8 to 38 Bq kg The activity concentration of 40K is in the rangeBq kg The overall population mean outdoor terrestrial gamma dose rate is Land use change in six aquifer regions in ZacatecasMexico. In the years from tothe development of the State of Zacatecas was based on extractive mining activities to sustain development. From andLonely mature Zacatecas attention turned agriculture, particularly to development of Lonely mature Zacatecas resources for irrigation.

Due to the lack of a long-term plan f Request for classified information received from sources outside the executive branch of the Sections To determine the sociodemographic characteristics and the reproductive and sexual behavior of participants in the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Program and to identify the risk factors for this neoplasm.

A case control study was performed among participants in the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Program in the state of Zacatecas. The cases consisted of all patients diagnosed and corroborated by histopathology with CIN III and invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix who were referred to the Dysplasia Clinic within the same programduring Controls were women randomly selected from the population which participates in this program, who had negative cervical cytology.

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One control was selected for each case and paired by age and date, simultaneous to the cervical cytology. Risk of cervical cancer was higher in women with greater of pregnancies more than 12 pregnancies than in women with less than 3 OR 5. This is also true of women with greater of births 12 or more Lonely mature Zacatecas have a risk five times higher than women with less than 3. Beginning sexual activity at Lonely mature Zacatecas early age was associated to the risk of cervical cancer; women who began their sexual activity after the age of 19 had a risk two times lower than those who started before the age of The use of oral contraceptives increased the risk of cervical cancer in relation to the use of non-hormonal contraceptives OR 1.

Glucosephosphate dehydrogenase G6PD deficiency in humans causes severe disease, varying from mostly asymptomatic individuals to patients showing neonatal jaundice, acute hemolysis episodes or chronic nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia.

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Our show that the mutations, regardless of the distance from Lonely mature Zacatecas active site where they are located, affect the catalytic properties and structural parameters and that these changes could be associated with the clinical presentation of the deficiency. Specifically, the structural characterization of the G6PD Zacatecas mutant suggests that the RL mutation have a strong effect on the global stability of G6PD favoring an unstable active site.

Using computational analysis, we offer a molecular explanation of the effects of these mutations on the active site.

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Detection of pathogens associated with psyllids and leafhoppers in Capsicum annuum L. In the fall offive to seventy-five percent of chili and bell peppers Capsicum annuum L. This annual observance is intended to engage health care providers, professional societies, advocacy groups, for-profit companies, state and local health departments, the general public, the media, and others in Lonely mature Zacatecas effort to improve antibiotic stewardship in outpatient, inpatient, nursing home, and animal health settings. During this week, participants will raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and emphasize the importance of appropriate antibiotic use across all health care settings.

Lonely mature Zacatecas Miguel Auza mine located in Zacatecas State, Mexico, is a vein-type polymetallic epithermal deposit hosted in deformed argillite, siltstone and, greywacke of the Cretaceous Caracol Formation. Silver-rich base metal veins 0. A 2 km2 monzonitic stock located in the proximity of the mineralized zones, has ly been interpreted as the source of the mineralizing fluids.

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Four distinct structural stages are correlated with hydrothermal mineral deposition: I The Pre-ore stage is characterized by normal faulting, fracturing of host rock, and rotation Lonely mature Zacatecas bedding planes. III The Main-ore stage is related to the development of reverse-fault- hosted massive sulphide veins. During this stage three phases of mineral deposition are recorded: early pyrite and arsenopyrite, intermediate chalcopyrite, pyrite, arsenopyrite, and base metals, and late base metals and Ag-bearing minerals.

Associated gangue minerals during the main ore stage are quartz, muscovite, calcite and chlorite.

Later supergene oxidation of veins led to deposition of Fe-oxides and hydroxides, commonly filling fractures or replacing early-formed sulphide assemblages. Lonely mature Zacatecas various vein types display classic epithermal textures including open space filling, banding, comb quartz and brecciation. Nine genetic marker systems were analyzed. Finally, we demonstrate that there is no nonrandom association of alleles among the genetic marker systems i. Zacatecas state is located in the central area of Mexico, where the underground water contains elevated quantities of natural arsenic and fluoride.

In order to estimate health risk associated with human exposure to these pollutants, tap water samples from the southern-central region of the state were analyzed.

Forty-three percent of the samples had fluoride levels above the Mexican regulation limit of 1. The Universal Soil Loss Equation USLEwhich is considered to be a contemporary approach in soil loss assessment, was used to assess soil erosion hazard in the Zacatecas mining district.

The Lonely mature Zacatecas of this study is to produce erosion susceptibility maps for an area that is polluted with mining tailings which are susceptible to erosion and can disperse the particles that contain heavy metals and other toxic elements.

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USLE method is based in the estimation of soil loss per unit area and takes into specific parameters such as precipitation data, topography, soil erodibility, erosivity and runoff. The R-factor rainfall erosivity was calculated from monthly and annual precipitation data. The LS-factor slope length and steepness Lonely mature Zacatecas determined from a m digital elevation model. A raster-based Geographic Information System GIS was used to interactively calculate soil loss and map erosion hazard.

The show that estimated erosion rates ranged from 0 to Maximum proportion of the total area of the Zacatecas mining district have nil to very extremely slight erosion severity. Small areas in the central and south part of the study area shows the critical condition requiring sustainable land management.

Other intrusives like Saltillito In this work, we propose that style and age of thin-skinned deformation is similar to the Sevier orogeny in the Rocky Mountains. Integrated geomorphologic and GIS analysis for the assessment of erosion zones and its relationship with hazardous zones in the Zacatecas and Guadalupe quadrangles, Mexico.

The most important and fast growing cities in the state are located in that range. However, in urban development plans variables such as the geology and geomorphologic processes, as well as the land cover characteristics, are poorly taken into consideration. Due to the landscape modification the erosion agents, mainly water, removes loose materials that are either natural or artificial.

The effects on the buildings and ro are fractures, slope instability, and rock falling.

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In this study we present a model that considers the detailed geologic mapping, the geomorphology, land Lonely mature Zacatecas, vegetation, and the digital slope model scale The geomorphologic parameters considered were: relief energy, dissection density, general dissection density, and maximum dissection depth. The location and internal characteristics of mapped talus deposits were the basis to define the erosion criteria.

These parameters were analyzed in ArcGIS together with the digital slope model, detailed geology mapping, the land use cover, and the soil information. The where verified in the range where the city has been growing in recent years.

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