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Chem students do it on the table periodically You're like an exothermic reaction, you spread your hotness everywhere! Do you have 11 protons?

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Are you trying to hit up some girls at chemistry class? Use these cheesy chemistry based pick up lines to show case how you got the chemistry between one another.

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Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics deed to create natural conversation. His work has been featured on Marriage. Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Process. These next few pick up lines are guaranteed to get a reaction, and who knows?

Your crush might just fall head over heels for you after you utter these science pick up lines. Short but sweet, this pick up line is bound to cause a reaction. Iodine pills were used extensively after the Chernobyl disaster, when large amounts of radioactive Uranium caused a meltdown and completely irradiated the surrounding area. Bring this line out in a casual fashion, and watch as she starts to realize its hidden meaning. Show off your humorous side with these funny pick up lines.

81 chemistry pick up lines

Cheesy, awkward, and nerdy. The Avogadro constant is related to the of constituent particles in a sample. This line is pretty clever, and who knows? Your crush might just give you their real .

If electronegativity is present, electrons of a bond attract. Who knows? You and your crush might just form a covalent bond after you say this cute but funny line. While researchers are pretty sure that there are only four fundamental forces, no one can ever rule out the possiblity of a fifth. Dial up the cuteness factor with these cute pick up lines. Tellurium copper is actually a thing, and the addition of tellurium improves the machinability of copper. However, this type of copper is not suitable to welding.

Litmus paper is of course used to determine whether or not a substance is acidic or basic. A photon is a tiny particle of light.

Examples of quanta include electrons, neutrinos, and the Higgs boson particle. This type of romantic imagery definitely goes a long way, whether your crush actually understands the chemistry behind this statement or not. The discovery Lame chemistry pick up lines the Higgs Boson particle is one of the most developments in chemistry, and it is connected with CERN. To explain the line, the Higgs Boson particule is responsible for mass. Even though chemistry may seem cold and calculating, you can still show off your sweet side while talking about this subject.

Try out these sweet pick up lines and melt her heart. Fun fact - there are actually oxygen-neon white dwarfs, and it is believed that central carbon ignition creates them. Your crush will love this line because it shows that you want to have them in your life for the foreseeable future.

Technically this is true - providing the infinite universe theory is correct.

Chemistry pick up lines

Or a houseplant. Chemistry pick up lines are inevitably going to be a little bit cheesy. Embrace this fact with these thoroughly cheesy pick up lines. Carbon dating has been used extensively in fields such as paleontology and archaeology. Using carbon dating, researchers have been able to find out when people and animals lived. Who needs hydrogen when you have a loving, caring person in your life who you genuinely want to spend time with?

31 best chemistry pick up lines - spark interesting conversations.

What they say is true - opposites do attract. It seems as though some laws of the universe Lame chemistry pick up lines to hold true from the smallest particles all the way up to human organisms who are trying to have relationships. These lines are a great opportunity to show off your intelligence. Make sure you present your smart nature in a good light with these clever pick up lines. Yes, you can start a fire with some aluminum foil and a battery, so be careful! The Kelvin scale is useful for measuring extremely high and low temperatures.

Simple and effective. If you just want to see the look of confusion and disgust on her face as you try out a ridiculous pick up line, look no further than these bad pick up lines. While pretty much all of these chemistry pick up lines are guaranteed to make a good impression with your crush, you can only choose a few to use in the real world. So how do you narrow down the choices? Embrace it.

Cute chemistry pick up lines

Make sure that you fully understand the concepts at play. There are a of other options you might want to try out. You can use these pick up lines during chemistry class, in the school hallways, or at your workplace. Sure, these science pick up lines are a little situational.

After all, you should probably use these lines on people who actually understand science - at least to some degree. At the end of the day, these chemistry pick up lines are fun, unique, and interesting. Jasper lives in Georgia with his new bride. You ever seen those 'who knows me better questions' YouTube videos? Well, here they're in blog form!

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You're going to have one less problem after you read this. The best Tinder pick-up lines are those that work their magic on your match. Using pick-up lines Shake things up with a Lame chemistry pick up lines game of radio trivia — a game Lame chemistry pick up lines didn't know you needed until now.

We all listen to the radio, even with all the new technology and gadgets out there, but how well do we know what goes on behind the upbeat tones, voice commercials and Did you know that there are some people who use food pick up lines to try their way into getting to start a conversation with a girl? It may sound surprising but these types of pick up lines actually manage to get them the attention of girls. But this begs the Did you ever wonder about all the unanswerable questions out there? Why are there questions to ask without answers? Why doesn't someone answer these questions for me?

Yes, we've all asked ourselves these questions, but, sadly, there's no clear answer to them. About The Author.

Jasper Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith.