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This section is deed to measure your ability to read and understand short passages similar in topic and style to those that students are likely to encounter in North American universities and colleges. Directions: In this section you will read several passages. Each one is followed by a of questions about it.

You are to choose the one best answer, ABCor Dto each question.

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Then, on your answer sheet, find the of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Answer all questions about the information in a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. Jhon Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth president of the United States from tois today recognized for his masterful statesmanship and diplomacy.

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He dedicated his life to public serviceboth in the various other political offices that he line held. Throughout his political carereer he demonstrated his unswerving belief in freedom of speech, the antislavery cause, and the right of Americans to be from European and Asian domination. Therefore, you should choose C. The reasons for the extinction of a species and for the rapid rates of change in our environment are currently the focus of much scientific research. An individual species susceptibility to extinction depends on at least two things: the taxon the bio-logical group — kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, or genus to which a species belongs, and the overall rate of environmental change.

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Fossil evidence shows that more mammals and birds become extinct than do mollusks or insects. Studies of the extinction of the dinosaurs and other reptiles during the Cretaceous Period show that a changing environment affects different taxa in different ways. Some may be dramatically affected, others less so. The best way to answer the question of what causes extinction is to combine fields of inquiry and a variety of viewpoints.

Using the fossil record and historical documentation, the different rates of the extinction of various taxa and different responses to environmental change can be detected. Then the evolutionary development of the different species can be compared, and traits that may be disadvantageous can be singled out.

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Finally, researchers can use mathematical formulae to determine whether a population is likely to adapt itself to the changing environment or disappear. Hopefully, as more of this information is collected, specialists in different fields — e.

A discussion of possible causes of extinction, and of ways to make predictions about environmental change. John James Audubon, nineteenth-century artist and naturalist, is known as one of the foremost authorities on North American birds. Born in Les Cayes, Haiti, inAudubon was raised in Pennsylvania estate at the age of eighteen; he first began to study and paint birds.

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In his young adulthood, Audubon undertook numerous enterprises, generally without a tremendous amount of success; at various times during his life he was involved in a mercantile business, a lumber and grist mill, a taxidermy business, and a school.

His general mode of operating a business was to leave it either unattended or in the hands of a partner and take off on excursions through the wilds to paint the natural life that he saw. His business career came to end in when he was jailed for debt and forced to file for bankruptcy.

It was at that time that Audubon began seriously to pursue the dream of publishing a collection of his paintings of birds. For the next six years he painted birds in their natural habitats while his wife worked as a teacher to support the family.

His Birds of America, which included engravings of of his colorful and lifelike water colors, was published in parts during the period from to in England. After the success of the English editions, American editions of his work were published inand his fame and fortune were ensured. The appearance and character of a hardened lava field depend on numerous factors. Among the key variables are the chemical nature of the magma and the degree of viscosity of the liquid rock once it begins to flow. Since the ultimate nature of lava is influenced by chemical compositions, it is possible to predict certain aspects of the final appearance of the field from a sample of the molten fluid.

The main components of lava are silica and various oxides, including those of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and aluminum.

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Magnesium and iron oxides are found in high concentrations in the dark-colored basic basalt, while silica, soda, and potash preponderate in the lighter-colored, acidic felsite rocks. When it issues, the lava is red or even white-hot. It soon begins to cool, and the surface darkens and crusts over. In extremely viscous flows, the under part may yet be in motion as the surface solidifies. The crust breaks up into a mass of jagged blocks of rock that are carried as a tumbling, jostling mass on the surface of the slowly moving stream.

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When the stream eventually stops and hardens, the field is extremely rough and difficult to traverse. On the other hand, highly liquid lava may harden with much smoother surfaces that exhibit ropy, curved, wrinkled, and wavelike forms. The period of the American Revolution was a time of contrasts in American fashion. In urban centers, women enjoyed a wide range of expression in the fashions available to them, even though shortages might force a young lady to wear an outfit made from the bright red uniform of her British beau.

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The patriots, however, tended to scorn fashion as frivolous in time of war. In remote areas, patriotic groups led boycotts of British goods and loomed their own woolen cloth. Mourning garments were almost impossible to obtain since black cloth had to be imported from England; black arm bands were introduced as a substitute. There was also a taste for outlandish accessories and fanciful detailing: feathers in hats, elaborate buttons, and gaudily patterned fabrics. The organization that today is known as the Bank of America did start out in America, but under quite a different name.

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Italian American A. Unable to install the bank in a proper office setting, Giannini opened up shop on the Washington Street Wharf on a makeshift desk created from boards and barrels. In the period following the fire, the Bank of Italy continued to prosper and expand.

By there were twenty-four branches of the Bank of Italy, and by Giannini had acquired numerous otherbanks, including a Bank of America located in New York City.

A second major crisis for the bank occurred during the great Depression of the s. Although Giannini had already retired prior to the darkest days of the Depression, he became incensed when his successor began selling off banks during the bad economic times. Giannini d leadership of the bank at the age of sixty-two. It can be inferred from the passage that Giannini used crates of oranges after the earthquake.

Read the following passage: Jhon Quincy Adams, who served as the sixth president of the United States from tois today recognized for his masterful statesmanship and diplomacy.

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Improving his personal life B. Serving the public C. Increasing his fortune D. Moveable B. Inificant C. Unchanging D. Now begin work on the questions. Questions refer to the following passage. Which of the following is the main topic of the passage? Assessment of the work of specialists concerned with ecology B.

A discussion of possible causes of extinction, and of ways to make predictions about environmental change C. The changing aspects of our environment D. A comparison of the extinction rates of different taxa 2. Insensitivity B. Receptiveness C. Immunity D. Vulnerability 3. An example of a taxon would be A. A phylum B. The rate of environmental change C.

A fossil D. Studies of extinction 4. The author compares mammals and birds to A. Mollusks and insects B. Phylum and class C. Dinosaurs and reptiles D. Ecologists and biologists 5.

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It can be inferred from the passage that a ificant event of the Cretaceous Period was A. The appearance of many taxa B. The dramatic effect of the dinosaur on the environment C. The extinction of birds D. The extinction of dinosaurs 6. It can be inferred from the passage that dinosaurs A. Included species that were mammals B.

Were better represented in the fossil record than other species C. Possessed disadvantageous traits D. Were not susceptible to extinction 7. Strongly B.