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up to my mailing list below and you'll be the first to know when the next book is out! Instead of four cool young women with a squeaky clean image eager to aid her investigation, Lexi is faced with squabbling and fighting and a band who will do just about anything to hinder her search for the truth.

Kissing in action she even gets started, disaster strikes and one of the band is found dead, a knife in her back. Has the blackmailer graduated to murder? With one of the band dead, and another the chief suspect, Lexi must unveil the secrets the band are hiding from their adoring public. As their secrets slowly come out, and the press descend on Montgomery, Lexi must find the culprit and fast, before disaster strikes again. I was sitting in my car, my camera in my lap, on a cold and gray morning when two strange women caught my eye. Both wore panama hats and trench coats that were buttoned to the neck with their collars turned up.

One wore unfeasibly large sunglasses. The other had a mustache. The mustache was fake, and really didn't suit my mother. The Panama hat, however, did look good on my best friend-slash-sister-in-law, Lily. Since I had no idea what the two of them might have been doing, I decided my best option was to call Lily. Through my zoom Kissing in action, I watched her lift the phone to her ear while she pressed her back against the wall.

My mother leaned against the wall too, then opened her purse and retrieved a newspaper, which Kissing in action held to her face. I repressed a sigh. Fortunately, she didn't cut eyeholes in it. She mouthed my name to my mother, now headless behind the newspaper. If she mouthed anything back, however, it was lost on me. I narrowed my eyes at her through the lens at her blatant lie. Do you want to get a coffee?

I followed her line of sight with my camera. There was only one man on the street. He wore blue jeans, a black, zip-up hoodie, and a blue ball cap and carried a small, canvas gym bag.

He didn't look familiar. Um, new cocktail recipes.

I'm also thinking of jazzing up the cocktail menu. Maybe even adding some snacks. Twenty questions? You private Kissing in action Always on the job! He scanned the area around him before entering the public library. I lost him for a moment, but saw him again through the long picture window over the main entrance. He took the stairs to the second floor and retreated into the non-fiction section, only to be lost from view. I refocused my camera onto my mom and Lily just in time to see them exiting the alley and hurrying along the street.

They stopped outside the pharmacy, looking around, and appearing confused. There were some hand gestures and both held binoculars over their eyes as they scanned the street. Where did you get that idea?

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What a bizarre thing to ask! But just out of interest, did you see where he went?

He's on the second floor and just disappeared into the non-fiction section. Say hi to my mom," I replied before hanging up, and smiling. I watched Lily and my mom speak briefly as they flapped around in a moment of heightened panic. Both of them collided, then darted to opposite sides of the library doors, concealing themselves just as the man exited. I noticed he no longer carried his bag. Apparently, Lily and my Kissing in action noticed it also because they both dashed inside.

Through the viewfinder, I followed them upstairs and continued watching as they rushed around the library. After a couple of minutes, my mom reappeared, holding the bag aloft and they high-fived.

Part of me wanted to call and demand to know what crazy thing they were involved in, but a bigger part of me didn't want to get roped into any of that lunacy. After just completing a simple surveillance case: two full weeks of sitting on my ass in my VW while a shady employee stole and sold his employer's electronic products to pawn shops, I was looking forward to a nice Kissing in action commission for the simple job and help put a bad guy in jail.

Truth was, while some cases were complicated, and fully worthy of snatching every waking moment of my attention, I enjoyed doing the smaller jobs.

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They were safer. They didn't risk getting me kidnapped, or shot at, or anything else that might turn me into a nervous wreck, or force me to wear flats everyday in order to sprint faster if the situation turned scary. Now, with my camera full of evidence on the seat next to me, and my mom and Lily out of view, I gunned the engine and headed back to the Solomon Detective Agency, ready to close another case. Considering some of the jobs I completed during my employ at the private detective agency I worked for, somehow, I doubted it. Nevertheless, I liked the enthusiasm of my boss-slash-boyfriend, Solomon.

He was a terrific-looking man. Tall, handsome, closely-shaven black hair, skin like melted chocolate — and every bit as lickable — and eyes that Kissing in action when he was happy. He also gave me my first lucky break Kissing in action I was at a crossro in my life.

Our current relationship developed later, but both facets of it were just as important to him. To some, working for your boyfriend might be a turnoff. To me, it was a bonus. Something you'd kill for. At least seventeen pairs of heels had my name on them; and a job like that would have come in very useful right about now.

I pushed my file towards him. Quite close.

Okay, nowhere near close," he admitted, taking the file and tucking it under his arm. I had to wonder at Solomon's enthusiasm. He didn't usually get so excited about our steady influx of surveillance jobs, or crimes that the police couldn't solve. Whatever it was had to be juicy.

That, if nothing else, now captured my attention. Three months ago, we solved a missing persons case that turned out to be a ruse by a prolific serial Kissing in action. He attempted to dupe us into seeking a victim who escaped, while he turned his attentions on me. I escaped too, and his prior victim got a book deal out of it. He got a jail deal: life.

The case managed to earn the detective agency a lot of attention, as well as several new cases. I Kissing in action thinking back to an ill-advised decision a couple of years ago when my best friend, Lily, and I masqueraded as both ends of a plush pony in order to catch a bad guy. Since then, Lily married my brother and bought several other disguises, while I got duped by a master criminal, but managed to escape a serial killer.

At least, I could never again say my life was boring.

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I couldn't say Lily's was either, not when I remembered what I caught her doing earlier. I had yet Kissing in action work with the risk management team, so that was very interesting news I folded the lid of my laptop, offering Solomon my undivided attention.

B4U were the hot young sensation sweeping the country. Their uplifting beats and catchy lyrics, combined with gorgeous looks and all the latest fashions guaranteed them a skyrocket ride to success.

Kissing in action

They were assembled six years ago for a role on a kids' TV channel. It soon became a huge sensation, spawning two TV movies, one sellout tour, and three albums with several one hits. My niece, Chloe, loved them.