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He then asked if he could jerk off while we continued our normal conversation. After he tricked me into continuing the conversion for a few more minutes, I sites him good-bye.

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Selling love over the Internet seems like the perfect business model. Virtually all your content is donated for free.

Your customers are motivated by the strongest urges mother nature can conjure up. Until recently, there had been a catch — the weird factor. Far from the cloak-and-dagger days of newspaper personals, online dating has gone mainstream.

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Yuppie New Yorkers sometimes include their Nerve. Those meteoric growth s have been seen before in the age of the Internet, from many dot-com flameouts.

But love, it turns out, is one of the few things people are willing to buy online. A real return to romance Market leader Match. Yahoo, No. The key, Match.

A database of dates Running an online personal business is a pretty cheap date. People volunteer themselves, and their photographs, as a constant supply of free, compelling content. All the sites do is manage a searchable database and work to develop smarter search tools that let suitors sort through potential dates.

The margins are almost super-margins. Naturally, the super-margins — not to mention real profits when the rest of the dot-com world has imploded — have entrepreneurs falling all over each other for a piece of the love pie. Niche Web communities, which have been jealously eyeing the love profits, are jumping on the bandwagon too. Personal are being sprinkled on top of established Web communities all over the Internet.

Journalists looking to date other journalists, for example, can now find their future mate at Mediabistro.

Are you looking for hot dates in your neighbourhood?

The sites operate in nearly exactly the same way, allowing directed searches on everything from zip code to height to salary to eye color — then providing some kind of computerized matchmaking to supplement personal searches. Most offer regular e-mails with rosters of computer-selected candidates. Want to chat? Just like more bidders mean higher prices for auction sellers, more personals subscribers means more possible dates.

Each dating site works the same — posting a profile of yourself, including photographs, is free. So is browsing through the thousands of eligible people. And with some, you are even notified that a prospective mate is trying to contact you. But to contact your future date, you have to take the plunge over the subscription wall. While 6 million people each month visit Match. That 6-to-1 conversion ratio is typical, the other sites say, and they are all experimenting with ways to push lurkers over the subscription wall.

On the other side of the coin, dating sites have an odd problem — generally speaking, a successful customer goes away. In fact, 75 times each month, Match.

In this business, churn is a wonderful thing. Besides, Clifford said, the singles population is constantly changing, with children coming of age, breakups and divorce. That kind of repeat business would make any industry take notice. Married, but looking Just as love can be messy, and so can the love business.

It turns out that personals are popular not only with the brokenhearted, but also with broken marriages, putting the sites at the center of some sticky moral questions.

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Research published earlier this year indicated that about one-third of online personals users are married; Clifford thinks 20 million married Americans will be interested in using online personals in the coming years. The sites deal with the thorny issue differently. So Match. And if the company hears that a customer has lied about their marital status, they are dismissed.

Yahoo and uDate, on the other hand, leave the policing up to the users. From a social perspective, this has some disadvantages, and from a business perspective it has advantages.


Many have far more wholesome motives. So for example, we made it easy to e-mail personal to friends. These people are married matchmakers. And we pick up a fair of subscriptions from that. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

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