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The revelations are likely to heighten debate about genetic privacy and the self-policing models of testing companies, as well as law enforcement access.

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In April, a suspect was arrested. What happened, and Who is he? He had a knife and gun.

Sacramento's railroad history

I was terrified. Just when I thought he was gone, he burst back in and stabbed the knife in the bed an inch from my face. He screamed that he had seen me move. He said he was going to cut body parts off my family and bring them to me. I felt in my heart that my children and I were going to die.

The untold story of how the golden state killer was found: a covert operation and private dna

Do you believe in evil? It was in my house that night. For 42 years, the East Area Rapist evaded Sacramento law enforcement as he assaulted and murdered almost at will, from the eastern communities of Sacramento to Southern California. He seemed to come from nowhere and escaped to nowhere. He was the original boogeyman, the uncatchable criminal, the terrible menace behind the mask. DeAngelo was arrested in his home in Citrus Heights where he had lived for 38 years, in the middle of the community where he allegedly caused such mayhem, fear and pain.

If DeAngelo, a former Auburn police officer, is found guilty of these crimes, which include multiple rapes in Sacramento and numerous murders in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange counties, it will end the longest successful manhunt in Sacramento law enforcement and FBI history. The criminal who unleashed his own particular reign of horror, rape and murder was a cold-blooded terrorist. Although new facts continue to emerge about the case, it is already a wildly diverse story I just have to unleash some sexual Sacramento a deranged psychopath who changed Sacramento from a small, trusting town of unlocked doors into an armed encampment where fear stalked the streets.

There is no trial date set for DeAngelo, and there may not be for some time as investigators are still looking for crimes he may have committed. In fact, it may be years before DeAngelo goes to trial because so much evidence is being gathered by law enforcement and so many legal issues must be resolved. While having a viable suspect in jail has relieved victims and buoyed law enforcement investigators, even a guilty verdict or plea will not answer all the questions this case has raised.

Chief among these: Who exactly is DeAngelo? Did he truly stop his ram inas records seem to indicate?

Unsolved mystery?

How did he get away with it for so long? Did he, as one former investigator suggests, have an unwitting friend in the Sacramento Police Department, and did the two talk frequently about the upcoming strategies law enforcement was planning to use to catch the East Area Rapist? Still to come may be legal tests that could determine how law enforcement is allowed to use those DNA sites. There is another crucially important part to this story, though—one that has been mostly overlooked in the barrage of media coverage.

It involves the bravery, hard work and ingenuity—and sheer tenacity—of investigators.

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The case also played a role in the evolution of women as a force within local and state law enforcement agencies. Carol Daly became one of the first female homicide investigators in California during the East Area Rapist case. One of the brightest lights to emerge from this story is Carol Daly, who became one of the first female homicide investigators in California during this case and who made historic changes in the way rape cases were handled. About that time, law enforcement began to change its policies at the gun shooting ranges.

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Daly was soon adept at both. I guess you could say it became my ministry.

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I feel it was my faith that gave me the patience, wisdom and understanding to work with victims, to genuinely care about them and do what I could to help them put their lives back together. In the pre-dawn hours of June 18,Sacramento County dispatch received a frantic call from a young woman, who gasped that she had just been raped and was still tied up and feared her assailant might be coming back. Deputies responded to the call on Paseo Drive in Rancho Cordova to find a year-old woman bound with thin rope.

Her wrists and ankles were tied so tightly that her hands and feet were already a dark purple; she had barely been able to dial the phone. She was terrified; only later was she able to tell what had happened that night.

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She was the first official victim of the East Area Rapist. The assault would be repeated dozens of times with other victims in the east area of Sacramento over the next 18 months. The woman told investigators she was awakened about 3 a. Still mostly asleep, she wondered if she was having a nightmare. In front of her, holding a large knife in the air, was a man in a ski mask. He wore a dark T-shirt but no pants. He was erect.

Terrified, she pulled the covers over her head. He was on her in an instant, swearing and threatening, throwing off the blankets and stabbing the tip of the knife into her temple. Talking in a guttural, violent voice through clenched teeth, he told her in graphic terms he was going to rape her, and he did. Crime scene after East Area Rapist attack. He occasionally broke into a house a couple times before the night of the rape. Sometimes he would kill it. He was into terrorizing his victims and gaining total control over them. Prowling and obscene phone calls were reported throughout the neighborhood before the attack.

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Those, too, would become common elements of East Area Rapist assaults. The rape victims, who began to grow in startling s in latetold investigators that the masked man often ransacked their houses after the rape. He would open every drawer and closet and throw items all over the room, making noise and tearing everything apart.

He sometimes stuttered and usually talked between clenched teeth; he often seemed angry to the point of exploding. He was described as being between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall with a medium build, with dark hair and green or light-blue eyes. One description many rape victims agreed upon regarding the attacker—and this was relevant because it was often the only part of his body left uncovered—was that he had a small penis.

During this early time, Daly was ased to question and accompany the rape victims to hospitals.

She helped make them a top priority for medical centers, and they were treated carefully and immediately upon arrival. She also helped further the development of rape kits. She was promoted to captain and then became the first female undersheriff of Sacramento County.

She was later appointed by Gov. Gray Davis to serve as the chairperson for the Board of Prison Terms, becoming one of the most accomplished and influential women in California law enforcement. He raped and ramd seemingly at will. At first, he raped only single women, alone in their homes, but when a local newspaper ran a piece pointing that out, he began attacking homes where couples, and often their children, slept.

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In a methodology that has been well-covered in media reports, he would break into the homes in the middle of the night, shine a flashlight into the eyes of the sleeping couple, make violent and perverse threats with a gun or knife or both, and order the woman to tie up the man with shoelaces or other ligatures. As local media began to cover the rapes more closely, the communities grew anxious. Often, more than people showed up.

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Daly conducted the meetings. It was the worst rape of them all. What they overcame to keep their love together is the greatest single piece of this entire story. One thing we had was a series of sensor lights that could detect the vibrations of someone walking. We put those along the river and bike trails at night because we knew he was probably using them to travel in the darkness.

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-plate s had to be taken down by hand, and although tips flowed in by the thousands from the public, none of them panned out. A higher tech effort came when the CEO of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, east of San Francisco, called law enforcement and said he was worried because his daughter was going to Sacramento State.

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The offer was accepted, but they still could not catch the East Area Rapist. Byevery gun in every store in the county had been purchased by residents, a total of more than 6, firearms. Law enforcement officers were volunteering to work overtime every week, and special patrols searched the river parkways and other open areas the rapist was known to use in his nightly prowling.

He continued to strike at will, including five times in May. Then, inhe suddenly vanished from Sacramento.

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His movements from that time onward were unknown at the time, but now investigators know he was a regular visitor to the East Bay, Stockton and Davis, where at least 19 attacks, with similar MOs, were reported. Then, on Dec. The killer shot Offerman three times and Manning once in the head before moving to their refrigerator and eating the rest of their turkey dinner. Their hands were tied with familiar knots.