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How to tell if a girl is right for you, I am picking femme who How to tell if a girl is right for you fatties

Guest Contributor. But if you happen to be in an unhappy relationship, or simply with the wrong person, life can feel quite long. With an unsupportive or incompatible partner, these obstacles can seem insurmountable.

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Should I start dating other women at the same time? Should I dump her, or should I stick with it and see if it gets better? She wants to be a good girl for you because you are being a good man for her and you also behave in a way that makes her look up to you and respect you.

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Browse all Get Style. Browse all Get Strong. Browse all Get Social. Browse all Get Skilled. When we wrote 14 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriageseveral people rightly pointed out that the best way to obtain a happy and faithful marriage is to marry the right person.

When it is comes to getting hitched, guys get cold feet for two reasons. Some guys are uber-picky.

They have a list in their minds of their perfect wife characteristics: hot but not slutty, smart but not nerdy, skinny but a good cook, etc. Unfortunately, no real woman can live up to the fantasy, and these guys stay perpetually single. Here are five guidelines that guided me on deciding my wife was the one for me: 1. The relationship goes smoothly from the beginning. The best relationships I have seen, including my own, happened completely naturally from start to finish.

The couple meets, they get along swimmingly, they start dating, and then they get married. Everything about our relationship felt like the most natural thing in the world. We never broke up and got back together.

Or even considered doing so. In contrast, many couples break up and get back together numerous times.

They fight and then make up and then fight again. But the volatility will inevitably continue into the marriage.

Whether that volatility is acceptable is up to each individual man and their sense of the strength of that relationship. She gets along well with your family and friends. Now there may be exceptions to this rule: your girlfriend and one of your friends or family members may simply have clashing personality traits.

But in general, it is a red flag if your girlfriend does not mix well with your loved ones. Think about it — your family raised you and made you who you are, and you picked your friends based on your common interests and values. When you are in love, it often blurs your vision and judgment.

If you are sure of your relationship, be confident in moving forward with it. But it is wise to seek honest feedback from others. There is nothing major you want to change about her. There will always be differences and conflicts in a relationship.

But if there is something truly ificant about your girlfriend that you wish she would change, then that is a red flag. In the initial stages of a relationship, when your brain is bathed with love chemicals, you may be willing to overlook the flaw or even find it strangely endearing. But after several years, when the love chemicals have ebbed, this flaw may begin to grate on your soul.

Physical attraction and chemistry are obviously crucial to any relationship. But at the core of the relationship should be a strong and deeply rooted friendship. Therefore, if you feel like your girlfriend is your best friend in the world, there is a very good chance that she is the one for you.

2. you don’t secretly think about leaving her for another woman

Do you want to spend all your time with her? Does she make any situation from going to a ballgame to doing your taxes more enjoyable? Do you feel like you could tell her anything and that she knows more about you than anyone in the world? Throughout the entire period of dating and being engaged, up until the night before my wedding, I never had a single second thought about my impending nuptials. The only thing I felt was happiness and excited anticipation.

1. she treats you well, loves you, cares about you and is interested in your life

Like all of these tips, your mileage on this one may vary. But if you go back and forth every week about whether you have made the right decision, you may want to do some serious soul searching. Menu podcast. Clothing Accessories Facial Hair Ties. Fitness Health Program Review. Family Fatherhood Relationships Social Skills. Related Articles.

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