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I have a confession.

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Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. I did not have a category for someone thinking they were a follower of Christ and not actually being one. I assumed that if I had any desire to be a Christian, God should welcome me with shouts of joy. No one ever told me that people could do a lot of mighty works for God and yet still be lost.

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Let's dive deep into much-needed biblical truths for the modern girl in her twenties. No filter. No fluff. Just the good stuff. Hey girl!

And many of them would then go on to ask how they could stop being a lukewarm Christian and thus break the vicious and never-ending cycle that they were in. Click the image below to grab your FREE devotional on how to stop being a lukewarm Christian and begin walking with the Lord in the way He originally deed! I grew up in a Church.

Praying before a meal and reading my Bible each night was a given. Honestly, you could have ed me up to be the poster child of good behaviour. But seriously. Perhaps you can kind of relate to my story. You hid your faith so well outside of church hours that even if you were to be the only Christian among a group of non-believers, it would probably have been near-impossible to pick you out from the crowd… But it is time to stop being a lukewarm Christian and halt that lukewarmness in its tracks. For example, eating a sweet treat would be a much lovelier experience.

Reading these statements made my heart want to cry… and I really wished I could have been physically next to them to give them a big hug! Each and every time I see a message like that, I always tell them this…. This simple truth serves to remind you over and over that whoever truly comes to the cross will never be cast out.

Do you like your drinks hot or cold?

You are saved by grace through faith. But true faith bears good fruit… so without good fruit, there is no evidence of your faith and consequently, if you are comfortable with living out a lukewarm faith, you have not truly come to the cross.

What is happening, in reality, is hypocrisy. Can such faith save them? And this is where grace comes in. Due to our imperfections, blemishes and stains, nothing that we do on our part is enough to be saved. The only thing that can make us anew is our faith in a saviour… where we will then go on to repent of our sins and proclaim our need for a redeemer. Evidence of true faith can be seen through the good fruit that you bear.

A personal story about linking arms with lukewarm faith

It can also be seen when you wholeheartedly repent of your sins and proclaim your need for a saviour. However, no amount of good works is enough to cleanse you of your sins.

This is where grace comes in. When we have faith, it is by grace we are saved. So even though we are not good enough, He still loves us enough to save us. His sacrifice on the cross is what ultimately saves us. God knew you were never going to be perfect. If you were perfect already and never sinned ever again, then what use is there of a saviour?

His sacrifice exists to give you comfort that even though we should be living a life striving to be more and more like Jesus, because doing so is evidence of our faith, we can rest with full assurance knowing that salvation is How to stop being a lukewarm christian guaranteed to those who put their faith in Him. Or have there been moments in your life where you would choose the approval of the world over the approval of your Creator? Have you been living a life of hypocrisy and lukewarmness? So at the end of this blog post, go for a walk outside or lock your doors and switch off your devices and begin praying out loud.

Begin repenting of your inadequacies and then boldly choose to begin living a life after Christ. No more hiding, no more faking. However, when we begin immersing ourselves more regularly and intentionally in the Word, it becomes much easier to discern what is true and good and what is false and appears good. When we worship idols, it comes in many shapes and forms i. So begin digging deep and really ask yourself questions like these… what do you find your identity in? Do you find your identity in your Creator, or do you find your identity in success?

Or perhaps you find your identity in popularity and being well liked?

Or you might find your identity in your own sense of perfection and idealism. Whatever it is, you are most likely afraid of something other than doing wrong by God. And because you fear that thing, what you fear has become your top priority… even above the Lord. It has, in short, become an idol in your life. These days, I actually get a headache from having Netflix playing on in the background. This might not necessarily be the case with you, but I realized the reason why… I was spending far more time engaging with Netflix and Spotify even though it was only ever worship music than actually quieting my mind and spending time with the Lord.

Taking the first step:

It was only when I decided to intentionally quiet down the noise from the outside world, that I began feeling more peace in my life. Honestly, I am like my baby nephew in so many ways. I pick up food with my hands and keep slapping my mouth with it.

Sometimes I get it right and the food goes in. But sometimes the food ends up on my lap or flinging onto the poor sap sitting next to me.


When it comes to our faith, there are going to be good seasons and there are going to be bad seasons. So having Godly friendships with people you can talk to and having regular ability and heart checks are important. The life that you have chosen to live… the life that wants nothing more than to chase after the gospel is a hard one. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, 5 for each one should carry their own load. If you feel like you have no one in this life to talk to about your faith, hi truthfullymichelle.

In this PC world, living out a lukewarm faith has become the norm. But He wants to work in your life outside of the confines of lukewarm Christianity. So are you willing to do the dance of life together with Him? Are you ready to hold onto His hand and take a leap of faith into His arms?

Drop a comment below and let me know — do you relate to being a lukewarm Christian? I love creating relevant faith-based content for modern, twenty-something girls written from an honest, down-to-earth and biblically grounded point of view. Do you have something to share with the tens of thousands of Truthfully, Michelle Girls After Truth readers?

Click the button below! And receive weekly personal, deep, faith filled chats straight into your inbox! Lukewarm Christian. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Grab Your Freebies! As for me, I'm just your 24 year old girl next door, bible college student and the creator of Truthfully, Michelle and Girls After Truth.

The treasure slipping silently away

I don't claim to know it all or have all the answers, but I hope that we can walk alongside one another, seek His ultimate truth through scripture and with joy, live that set-apart life that our Father has created us purposefully for! Thank you for taking the time to check out my site! I am so excited to share more with you about this passion that the Lord has placed upon my heart and get to know a little more about who the Lord lovingly made you to be!

Cinnamon spiced lattes, puppies with bows and watercolour paintings are just some of my favourite things.

I’m a lukewarm christian — does that mean i’m not saved?

For He is the One who calls you by name and has loved you from the beginning of time! Welcome to my little space on the internet! I'm just your 24 year old girl next door, bible college student and the creator of Truthfully, Michelle and Girls After Truth. I don't claim to know it all or have all the answers nor do I want to shoulder a claim like that. If you've just realised how hard your twenties are and need some honest biblical truths in your life.