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Contents 1 What Is a Cannabis Blunt? Smoking weed is still one of the most preferred ways to consume the cannabis plant around the world. While you can use various methods for smoking weed, blunts and ts are still the most popular ones.

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I started by looking online. A statistical analysis from drug policy researchers estimates the average t includes 0. But a survey conducted by High Times puts the average closer to 0. So I found the most common rolling paper sizes and a few not-so-common ones and set out to mathematically determine just how many grams are in a t.

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If you're smoking a t to enjoy the psychoactive effects of THCthen you might want to know how much of the potent cannabinoid is in a typical smoke. Here you'll learn how to calculate the amount of THC in a t and understand what percentage of the cannabinoid your body is actually processing.

First, let's define a key term: bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the proportionate active effect of any drug or substance entering the body. In simpler terms, your body is unlikely to absorb all of the available compounds in any given substance.

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Prescription medications, vitamin supplements, and food and beverages all have a certain bioavailability when circulating through the body. THC also has a measurable amount of bioavailability, depending on how much your body absorbs rather than how much is present in the t. To calculate how much THC is in a t, Dr. Adie Rae, a neuroscientist and scientific adviser to Weedmaps, offered the following formulas and sample calculations:.

If you'd rather skip the math equations, a modern t may contain between 60 to mg of THC or morerepresenting a sharp increase from the approximately 10 mg common in the s. The above formulas tell us how much THC is in a t, but they tell us nothing about how much your body is absorbing from the t. According to Rae, this will depend on several factors that differ among individuals.

These factors include:. There are several factors in an individual puff.

The volume of smoke per puff is typically about 35 milliliters but can be as big as 55 milliliters for context, the volume of a shot glass is about 40 milliliters. This volume is determined by the force and amount of time a person inhales. Ultimately, bioavailability is calculated by measuring the THC in the blood, and comparing that to how much THC you started with in the t. To illustrate bioavailability, Rae provided the following examples using one gram ts and half gram ts.

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In fact, it's not as simple as bioavailability affecting your high. Your high is simply dose-dependent.

In other words, the more efficient your puff technique, the higher you get. Is there a way to increase your bioavailability to get higher? Proponents of the secret breath method claim that one inhalation of cannabis can produce the effect of five or even ten inhalations.

The technique involves drawing a series of deliberate breaths through pursed lips. Breathing in this manner may expand the alveoli in the lungs, allowing the consumer to take in more THC. There's only one way to know for sure how much THC you've lost: get your blood drawn and tested. How much THC your body absorbs is contingent on several factors, some of which like puff technique are within your control.

Regardless of how much THC becomes bioactive in your brain, today's ts are potent and likely to get a novice consumer high.

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All consumers should exercise caution while experimenting with puff techniques and consult with a medical professional when in doubt. Reviewed by Dr. Adie Rae, Ph. The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice. This was last updated on December 22, Home Order Online New. How do you calculate the milligrams of THC in a t? THC has a measurable amount of bioavailability, depending on how much your body absorbs rather than how much is present in the t.

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