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In general, the pregnancy sac is visible with ultrasound at about 5 weeks gestation this is calculated from the last menstrual period, not conception. Usually a transvaginal assessment is needed as scanning through the abdomen does not provide enough detail at this very early stage of pregnancy. By weeks gestation the yolk sac is visible, although the embryo is usually not reliably seen until about 6 weeks gestation when it measures approximately 5mm in length.

The embryonic heart beat should be visible at 6 weeks gestation. By 8 weeks gestation the embryo can usually be seen readily with abdominal scanning.

The limbs of the embryo are visible at weeks gestation with body movements observed. A dating ultrasound of the length of the embryo when performed at weeks gestation is accurate to within about 3 days. Beyond this time the accuracy reduces due to flexion bending of the fetus and individual growth variance.

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