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Baby hedgehogs

We have two pairs of hedgehogs breeding atm and any babies produced will be ready to go home in late July. We understand the need for hedgehogs! So if you feel you can't wait please get on our waiting list to reserve a spot for the next available hoglet. If you have put your name on the waiting list don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away. I know what order they are received and I will contact you if you are next.

Its simple to get a hedgehog from us. There are just 3 initial things that we'll need in order for you to get started:. Sometimes there are available hedgehogs, but most times there is a waiting list. Sorry, but most babies are sold before they are even born.

Hedgehogs for sale

Usually we have around 5 per litter. Which is fairly easy, but we do this to make sure every one knows how to take care of hedgehogs. You will not be able to take home a hedgehog until you've completed 2 and 3. If you buy an available hedgehog:.

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If you buy an available hedgehog you will still need to fill out our Adoption Form and do the Basic Knowledge Quiz before you can take your hedgehog home. Once you go through our store and place your order, or text us a day within a week that you would like to pick up your that is in our available schedule.

If you get on the waiting list:. You can see when this is on our schedule.

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People are contacted in order from the waiting lists. Picking One Out: When I contact you that a hedgehog is available, you'll have 24 hours to pick which one you would like from the newsletter I'll send you and place your deposit. If you would like to visit the hedgehogs to pick one out in person, let me know in advance and we can set up an appointment for the day the babies will be available to you via the waiting list.

Know that you cannot pick up your hedgehog that day because they will be too young. Even if you have decided which one you will like, it is not held for you until I receive a deposit. After You Pick One Out: When you choose which one you would like and I receive a deposit within the 24 hours of your available time, your hedgehog is held until they are weeks of agewhich is when they will be done weaning.

If there is a hedgehog that is not done weaning, I may have to keep them for a little longer until they are fully weaned. I do weekly photo updates every week after you have put down your deposit! Because I know its way too much excitement waiting to receive a baby hedgehog and go with radio silence for 3 weeks until pickup.

Please set up a pickup appointment a week in advance from the pickup date! You can change your appointment 2 times, and must give 24 hrs notice beforehand.

After that inconvenience fees will apply. I will let you know the pickup dates in the hoglet newsletter.

You will have a week to pickup your hedgehog after the weaned date, please get in contact with me for a pickup date. You can pay for your hedgehog in full anytime online after the hoglets are 4 weeks old.

Hedgehog breeder in lexington, ky for sale in lexington, kentucky

The deposit and any waiting list fees should have already been deducted from the price. You can also pay with cash, debit or credit and money order when you come to pick your hedgehog up, but we do not accept checks. Last step: Bring your adorable hedgie home! Follow us on. Welcome to the Happy-Heart Hedgies website!

We're a hedgehog breeder currently operating out of Western Kentucky and we love our hedgies. We stand our name and focus on breeding happy, healthy hedgehogs.

Of course all of them are adorable! Our litters may be a little more spread out than other breeders because we are a smaller family run business. You can either get on our waiting list to guarantee you don't miss out on the hedgehog you want or subscribe to get s so that you don't miss out on alerts of new litters.

Each of our hedgehogs have pedigrees, so that no inbreeding is possible and we are in the process of getting USDA d. We look forward to hearing from you, in the meantime have a look around to see what we're all about. A Care Packet. Basic Care Instructions with Do's and Dont's for your new hedgie.

A Birth Certificate. So that you can have adorable proof of where and when they were born, and can register your hedgehog on the International Hedgehog Registry.

Lifetime of assistance from us, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. We have pedigrees for reputable breeders and we have pedigrees which you will need to have if you want to breed.

If you buy an available hedgehog: If you buy an available hedgehog you will still need to fill out our Adoption Form and do the Basic Knowledge Quiz before you can take your hedgehog home. Social Media. Happy-Heart Hedgies said what?