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This guide explains how to buy Android apps without a credit card. When it comes to buying appsgamesmusic, movies and more from the Google Play Store there are multiple different ways to pay.

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How to buy from Google Play without a credit card. Some time ago, you downloaded the trial version of an app to Android which turned out to be particularly useful and, convinced of the fact that it could be useful again in the future, he decided to buy it and remove the limitations imposed by the free version.

The problem, however, is that you don't have credit card to be able to combine with Google Playso you are thinking of giving up and finding an alternative that, although less efficient, does not require any type of purchase. As I already mentioned during the introductory words of this guide, there are versions of Google Google play credit card required that accept a of other alternative payment methods to credit and prepaid cards, such as the card American Express or the LIS- card PayPal for the latter, the accepted circuits are American Express, MasterCard, Visa y Visa Electron Let's see how to buy on Google Play without a credit card.

Now that you know the payment methods accepted by the Google store, it's time to get to the heart of this guide and explain How to buy on Google Play without a credit card.

Therefore, in the following sections I will explain to you how to act according to the "alternative" payment method you have chosen. To buy products on Google Play using PayPalproceed as follows. Later, press on Add PayPal enter the e-mail associated with your in the text field addressindicates the password that will be used to access the field PayPal password and press the button to access to confirm.

At this point, you should see a window in which you authorize Google Play to use your Paypal to make purchases: authorizes pressing the corresponding button and that's it. If, instead, you want to combine the PayPal with Google Play through computerconnected to this website, log in with the same Google configured in Android, click on the item Add a payment method and in Add PayPal. At this point, the verification screen should open automatically - click the button siguiente and once the PayPal interface is loaded, access credentials in the appropriate fields.

Click the button to access y authorizes Google Play for payments through PayPal. From now on, you can use PayPal credit to buy new apps or make in-app purchases.

How to remove card details or payment method from google play: step-by-step guide

To find the dealer closest to you, you can use this website, which Google itself makes available. At this point, touch Use code and, in the text box attached to the screen that opens, enter the necessary information and touch the button Use code.

Gift card credit will be added immediately to Google Play balanceready to be used to make purchases. If, instead, you want to redeem the code through the PC, connected to this weblog in, if necessary, to the Google to which you add the credit and click on Add a payment method located on the that opens.

Then click Use codeenter the gift card code in the appropriate field and click the button Use code to finish everything. Another way to "top up" your Google Play balance is to use the rewards offered by the free Google Opinion Rewards app.

Depending on the places you usually frequent, it periodically shows specific surveys, crediting small sums in the Google Play balance ranging from 5 cents to more than 1 euro for each survey conducted. Since Opinion Rewards' operation is primarily based on visited locations, it is essential that once the application is installed, all necessary permissions are granted and geolocation options are active on the Android device. The survey proposals are made and notified automatically through a special warning message: to increase the possibility of participation, I suggest you visit the points of interest in your city shopping centers, tourist attractions, restaurantsmuseums, etc.

Pay in stores with speed and security

To receive the reward, you simply have to answer the questions that will be asked, as honestly as possible: at the end of the survey, a random amount will be credited directly to your Google Play balance. If you prefer, you can make purchases on Google Play without a credit card, even using direct debit at phone bill. In this way, you can take advantage of the remaining credit on the SIM card inserted in the phone to pay for purchases in the Play Store.

From this moment, the money spent on the Play Store will be charged to your phone .

Encrypted and secured by google

If you have added more payment methods to Google Play, you can use them without distinction to make the purchases you want; note that, if not expressly stated, the Google play credit card required of the Google Play balance will take priority compared to other added payment methods. Instead, at the end of the purchase from the PC, select the device in which to install the application from the proposed drop-down menu, click on the button siguiente and then on the shaped button arrowhead pointing down placed next to the active payment method, then specify the new mode in the proposed drop-down menu.

To complete the transaction, press the button BUY and wait for the app to install on the device in question. Press ESC to close. Creative Stop 7 Reading Min. Share Article:.

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