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Furthermore, unlike other choice words and phrases not covered in a traditional school setting, much of the language used to describe the wide spate of sex-related concepts are left out of other public streams of communication completely. Because of this, and because, as Engle notes, new terms around sex, gender, and sexuality, are constantly emerging, many are left out of the know. In light of this ever-growing sex icon, educate yourself below with the comprehensive glossary of sex terms, defined by pros.

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Top definition.

Sexual acts are generally described by the positions the participants take in order to perform those acts. Penetrating partner then holds receiving partner tightly round each instep or ankle with full hand then lies on receiving partner full-length. Also called the "whoa girl" position. Also known as the spider position. The penetrating partner kneels astride the receiver's lowermost leg, thus gaining access to either vagina or anus.

The most outrageous urban dictionary sex positions that hopefully no one has actually done (nsfw)

Good for pregnancy, or for overweight partners. Experiment, as one side usually gives better alignment than the other for any given pairing. Very effective for women with orgasm difficulties. The receiving partner may stimulate the penetrating partner's genitals by reaching behind. Called by the English, " riding St. Another advantage is that the penetrating partner may view the receiving partner's back, which some find to be an erotic stimulus.

The top 25 dirtiest sex acts from urban dictionary

The penetrating partner in this position is essentially immobile, and the receiver fully controls the intercourse. The intercourse then continues by the receiver's leaning backwards and pushing against the penetrator.

Receiving partner can assume any of four positions: cowgirl; reverse cowgirl; Italian chandelier; or horizontal reverse. The receiving partner reclines or sits on the edge of the furniture - sofa, counter, bed, etc. The penetrating partner stands or kneels, depending on the height of the furniture, supports the receiving partner's legs with their arms, and penetrates them. In this position, the penetrating partner can adjust the angle of penetration to enter from above or below to effect more stimulation.

This position provides a good view for the penetrating partner of the penetration occurring.

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Rational person: Shut up psycho. Well yeahit seems gratuitousbut still - how the hell has nobody defined this yet? A position in which people have sex, or masturbate y'knowit IS still a sexual practise. The life and soul of Urban Dictionary. For an example of a sexual position, click 'random definition' a few times; you'll get the idea.

Sexual Positions.

Stupid pronunciation from sex positionsSexposition. Those are more than enough definition Dumb Ass. M: What kind of Sexual Positions do you have? I want it all W: 69,miss, 69 standing ,doggy,ymcaViennese Oyster ,cow girl, monkey bar. Where one is ranked on the sexual ladder.

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