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Getting married in honduras, I am look up chica who Getting married in honduras ukrainian

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Registro Civil or Civil Registry in Honduras will produce a marriage certificate after legally marrying a couple under the laws and presentation of required documents. If you are not a Honduran citizen, you will be required to produce the following documents:. A valid passport. A certified copy of your birth certificate.

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Hi all, We invite all the ones who got married in Honduras or who are about to get married in Honduras to participate in this thread What are the formalities to get married in Honduras? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners Getting married in honduras for a mixed couple between a foreigner and a native of Honduras? Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities? Thank you in advance for participating, Armand. Been there tried it. Too many hassles and road blocks placed for a Gringo! One Municipality told me they dont Marry Gringos. My Advice, Go to Belize and get married there in 3 days.

This is from having lived in Honduras for over 15 years. Bring a pencil and paper and ask for details! Or have someone do this visit for you. I'm from the U. My Honduran boyfriend and I are currently going through the process. We quickly learned that the local officials will be the ones processing the papers, so it's a bad idea to take advice from anyone else.

Marrying and sponsoring a honduran

Specifically, do not listen to the U. Embassy in Tegucigalpa. The embassy's intentions may be good, but they will cheerfully take your money and screw you over. Well, I took the paper back to the municipal office only to be told that it was useless. They cannot accept me simply swearing that I'm single, no matter what bigwig witnessed Getting married in honduras doing so; they need proof that someone has searched at least some archive in the U.

After much combing of the Internet, it appears you must contact your state's Office of Vital Statistics or equivalent. They cover the entire state, so they have dealt with foreign marriages before and should be familiar with issuing "Verification of No Marriage Letters" or such. The Honduran municipal officials seem to expect this to be accompanied by a copy of your birth certificate because that's how records are organized in Honduras.

That's as far as we have gotten so far. Apparently, you must also get an apostille for the documents and a certified translation. We don't yet know what that will entail, other than plenty of headaches. Hopefully all the hassles will make it that much sweeter to be married in the end.

And I hope you, reader, will at least learn from my mistakes and not fall for the Embassy's disinformation! Getting married in Honduras is definitely a huge hassle! I did it many years ago, and already then it was a bit of a pain, but they're even pickier about the paperwork now I co-ordinate weddings at a resort in Roatan.

Paperwork needs to be submitted Getting married in honduras the municipality at least 2 weeks in advance, though better to do it further in advance, as there's almost always something wrong with some paper. You can have someone take in photocopies and then bring originals down, if you won't be in Honduras that much before your wedding.

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Documents needed are: -a valid passport or your cedula for Honduran citizens -a certified copy of your birth certificate - blood test- AIDS screening -divorce certificate if ly married, AND a letter attesting to single status that has been prepared by a city official in your town of birth, that has been authenticated by the Honduran Embassy in your country.

If it's your 1st marriage, just the single status document -two witnesses with valid passports, cannot be relatives -All documents that are not in Spanish need to be translated with the translators stamp and seal Once you have it all together and you get married, it's not over!

The official marriage certificate usually takes months to come to the registro nacional de Getting married in honduras, where you'll need to go pay a fee and pick it up, and a lot of times, even if your paperwork was in order, for some reason the certificate isn't there, and you'll need to go back to the municipality to find out why. Definitely not a process for the faint of heart! Hi unuunilium and roatanhostel! Thanks a lot for your inputs Regards Armand.

I was married in honduras to my BF that is from honduras. Hello Nikkiv and welcome to Expat. Thank you for helping!

If I have all the documents, how long before we can get married? I'll only be there for 3 weeks and when I get back to the states I plan on Getting married in honduras the spousal visa process. Also, can I just marry in the town closest to my fiancee -Tocoa or do we have to go 8 hours away to the capital Hello Nikkiv, was the single status affidavit you got at the embassy the same one others here are saying wasn't valid? I'm getting married next month and was told this is valid but I'm not sure now.

I am from Honduras and I am not married yet, but I think it is not that difficult to get married here. You can get married quickly, but you will need to register your marriage with your consulate, if you want the marriage recognized outside of Honduras.

Honduran marriage basic requirements

You can have a civil marriage anywhere. Do not trust anyone else!!

Are you going to be legal residents of Honduras? Make sure that she has a pregnancy test first. Honduran women love to try and get citizenship for their children from another man. Sorry but it is true!

Getting married in honduras

A pregnancy test is much less expensive than DNA. I'm Canadian gf is hondurian I've been married before, and want to remarry. I called vitals statistics in my birth city and they did not think that they could provide a letter saying I'm single, only that I have not been married in the last 3 years.

However I can call the federal government in Ottawa to get a statement in lieu of non-impediment to marry abroad, takes 25dsys then send to honduras embassy to get it? If you're looking for him to become a US Citizen. If you have or kids either one you or him in either country it will slow it down. Speak with American attorney first. So it's better that we get marry in USA.

He's visiting USA in September on his visa. Can we get marry when he arrives? Has anyone remarried in Honduras?

Do you need a document from the city of your birth stating you are single? I only have a 12 day vacation from work and we plan on being married during my visit. I have never left the country before so all of this is brand new to me.

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I got my us citizenship 2 years ago and i was raised and born in Honduras till i was 19 years old, do i till need to get this affidavit of single status form from a US embassy to married in Honduras or i can just go to the registro de las personas de honduras since im already a Honduran citizen aswell? They make everything easy on you. However, that document may be asked for or bring proof of divorce, if you have one! Once we go thru all and get married in Honduras, how long do I expect to wait until Getting married in honduras can bring my wife to the US? Look guys, unless the gal has a university degree, save yourself the headache and heartache.

Honduran women do not have a bad reputation for nothing! If you think that you are going to come down here and marry a poor girl, well good luck! Bring a police record, divorce papers, passport, birth certificate and proof from the US Embassy that you are not still married. A visa to the US will most likely take three years, longer if there is a great disparity in age! Happy trails!! Go to Texas and get married within 24 hours - and your Honduran counterpart does not even need to be there.

Texas has proxy marriages and you do not need to be a citizen of Texas. Contact a county clerk and ask what documents Getting married in honduras will need only the most basic documents are required. All you will need is a "warm body" to stand-in for your intended. Marriage in Honduras is a joke process and a Honduran attorney's gold mine! Possible felony charges??!!

Residency in a month??? Christ could only walk on water, nothing compared to you! Have a Great Day! Wooddull - Your prior statement: Really???? Have a Great Day!! Get real Wooddull!

Try investigating before accusing; instead of the simplicity of negativity. PS: She is d to practice before the Honduras Supreme Court and didn't cost me an arm and a leg! More negativity, Wooddull.

Getting married in roatan

Please tread carefully with your negativity. Every day is a great day when you walk in the Light!!! PS: I was 72 years old and my Honduran wife was 60 years old when we were married - and it's wonderful.

Didn't even need a pregnancy test! Proxy weddings are not recognized as legally binding in most jurisdictions: both parties must be present. Some guys have all the luck!