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Funny email websites, Swede lady hunting for friend to Funny email websites

If you want to send fake s to prank your friends and family, there are a few online services worth exploring.

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Most people spend a lot of time in their inbox, making it a good target for pranks. Let's look at some free pranks that you can enjoy playing on your friends. While these are mostly harmless, don't forget that some people might not take kindly to pranks.

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Humor works like a charm in marketing.

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Not only because laughter is the best medicine, but also because people like funny brands. With billion s sent and received every day, getting your s noticed is becoming harder.

Adding humor to your marketing gives your company personality and, thus, helps you stand out among the competition. Not all types of humor work for every brand, however. In it, you will learn how top e-commerce brands optimize their s for humor and how you can, too.

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Check out this subject line they recently used:. Given the current Corona situation, Huckberry cleverly targets the new Funny email websites of our workdays: Zoom meetings. Huckberry often uses this type of subtle humor in their s. What begins as a story any plus-year-old can easily relate to, turns out to be a promotion for a high-demanded product and its year satisfaction guarantee.

Next, the company adds a fun twist to the remainder of its by using what looks like a customer testimonial :.

The company rather states the facts you can relate to in a humorous tone. When you speak the language of your target audience, you can write s that better appeal to them. Function of Beauty is an excellent example of that.

A while ago, they sent an with this subject line:. This time, the company visually recreates the social media feel by what looks like a funny meme shared on Instagram. Check out this example where the company simply took a screenshot of an actual tweet they had shared earlier:.

Hint: if you need help keeping up with the current meme culture, follow this subreddit. When it comes to humor, some brands have a clear advantage over others.

Companies selling quirky gifts, novelty socks, or babywear, for example, have a lot to work with. BarkBox is one of those brands. Imagine you can use puppies and cute dogs in your marketing… Well, they can and they do. Take a look at this example:.

Clicking the call-to-action CTA button to reveal the deal takes you to a landing where you see this:. Instead, they add a little fun to this in their humorous tone. They smartly work fun into their conversion elements and, that way, sell to you by putting a smile on your face.

Not ready to go all-in with bold humor? Any blog post about funny s and brilliant copywriting would be incomplete without Chubbies. What makes Chubbies unique, in my opinion, is the authenticity and personality coming through in their voice of tone. Every they send feels honest and personally written, no matter how promotional they are.

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While the company sends out long-form, newsletter-type s, each section feels personal and genuine. Check out this example where Chubbies, first, promotes its stretch shorts by using humorous copy and accompanying photography :.

In the remainder of theChubbies announces that one of their popular products is back in stock, yet, they do this in their authentic, funny tone, too:. What often sets authentically funny newsletters apart from automated s is how timely the former are.

Shinestyan inherently sarcastic apparel brand, knows this well. Their humor is bold and not suitable for every brand.

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However, their s are always up-to-date with the latest news or trends, which we can all learn from. Even before you open theyou get an idea of what to expect. This is what Funny email websites looks like:. Instead of simply displaying the different mask des, they turn it into a game, and, unsurprisingly, no matter which hilarious answer you choose, they take you to their product s. When it comes to humor, Shinesty, indeed, goes the extra mile.

To leverage the Tiger King hype, Shinesty hilariously rebranded its animal prints line into the popular Netflix mini-series. Simply notice how timely and relevant their s are and try to capture the essence of the time in your marketing.

Quipa dental care subscription company, has a great example of that. Check this spring subject line they recently used:. The newsletter itself consists of different sections, with each of them carrying hints of their subtle humor.

Writing funny s is tough. The key to using humor in marketing is, as the Chubbies co-founder suggests, to think of your customers as your friends and consider how you would talk to them on a casual occasion.

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Remember to pick timely and relevant topics, and avoid sensitive areas that may offend some people. Have you seen any good examples of humorous s? Share with us in the comments below.

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